iPhones took over the mobile industry by storm. Year after year iphone fanatics have switched from one generation to the next and never grown sick of it. The logic to it is simple; this cellphone has all the features you would like to have in your phone and its casings are the sickest (yes, some of us never grew up). A few among us obsessed with this gadget are crazed to the extent that iPhone memes that make fun of the screen getting bigger every time actually come across as offensive. We mean, the bigger the better, right? Since your eyesight is not getting better with time anyway, you could do with a larger screen every time. These and several more reasons are what make the release of iPhone 6 so epic, sometime in 2014, a much awaited event. Some of the features that sound most promising and exciting include:


A Larger screen for sure!

Like mentioned above, the bigger the better. Most of the consumers, as reported by Apple, want a larger screen. This time, two sizes will be offered and two resolutions as well. One of the sizes will be 4.7 inches while the other 5.5 inches.

Full HD display

With that big screen, you definitely need a full HD display. Especially for those who spend the most part of their day looking at their cell phone screens either texting, checking their social networks or watching videos, the HD display is a huge perk.

Sapphire glass display

The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a really hard sapphire glass display, which in simpler words means that it will remain pretty much scratch-free. This is amazing news for clumsy fellas who find their cell phones on the floor every now and then and stop to ponder how that happened.


Quad core processor

It is rumored that the iPhone 6 will have A7 quad core processor as opposed to its predecessors that had an A6 dual core processor.

No home button

It has been reported that the newest iPhone will have a Retina +IGZO display and there shall be no home button. Good news for those complaining of a busted home button.( Like myself currently)

Better storage

Like the iPad, the iPhone 6 will also have a storage capacity option of 128 GB. Yay! More songs, photos and videos!

Wireless charging 

This is by far the best feature we have come across. Although still a buzz, but pretty much confirmed, this iPhone comes with a wireless charger. The charger can also charge many devices simultaneously. (We’re still hoping)



The camera will be a 3.2 megapixel HD front camera and a 13 megapixel 3D rear camera. Better pictures, better Instagram, more followers!

The iPhone 6 has around itself, a lot of anticipation and gossip, like that of a wrap around display and expandable storage. But only the autumn of this year, when it is rumored to be released, will reveal how far Apple went with the iPhone 6 to make it the best phone of the year.


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