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As technology keeps on advancing, our workplaces will also keep on changing and the demand for the use of technology in the workplace will keep on rising. The good thing about using technology at work is that it simplifies the way we perform our daily tasks and it also helps us do more in a shortest period of time. It does not matter which position or tasks you perform at work, to a certain extent you will need to use technology to speed up on your performance. Technology tends to make things look simple and perfect, it reduces on human errors and it speeds production at work. Technology can be used on almost every business process, it can be used in human resource management, in production, in communication, in group decision making at the workplace, data security and so much more. So no matter the size of your business, your employees will need to use technology. So let’s see some interesting new technologies that should be at your workplace.


The Hydra fits in the palm of your hand

The Hydra is a triple-output power converter which was designed to simplify the way we get power. It is very light and portable; it can fit in your palm so you can easily move with it. While at work, you might have different technological tools which need power and you can’t stand any power shortage on any busy day at work, so why not have this HYDRA power supply. You can use it anywhere and it can be controlled using a computer or even your Smartphone. Some of the features of this device include:



– Reverse polarity protection

– it comes with an Over current protection

– It has an automatic thermal shutdown

– It is user adjustable with output current limits

– If combined with PC Software, this device can perform as a battery charger for lithium.

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This is a cutting edge affordable high-resolution 3D printer which can boost your performance at work. It is time to enjoy what you do at work and save time on printing using this 3D professional printer. It comes at an affordable price so any small business can own this 3D printer, it is portable, you can easily place it on your office desk, i recommend this 3D printer to all designers. The device is engineered to produce high resolution images and it is simple to use, so it will save you time as a designer and you can divert that time to creating impressive designs. Learn more here

  1. 3.       CLOUDFTP:


This is a wireless tint battery powered adapter which makes any USB storage device wireless and accessible to Apple iPad, iPhone and Internet. The flow if information and data is very essential in any workplace, so you don’t have to move to each department gathering information, simply save your time and energy by using this wireless device to access any USB STORAGE. It can access USB hard drives, flash drives, card readers, digital cameras and so much more. It is a pocket size adapter which can turn any USB storage device into a wireless file server, which makes sharing of files and data at the workplace so easy. This CLOUDFTP device can automatically connect to the internet and backup or synchronize your USB data with any cloud storage service like Dropbox.com or Box.net.

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  1. 4.     TRASPORTER:

Just like its name ” TRANSPORTER” is a new way to share and transfer files. I like the design of this file transfer device, it looks so amazing and it will improve the way you share, access and transfer files at your workplace. Think of this ” Transporter as an online, but off-cloud storage solution device which keeps all your files safe and private ” It will automatically protect all your valuables. If you hate using online cloud storage services which have terms that restrict you to store and share certain files, then this device will improve your file sharing and storage experience while at work. Why use third party storage companies and risk losing your files due to law suits or hacker attacks.

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  1. 5.     WakaWaka Power:

Here comes the best compact solar power station which will improve your workplace. When it comes to efficiency, you must have a stable power source, just in case you get a power shortage, this WakaWaka will keep you going. It is a small device which will act as a charging station for your iPad, iPhone or any other smart phones. It also comes with a bright reading light. Stay flexible and mobile at any time of the day. Today business is based on mobility, time is money, so why lose it or waste it because your smart communication gadget is out of power. A fully charged WakaWaka will give you at least 2 more extra hours to work with your iPad. When it comes to functionality, the device has an auto energy saving mode (its lights will dim automatically on low battery)

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Just imagine searching the internet with your voice without putting on hold of what you’re doing. This technology will make your life simple while at work. This Ubi listens to its environment and senses it through sound, light, pressure and humidity. It uses a voice-enable internet search technology to help you search the internet with your voice. The device can trigger communication and events at your workplace, wow, this is a cool device. So let’s see what this device can do for you.

All you have to do is plug this Ubi on a wall and it will access internet through a wifi connection. The device comes with a microphone and speakers which helps it to listen to commands. Once you say ”Ubi” the device will wake up the Ubi receiving verbal commands to complete any task. It is quite interesting.

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  1. 7.     EASY SURF:

You always want to have some privacy while surfing the web while at work, this device will guarantee you that privacy while at work. It is very light and effective, this is a web browser and internet encryption tool which can fit in your wallet and it can be used on any computer for private browsing. You can easily bypass any firewalls and any other tools that can be used to restrict you from accessing certain websites at work. Once plugged into a computer, the tool will give you the option of using your own web browser which is password protected. So, all your passwords, bookmarks, usernames and any other preferences on your computer will be safe.

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