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Social Networks have proved to be the most used means of communication used by students world wide. Some social networks have proved to be good educational tools used by both students and teachers. A good example is Unlike other social networks, has dedicated educational video channels which students use to learn basics on most subjects. Students can also use Youtube in classrooms to get real time live stream examples, most teachers have found Youtube as strong teaching tool which helps students learn easily. Most of these social networks were designed by students, so they have that student touch and background, lets look at a social network like Facebook which was created by a student ”Mark Zuckerberg” the network started as a social platform for students and it started growing massively into a big social media used by over 800 million people across the globe, but you will find that , the network top users are still students, they use it to connect with old classmates and friends. Even some of these students have been hired by well known companies through facebook.

Below is a list of Top Social Networks For Students:

  • I think most of you are wondering why i did not start with facebook because every student uses facebook. The difference between facebook and , is that ”ePals” is centralized on education only, it is a place where learners connect and share academic information. When students are using social networks, they have different intentions, so in most cases, when they go to facebook, their intention is to chat with friends and check out photos, but they never go to facebook to learn. When it comes to, both teachers and students can safely connect with classrooms and other students around the world. Students can post educational news on instant, they can also join educational challenges on the network which in turn boots their creativity. has defined its niche as a Learning community of teachers, students and parents from over 200 countries, they also have Classroom ready projects and activities which help students learn easily. has collaborative learning tools like Blogs, Wikis , and Media Galleries which can be used by both students and their teachers during the process of learning and teaching


  • : Students love visual learning because it seems interesting, so many students and teachers have found Youtube as a great tool to enhance their learning process. Youtube users create free channels and post videos on just about anything. The videos range from science, art, music , finance, health , sports etc…. Also some teacher use Youtube videos to derive real time visual examples on any subject in the classroom.
  • It has not yet become so popular but it is a great network for students. This is a great place to learn what ever you want, with Piazza; students can easily ask any question and get answers. So when it comes to shy students who fear to ask questions while in the classroom, they will find Piazza comfortable, they can decide to stay anonymous and learn what ever they want. Also teachers can take advantage of this network by creating virtual classes, managing course materials, and track student participation
  • Here comes the most used social network in the world. Actually students use facebook on a daily basis. Most of them use Facebook mobile while at school, and they keep in touch with their fellow students or friends on the campus or off the campus. Facebook is good for searching old classmates and keeping in touch with all your friends across various schools or colleges.  Many educators and schools have created academic groups on facebook, and they post educational material on this platform, so all group members can join the discussion
  • Google Plus+: This is a new social network from Google; the network has seen potential growth in the past few years. Connections are made via circles, so students and teachers create circles through which they can share information and visual illustrations inform of images or videos. With Google Plus, you won’t basically go to search for old  friends, because it is a new network, so its user base is not that big, but you can invite your classmates to join your Circle and stay in touch with each other
  • The only place where text becomes social. Though most tweets get ignored, students have found twitter more useful. Most students use the twitter mobile app to stay on touch with friends, also teachers have devised ways to use Twitter in the classroom. Student tweet jokes, academic questions, news and many other funny status updates as a way of keeping up with their friends.   I personally spend less time on twitter compared to the time I spend on facebook, but when some students prefer twitter to facebook.
  • It has been profiled as a social network for professional people, but it has also helped many students get hired by some big companies. It is a very good social network for students, because after school, you will need to connect with people who will help you develop your carrier. So has great potential when it comes to job opportunities. When your still a student, you can use LinkedIn to find mentors who can inspire you.
  • It is a large community of people with open minds. You can become a member of for free and start asking any question, many students use quora to get answers on general subjects like history, math, English, health and much more. For you to verify the accuracy of any answer, other members will vote down or up any answer which will help you analyze the correct answers.
  • This one is basically for art students who want to learn more art tricks or show case their art work. As an art student, you will find great artists show casing their works, and this will help you improve on your art skills. You can also make some small money via this network, by selling some of your art work to interested parties.
  • Fashion and design students, this is a great social network for you. Pinterest largest audience are women, they pin inspirational photos, but fashion and design photos have populated the network, so it can also act as a great inspirational network, or you can also use it for research purposes.

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