TOP 5 plugins to have for WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful and popular content management service which powers thousands of websites in the world. WordPress is also used for quick publishing of blogs and ecommerce sites and as a result has been on top for many years now. With the evolution, wordpress has also gained popularity in the programming world and has a very strong developer community. As a consequence, WordPress has some of the best support available to power its websites and here we present a list of Top 5 plugins that can make your website far more awesome than any other CMS powered website.


  • WordPress SEO by yoast: When it comes to search engine optimization, there are hardly any other plugins that can come remotely close to yoast. This is by far the most comprehensive plugin for wordpress search engine optimization and thus deservedly on our Top 5 list. Yoast deals with mostly the on-page part of SEO. This amazing plugin makes sure that your awesome content is delivered to the maximum audience and eases your work for marketing your content. You can even add custom titles and Meta description to rank your content higher. Yoast carefully optimizes your site’s HTML template by making changes in the source code of your wordpress site.


  • Askimet: One of the top anti-spam utilities, this is a must have plugin if you want to save time filtering the responses to your blog. Askimet plugin automatically discovers and separates genuine comments from spam.


  • Jetpack for wordpress: Jetpack brings you all the awesome features that were only available previously to the hosted blogs. You can have custom stats, email subscriptions, Social networking based interaction system, URL shortener and many other power packed features. In short it’s an all in one plugin for many basic as well as advance features to incorporate in your wordpress blog that will make your work easier.


  • WP supercache: This is lately turning up to be the most popular plugins for wordpress as it has been successful in significantly improving the performance of wordpress based sites. The plugin is used for caching the pages of the website thereby providing faster load times. This allows great advantage to interactive websites and thus allowing you to concentrate more on creativity and content development rather than worrying about the performance trade off. Definitely one of the most efficient utility plugins for wordpress.


  • Google XML sitemaps for WordPress: Sitemaps are very useful for SEO. Just as the navigation options enable smooth access for the users, the sitemaps allow the efficient robots from Google to crawl through your content in its magnificent entirety. Thus the dedicated XML plugin for wordpress is among the must-haves if you want to rank higher for your content and get the Google juice.

The above plugins have been popular for a long time now and it seems these are going to stay on the top lists for even 2014 given the amount of utilities that these provide. So go ahead and make the most of your website with these amazing plugins.

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