Top 5 Life Changing Innovations of 2016 for Your Living Space


Every now and then, we look at our home and try to figure out if anything’s missing. Technology is changing the way we live, and without some of those life changing innovations, your house is like a barren desert amid an oasis. That’s because we are living in a global age where the ideas have a short gestation period. So out of every thousand ideas, a dozen get to manifest themselves the same year.

Secondly, the internet has made youth an electrifying contributor to the entrepreneurship and they don’t have to throw proposals at multi-million dollar companies that won’t listen to them. Instead, young innovators are using platforms like KickStarter and Indiegogo where millions of supporters are available to back up their intelligent ideas.

This round of selection will be based on these futuristic projects that are expected to hit the markets in 2016. Now there are so many innovative things going on, but we are only including the truly life changing innovations that would practically enhance your living standard. These have to be the tech products that offer a world of promise and benefits.

Go through our list of top 5 life changing innovations of 2016 and tell us whether you agree with our selection or not. But we are confident that you would be thrilled, so brace yourselves. You can also check out Tech Products That Will Hold their Ground in 2016

Ekko Wifi Audio

Ekko Wi-fi Audio system

Ekko is a new revolutionary audio device that enables 4+ users to listen to the same stream of an audio track without disturbing the peace of the room. The base station can be wired to any audio source and then coin-like small modules (pucks) can be picked up from it to be connected to any kind of audio output device like headphone, earphones or speakers.

Ekko is unique because it not only offers portability but HD audio stream via Wi-Fi. While Ekko’s base station is plugged into your TV, you can jack in your earphones into the ‘sound puck’ and prepare the dinner with ease while listening to the news/music from your TV or computer. If you are going to throw the trash outside, take commentary of your favorite show with you cause Ekko has a wide Wi-Fi range.

If your pals are crashing at your home for a slumber party, but your neighbors complain too much about the volume, than Ekko is the perfect solution. Everybody can use their mobile earphones with the sound puck and watch the movies without any noise. Moreover, each puck comes with individual volume control so everybody gets to decide how much audio action do they want.

Ekko is cheaper and while most wireless headphones are expensive and bulky, Ekko packs everything in an aesthetically designed audio system that is forever in your reach.  Ekko fulfills the promise of HD audio with ultra-low latency sound, so the quality of the sound is never compromised. It is perfect for movies, music, gaming and more.

There are other awfully useful features as well including the smart mobile app to control the driver setting and parental controls for kids so they do not exceed certain volume. Ekko is made for family, friends and everyone who wishes to enjoy a flawless audio experience with a hassle-free audio device. Cofounded by Sean Murrey and Frank Elge, the project is soon coming to KickStarter.

Microbot Push for Prota

microbot push 6

Microbot Push is a small device that can sit over any push button in your home and automates the process of turning on/off your home appliances. It can also be used to control other electronic devices like computers, coffee-makers, DVD Player and literally anything with a push button or switch. Designed for Prota Box, Microbot Push changes your lifestyle where you don’t have to get up from your bed to turn on/off anything.

The device comes in duo to coordinate on and off operations. Microbot Push relays to Prota Box via Wifi, which also means that any button in your home or office where Microbot Push devices are deployed can be remotely controlled through your mobile phone. You can schedule the system to turn on coffee machine when you wake up or assign on/off time to any of your home appliances.

Functionality and response of Microbot Push are not necessarily limited to Prota Box. The smart device also responds to snaps and claps. It can sense your entry in the house and automatically turn on the lights before you even step into a room, likewise when you leave, the lights will be turned off. Deploy the same degree of automation on your computers, TV and other electronic devices, so everything treats you like a king. Microbot Push is available for pre-orders with a price tag of $49 dollars while the product is expected to be delivered by April 2016. 

Skreens TV

Skreens TV 2

Skreens is a TV utility device that lets you stream screen inputs from multiple sources onto your TV screen, transforming 2D space of your LCD/LED TV into a wall of video and internet feeds. All the screens on your TV screen can be proportionally adjusted so you can zoom in your favorite content, and put everything else in the sidebar.

Skreens TV itself is a light device that can easily fit into the palm of your hands, yet the weight of its benefits is tremendous. For years, TV, the internet, movies, video games, social networks have meant different things to us; use of the internet was tied to desktop computers, movies and games to large TV screens and likewise social media to mobile phones. So we were limited to various Screen.

