Technology for Teachers – 35 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

Almost every teacher wants to use technology in their classroom. Technology and education are inseparable and nearly every teacher has learned how to use technology. Many Web 2.0 tools for teachers have been developed to simplify every teachers job, these tools can help teachers to accomplish different educational tasks, which include; classroom management, student assessment, collaborating with students , reaching more students, brainstorming and mind-mapping, planning of lessons and so much more.

Technology empowers both teachers and students, it promotes individual learning amongst students and it also helps teachers to make extensive research on different educational subjects.

Every day new technology for teachers is popping up, today I have blogged about the best Web 2.0 tools for teachers, but in order to help teachers integrate technology effectively, I have compiled a list of the best Web 2.0 tools for teachers and I have briefly explained how each tool can be of great benefit to you and your students. To simplify the job for you, I have categorized all tools, so it can become easier for you to know which Web Tool to use to accomplish a specific educational task.


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‘’Teachers, if you want to socialize with your students or you want them to connect with other students, these are the best tools to use. You can use most of them in your classroom and the rest, you will just have to recommend them to your students.’


  1. 1.       Edmodo: Teachers can easily connect and collaborate with their students in a social way using Edmondo. It has social interaction features which can enable both parties communicate and share academic information. The main concept of Edmodo is to connect learners with people and educational resources which might be of great use during the learning process. Try it out today and see how you can collaborate with your students. Try it here….
  1. 2.       Grockit: It is always good to use technology which your students are familiar with. Almost every student knows how to use a social network, so as a teacher, you can collaborate with them using Grockit. For those who have no idea on this platform, Grockit is a social learning platform which tailors products that help people learn from other people. So you can use Grockit in your classroom and enable your students connect with each other during study sessions on Grockit. Try it out for free here….
  1. 3.       EduBlogs: Blogging is becoming so popular, we have various blogging platforms but EduBlog is basically created for students and teachers. So if you want to set up a classroom blog for your classroom or set up blogs for each of your students, this is the best platform to use. As a teacher, you can use a classroom blog to post educational material on various subjects, post podcasts which can be downloaded by students, post educational videos and so much more. Your students can use personal blogs to practice their writing and spelling skills. Try out Edublogs from here… 
  1. 4.       SKYPE: Many teachers ask themselves how they can use SKYPE in the classroom. It is very easy, Skype is a video chatting application which you can use to communicate with others using text or video. So you can easily connect with other educators and stream that video discussion live in your classroom and share ideas with your students. Download Skype for free from here 
  1. 5.       Wikispaces: Teachers who have always wanted to get their classrooms online, this is the best platform for that. You can easily create classroom schedules, set homework assignments, create notices for parents and also be in position to showcase your students work. Teachers can also create wiki pages for their students for free. Sign up for free and start your classroom wiki from here…
  1. 6.       Pinterest: Known by many as an image bookmarking system. However, many teachers and educators are using pinterest to pin educative content. Many websites online publish info-graphic images which you can use to in your classroom. You can as well set group pin boards and invite your students to pin educational materials on these boards. It is kind of a new way of collaborating with your students. Try it for free today from here….
  1. 7.       Schoology: This is one of the best online learning management systems every teacher will find interesting, Schoology comes with an easy-to-use interface which will enable you collaborate and engage with your students from anywhere.  You can easily use Schoology’s enhanced communication tools to send messages to your students reminding them about assignments or send them home work topics. You can easily manage all your students using a simple dashboard. You can signup today and enjoy all the benefits that come with Schoology, try it today from here…
  1. 8.       Quora: This is an Answer & Question system used by millions of people; many educators are using Quora as an educational tool. So you can as well use Quora and connect with other educators online. Simply post a question on just about any thing and other educators will give you the correct answer or solution. Try it today from here…
  1. 9.       Ning: Teachers you can use Ning to create a free personalized social network for your classroom. Your students can signup and collaborate using a classroom social network which can be centered on education and academic resources. Ning subscription fees start from $25, but you can test drive it for free and see if it can work for your classroom. Try it today from here….
  1. 10.   OpenStudy: Basically this is an educational technology for students. From today, encourage your students to collaborate with other students from over 180 countries and share educational knowledge. Your students will get a chance to learn as a team, they can also get course certificates by working with peers from all parts of the world. Try it out today for free, from here
  1. 11.   ePals: Just like its name, ePals will change the way your students connect with other educators or fellow students. Your students can have a chance to explore ePals collaborative project library and complete any project listed their with other students from any school or classroom around the world. Teachers can also benefit from this network, you can easily collaborate with your student or other educators like you. Try it out for free…here


‘’Teachers, you can easily use these Web 2.0 tools to simplify the learning process of your students. This technology makes lessons interesting which can increase a student’s engagement in the classroom.’’

