5 Tips for Implementing Staff Training on a New Technology

Top executives in the US believe new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) could contribute $15 Trillion to the economy by 2030. These technologies are complex yet very vital. However, there are other less impact technologies that can be easily used in a small office setup.

Technology adoption in an office setup depends on how it changes the manner in which staff members conduct their business. The best way to ensure that technology is adopted is through friendly training. Technology is supposed to be an aid, not a threat.

We explore 5 Tips for Implementing staff training on a New Technology.

1. Address the Need of Your Staff

Many office managers are aware of the gaps that exist in an organization that technology can solve. However, the staff might not be aware of. The best way is to help the staff realize how technology can make their work easier and efficient.

For example, show the members of the staff how they can reduce wastage of time by adopting new technology. Let them know they will go home in the evening less tired because of new technology. Once the staff realizes how efficient technology works for them, they will quickly adopt it.

2. Involve the Staff in the Selection of the Technology

The staff is now aware that it needs a certain technology to solve its daily challenges. Let the members be involved in choosing the brand. You do not want resistance based on individual preferences.

Let the staff suggest probable providers or software. The members will feel their input was important in introducing a technology that helps them. Also, involve them in selecting personal training software. Epicor training, for example, is popular among those conducting business training.

3. Use the Profile of The Staff to Develop an Effective Staff Training Manual

As a company manager, you are aware of the qualities you have in your personnel.

Are they an outgoing group or laid back staff? Are you dealing with millennials or an older generation? What is the level of their education and their backgrounds? Is the staff trained previously?

This profile will determine how you train employees to adopt the technology. If you chose an online training model, how is their discipline? If you train them far away from their families, does this affect their concentration?

As a trainer, the training manual should reflect the face of your organization.

4. Develop Friendly Training Environment

If you had a lousy and ineffective training, staff members will remember the experience and not the things they learned. Ensure a comfortable and conducive environment for learning during staff training. Make sure that you don’t force staff members to attend the training but they do so based on the benefits they see.

5. Be Very Patient and Measure Your Results

People learn new things at different speeds. As a trainer, be patient at the rate of adoption of the technology. Some of the late adopters might end up being one of the best users of the technology.

Measure your results regularly. This action gives an idea of how far you are with the adoption.

Even the Best Technology is Useless If It is Not Received Positively

Work with your staff along the path of adoption of the new technology. Let them make suggestions on how best they can use it. Most importantly, let them train freely and have fun while at it. This will help you develop a staff training model with good results.

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