Skreens solves this problem by streaming screens from your tablet, mobile, desktop or laptop via HDMI directly to your huge TV screen.  You can watch, play and interact with everything in a fully controllable environment. Skreens converges your world where you have to focus on a single screen and still stay in touch with everything. KickStarters couldn’t have required more reasons to make it a staff pick.

With Skreens you can have multiple HD video streams, game consoles, the cable and the internet simultaneously.  Customize your layout; you want to certain source bigger, make it bigger or smaller and go to your Twitter or Facebook stream right on the spot. Moreover, gamers can play the game and read up on the game at the same time while streaming a live YouTube broadcast. Experience the powerful management and creative display abilities for your channel like never before.

Skreens allows you to watch your favorite sports and trash talk about it with your friends on the opposite team. Get the latest hashtag trends on Twitter without missing your favorite TV show, browse Pinterest, scrap celebrity gossip and chat with your friends. There is just so much you can do with Skreens, but ironically, it’s everything you’re already doing but not on a single interface. Skreens empowers your TV into a fully interactive multi-source display, rest, the sky is the limit.

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Skarp Lazer Razor

Skarp Lazer Razer 5

Skarp Lazer Razer defines itself through its name and needs no explanation, thus is has to be part of our top life-changing innovations of 2016. This amazing technology has sadly received very little attention. That was a mistake because when we look at our current options we see so many ways it can be revolutionized for the better. Current razors, however advanced, continue to add to pollution, as we dispose of them, they become a liability to the world.

Furthermore, they are not very safe to use, they burn, can leave scars, damage our skin and not to mention, there is always a chance of infection. Skarp Lazer Razor can rid us off all these menaces. The accurate laser cutting tools have existed for ages, but no one ever thought about implementing the laser technology in-house machines like a razor.

Yes, there is one disadvantage of Lazer Razors… this life changing innovation, once popular, will completely shut down the factories that make shaving creams. But don’t worry about the unemployment rates because laser razor factories will take their place. For now just think about the skin conditions and disease that stem up from the notorious metallic blades.

Previous experiments showed that lasers can cut the black hair of the dogs, but there was no way to cut hairs of other colors and types, especially when it came to humans. However, that didn’t stop Skarp Technologies from digging into the big secret. The wavelength of laser light is the basic principle at work here, light waves resonate a specific material (determined by the size of the particle and wavelength of the light) and does so fast that chemical bonds break apart and the material is sliced off clean.

If lasers were to cut hair, there had to be some built-in protein molecule that naturally existed in all the hair. Tireless efforts finally yielded, they found a particular molecule that is present in everyone’s hair regardless of age and gender. Next step is implementation and Skarp is already working on prototypes. You can get more updates from its Indiegogo campaign.

Traditional metallic razors cut your hair from the raised shaft at an angle that causes a sensation of burning or itching. But Skarp’s Lazer Razor removes the hair directly from the part that is externally in contact with the skin and since the shaft breaks in its place, there is not pull so no burning. Skarp Lazer Razor is the smoothest shaving is ever going to get.

Smart Nora

Smart Nora 3

Nora is an anti-snoring aid device that reliably prevents you from snoring by momentarily activating the muscles of your throat. It comes with a beautifully designed interface and an expander that goes directly under your pillow. Just tap on the device when you go to sleep and your partner will never complain about your snoring ever again.

Nora is based on simple principle and presents an easy solution to the snoring problem. Snoring occurs when muscles surround the throat relax as we sleep, which narrows air passage and consequently the air you breathe in/out causes that ‘gurgling’ noise. When someone wakes you or moves your head even slightly, those muscles get re-energized and expand the air passage again, stopping the snoring.

Nora does the same without waking anybody and then them having to wake you up. When your snoring starts, Nora listens to your snore and pumps the air into the expander located under the pillow, which gently raises your head. This quickly stops you from snoring and the best part is that you won’t even notice. Moreover, you can sleep in any position; it won’t affect the performance of the device. Smart Nora is available for pre-orders at $239. 

There You Have it

These were the top 5 life changing innovations of 2016 that are really really helpful, but these projects need our support before they can get to everyone’s reach. We hope you liked our listing, in future posts, we are planning to introduce short technology videos that would be both educational and intelligent. Don’t forget to comment and stay in touch for more awesome stuff.

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