  1. 12.   Khan Academy: Your students can learn almost anything for free using KhanaAcademy. If your a Mathematics teacher, you can use this platform to help your students practice math skills. Lessons are organized inform of categories to make it easy for students to find what they need on the website. Some of the popular categories include Math, Science & Economics and Computer Science. The platform has over 4,000 educational videos which your students can use to learn different math and computer science skills. You can try it out today from here
  1. 13.   MangaHigh: Mathematics teachers you can use math games provided by MangaHigh, these games can be played in the classroom to teach your students various math skills and techniques. Mangahigh has a 30 day free trial plan, so you pay after experimenting with their math games. For more details, visit MangaHighhere
  1. 14.   FunBrain: Another great source for educational games. It is a lovely platform intended to make learning fun. Your students will love this platform, they can play math arcade games, reading games and they will also have access to various educational comic books. Try it out today from here…
  1. 15.   Educreations: Teachers it is time to teach what you know and also be in position to learn what you don’t. Both teachers and students can use educreations iPad application to create educational video lessons and share them. I did a little research on their website, and i found creative educational videos on Math, English, Social Studies, Art, and Word Languages. It is a perfect Web.2.0 for sharing lessons. Try it now for free…from here…
  1. 16.   Animoto : Teachers and students can use animoto to create educational mini videos and share them across Animoto application. Since most students use cell phones at school, you can easily create mini educational videos and share them with your students using Animoto Mobile App. Try it out today from here..
  1. 17.   Socrative: The first thing which comes to my head when I see this Socrative name is games. Teachers you have always wanted to integrate games in your classrooms to boost student’s interest in learning. Now, you can use Socrative, it is available on desktop, mobile phones and tablets. Many students have smart phones with wide screens and tablets, so you can play educational games with them after classroom hours. Check out Socrative games from here ..
  1. 18.   Knewton: Integrating technology in education can improve the way students learn and how teachers reach and teach their students. Teachers you can use Knewton tools to improve on the way your students learn. You can personalize content for each student basing on their level of understanding using Knewton. In a normal classroom, students are taught at once, remember all these students have different level of intelligence, so using a tool like Knewton, will help you personalize educational content for each of your students. Try out Knewton today from here….
  1. 19.   Kerpoof: Boost the creativity and morale of your students with this platform. Kerproof  has various educational tools which include educational games, drawing tools and much more. Since most students have tablets or laptops, they can easily use most of Kerpoof tools while in the classroom. Test drive Kerpoof and see if it can be of great benefit to your….
  1. 20.   StudySync: This is best web 2.0 tool for teachers and students. Teachers increase reading and writing skills amongst your students with StudySync. Teachers can use StudySync to engage with their students in real-time, StudySync is designed to increase reading, writing and critical thinking. Your students will love this new technology for education. Your students can engage in weekly writing practice competitions via StudySync, each student will be challenged with a current cultural event and they have to voice out their concern as regards to that event. You can have an extensive review of all services provided by StudySync from here….
  1. 21.   CarrotSticks: Mathematics teachers, you can add some fun in your math lessons, let your students enjoy learning math with technology. CarrotSticks is an online multiplayer game which can improve math skills for 1st – 5th graders. Kids love to play, and many of them find math lessons boring, so it is time you integrate math games in your math lessons. You can let kids practice on their own or let them compete with friends.


‘’It is always good to plan your lessons, this will make your work easier, so, below I have listed some of the best tools you can use to plan lessons.’’


