What is wrong with Twitter? It is Unpleasantly the Same

Twitter is having a tough time coming up to the expectations of the users and the market. The first-quarter report to the shareholders has revealed a profit of $607.8 million, which is $17.2 million less than what analysts had expected. This means that the internet company’s new products are not bringing enough material to gain public’s interest. So what is wrong with Twitter exactly?

It is not as if Twitter is not doing anything to improve its situation. Among some latest developments, Twitter launched a new tablet, added new reporting tools to prevent abuse and bullying, and made several changes to its messages, feed, and timeline. Integration of Periscope into its timeline and replacement of CEO have to be the most outspoken changes.

However, these actions only led to a momentary success, because Twitter’s stock had declined about 12% within hours. The picture is not very grim because the social media website is still in the mainstream, but it could be the first sign of Twitter’s downfall if the social site is not able to recharge in time. The enterprise has already spent a fortune on advertisements and ad campaigns, but it never fully appreciated the value of the only thing that has kept it going… the Twitter audience!

Twitter is famous for its core product that not only boasts a multi-million user base but also a popular platform to voice the celebrities from around the world. However, the tech company has done exactly nothing to increase its appeal to the mainstream audience. Partially, this could be attributed to company’s failure to develop ad presenting opportunities the way Google and Facebook have managed.

Big brand advertisers are still there but Twitter still needs to adapt to the changing air of the internet surfing behavior. People’s search behavior is changing, the year 2016 is expected to observe 60% internet share by smartphone users. The success lies consummate strategies that can fully utilize the potential of the web and major mobile phones players like Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Direct marketing would require Twitter to come to terms with its contemporaries’ and active advertising along the lines of what its audience want and does not want to see. Additionally, like other tech titans are putting their efforts to expand their reach, expanding the number of users is also going to become mandatory for the tweeting behemoth.

It is not the first time Twitter fell through achieving the numbers, the last quarter also showed the same level of coldness. Twitter is not an old horse, but it is racing like one. Real-time content deliverance is the real deal here and since Twitter is Live, it’s one of the most marketable places. Facebook knows this method too well, take examples of Facebook’s recent efforts to boost live video streaming.

Likewise, Facebook’s wall has got Twitter’s Periscope pushed against the wall as the later proved to be the king of timeline-based postings. Periscope has a great potential, but the world’s largest network won’t let it breathe for long if Twitter can’t figure out how to make the most out of its Periscope. The only thing wrong with the Twitter is its ability to evolve and facing off its competition on the grounds it should.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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