11 Mindblowing Samsung Facts That Defy Note 7 Catastrophe

Samsung is commonly known as a tech giant; most people think it’s a tech company and the recent Galaxy Note 7 crisis must have brought the company to its knees. Not even close. When you dig the Samsung facts, it could become stranger than your imagination. The achievements on which the super enterprise is standing cannot be shaken off by $5 billion dollar loss caused by Note 7 recalls.

  1. Samsung Facts: Made Burj Khalifa and Petronas Towers
Samsung built the world's largest skyscrapper Burj Khalifa
Samsung built the world’s largest skyscraper Burj Khalifa
Samsung builtPatronas Towers, Malayshia
Samsung builtPatronas Towers, Malaysia

Yes, the world’s largest skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai was constructed by Samsung, and your amazement confirms that you didn’t know the tech giant also deals in construction. The truth is that construction is one of the largest frontiers of Samsung. Petronas Towers in Malaysia are also its accomplishment.

2. Samsung Facts: Started as a Groceries Company


Samsung was founded by Lee Chull in Korea in 1938. It was a time when World War II was breaking out and the world economy wasn’t looking good. Amazingly, Samsung started as a trading company that dealt with local groceries and had 40 employees. At the time, the company produced noodles, sugar, and wool. By the late 1950s, the company had moved into insurance, security, and retail. The fact is that Samsung didn’t move into electronics until the 1960s (by introducing a 12” black & white TV) is awesome in itself.

3. Samsung Facts: Is the Most Versatile Tech Company

Samsung Electronic Products
Samsung Electronic Products

Today many of us use Samsung products in our daily lives. That’s because Samsung’s tech products rule the technology market and touch lives everywhere. The list of tech products includes TVs (best in the market), laptops, smart watches, digital cameras, fridges, kitchenware, smartphones and smartphone chips.

4. Samsung Facts: Is the world’s largest TV manufacturer in the world since 2006

Samssung is world's Largest TV manufacturer
Samsung is world’s Largest TV manufacturer

Not only TVs, Samsung is also the largest manufacturer of LCD panels and today 98% of AMOLED market is dominated by their AMOLED screen whether television or smartphones.

5. Samsung Facts: Its Heavy Industries division has the most efficient shipbuilding center in the world

World's most efficient ship making facility belongs to Samsung
World’s most efficient ship making facility belongs to Samsung

Spanning 400 million square feet, their ship making complex is responsible for making some of the world’s most gigantic ships that other ship making companies didn’t dare to take on. But Samsung made them all.

6. Samsung Facts: Has biggest theme park in Korea that also includes a Zoo


Samsung Digital City, Samsung Fashion, a research lab for robotics, drones, 3D printing, and VR technology.

7. Samsung Facts: More employees than Apple, Google, and Microsoft combined


Samsung has four hundred and ninety thousand employees, that’s more than the workforce of Apple, Microsoft, and Google combined. Furthermore, Samsung is more widespread over a wide variety of geolocations than any of its tech competitor. Needless to say, the Korean company is doing great service to mankind.

8. Samsung Facts: Is largest manufacturer of memory chips since 1993

Samsung Memory Chips

Largest in the world… since 1993; even the original iPhone and many other devices run on Samsung-manufactured chips. Their chips are used as a standard for stability, longevity, and reliability.

9. Samsung Facts: Was world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in 2011

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The S6 Edge  and Galaxy S7 Edge is just tip of the iceberg, search for the list of Samsung phones on Google and you will be blown out of the water.

10. Samsung Facts: Logo Meaning

Samsung Logo

Notice the words S and G are in contact with the white where the blue oval is not continuous. This symbolizes that Samsung is an open-minded company and want to communicate with the world. The original logo of the company at the time of its making had a logo that had 3 stars, which stood for diversity and strength.

11. Samsung Facts: Accounts for 17% of Korea’s entire GDP


305B in 2014 k 183B compared to Apple. 66B Google. Samsung is actually made of 80 different businesses and affiliates, which are commercially and legally independent but unified under Samsung’s flagship. 

Summary of Subsidiaries

Samsung is mind-blowingly a huge group of companies and its subsidiaries deal in Engineering and Construction, Trading and Investment, Heavy Industries, Electronics, ElectroMechanics, and it even has a Military Division. Moreover, Mobile Display, Digital Imaging, Life Insurance, Securities, Investment Trust Management, Venture Investment, Chemicals, Hotel and Resort Business, Medical Center, Economy research institute, cultural foundation, life and welfare foundation, are some of its various branches that identify themselves as an independent entity but wear Samsung’s label. If you didn’t know Samsung also has been making cars in partnership with an automobile company for approximately 20 years.

Final Words

If you didn’t know Samsung also makes cars. surveillance, aeronautics, automation, and weapons technology. It has made full-fledged army tank called K9 while jet engines are also being made under the auspices of the tech giant. No doubt, Samsung is one of the world’s most versatile company in the history. So those of you wondering if Samsung big enough to Take Galaxy Note 7 Hit? Yes, it will survive.


Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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