  1. 22.   Teachers Pay Teachers: Save time and plan your lessons in an effective manner by using this platform. is an open marketplace for original lesson plans, so teachers can easily buy well structured lesson plans created by other teachers. This will save you time, so you will have a chance to concentrate on what works well for your students.   It is also another option for teachers to make some extra cash. Have a quick review on their services from here….
  1. 23.   Planboard App: Just like its name, it is an online lesson planner created for teachers. You can easily create, share and manage lesson plans. This application comes with many templates from which you can choose from to create lesson plans. So from today, you can organize your lessons to make sure that your day at school runs smoothly. Teachers you can create your own lesson plans online today, try it for free here….
  1. 24.   Timetoast: Teachers you can encourage your students to organize their works in-form of timelines. Timetoast is great when it comes to creating timelines, you can also create a timeline for your classroom. Try it today and see if it works for you and your students. Create your timelines from here….
  1. 25.   Capzles: Teachers you can create classroom timelines using this rich multimedia platform, use videos, photos, music, documents and blogs to create a great online timeline for your classroom. Your students can access these timelines via a classroom blog, or you can use an interactive smart board which can derive these timelines live from the internet to your classroom. Capzels is also a good tool for online education.
  1. 26.   Prezi: Teachers you can use Prezi to create presentations which you can share with your students both online and in the classroom. Visual illustrations can help your students learn better and you will save time when you put all data and illustrations into one presentation. You can use Prezi on your cell phone or tablets. Try it now and see if it can help you plan your lessons…register for free…here…
  1. 27.   Wordle: Teachers you can organize your work using word clouds. For example, if you have an English classroom, you can create an English note book cover using these word clouds, you can also use them on a classroom blog to help students discover great content on your classroom blog. Wordle is a free tool, try it now from here…..
  1. 28.   Qrstuff. Creat QR Codes for your classroom. Many educators are catching up on this technology, so if you also want to get on the trend, you can try these QR CODES. So, what are QR CODES? This is a quick response code which can be read by cell phones, they are used to store website URL’s, plain text, phone numbers, and so much more. So as a teacher, you can organize your work using these QR CODES. You can try them and see if they can help you organize your lessons, Visit Qrstuff  here… 
  1. 29.   Quizlet: Both teachers and students can use this platform to create study sets; students can create all types of sets which can help them learn various topics or subjects. Also teachers can use Quizlet to create flashcards which help students memorize important information. For more details on how Quizlet works, check them out …here
  1. 30.   MasteryConnect: Teachers you can save time using thess advanced assessment tools provided by MasteryConnect. You can also be in position to connect with other educators from different locations to develop and share common assessments. This means that teachers can extend their learning communities’ beyond their schools or classrooms. For more details on how MasteryConnect works, check them out from here….
  1. 31.   Google Docs: You can easily create and share your work or lessons online. Many teachers want to reach and share with their students from anywhere, Google Docs can enable you create and share documents from anywhere; you can as well manage all your presentations, spreadsheets or documents using Google Docs. Choose from unlimited templates so that your presentations look professional. For more details on how Google Docs works, check them out from here…
  1. 32.   YouTube: Many teachers think Youtube is a distracting tool for their students, but teachers can find creative ways to organize their lessons using Youtube. Since it is a video hosting service, you can create a classroom channel, then upload and organize educative videos by playlist. So your students can subscribe for your channel and get relevant educational content. Organizing videos as ”Playlists” will help students discover content easily on this classroom channel. You can also record lectures and upload them on this channel, so students who missed a lecture, can have a chance to replay the all lecture. This all process will save you time and it will give you a chance to concentrate on most important things. For details on how to create an educational Youtube channel, you can signup with Youtube and search for educational channels, many universities and educators have created custom channels, copy their idea, start now from here..
  1. 33.   TED-Ed: Teachers you can use educational videos published on TED-Ed to create a customized lessons. The good thing about TED-Ed, is that you can tweak or redo any video lesson published on their platform. They have a new section called ”Lessons worth Sharing’’, it is worth trying. By all means , TED-Ed will help you organize your lessons. Try them out today from here…( well it was here, link’s broken, sorry)
  1. 34.   Glogster: This social site will help you organize your classroom lessons in a very interesting manner. You can easily create a Glog with photos, videos, text. Glogster drag and drop tools will make your work easier and your students will learn better when you integrate visual learning in the classroom. You can start with a free trial version and see if Glogster can make a difference in your classroom, visit them here…..
  1. 35.   Creaza: One of the best Web 2.0 tools for k12 teachers, Creaza will provide you with creative tools to tailor interesting lessons for your k-12 students. Creaza can improve on your students creativity, storytelling skills, improve their IQ,and communication skills. Creaza is available in nine different languages, so your students will have a chance to interact with Creaza tools in their own language. It is a perfect tool for assisting students to develop their digital literacy and learning ability.  Creaza works for both students and teachers, try it now, from here…

In Conclusion: Not all teachers can be in position to use these WEB 2.0 tools in their classroom or teaching process due to certain circumstances, but each of these tools can simplify your job as a teacher. Technology is created to simplify our lives, and there is always more than one way to use technology in education, though I have briefly explained how to use each of these Web 2.0 tools for teachers, you can find more creative ways to use the same tools to complete various educational tasks.

You can also contribute and build this list by using the commenting box below.

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