Top 10 Apps Every Woman Should Have on Her Smartphone

Let’s face it; if given a choice as to what you would deem absolutely necessary to take along on a deserted island, your Smartphone would rank among the necessities. With this piece of technology in your hands, nothing is a mystery anymore. So you might as well figure out a way off the island using it!

On a serious note, whether it is keeping track of what is topping the fashion charts this week,  staying connected with your sister across the seven seas or simply searching for the best cheese cake recipe, a Smartphone keeps you connected and gives you the information you desire and need.

Some regular apps used by most on a daily basis, for instance the camera, those checking for mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network are new to no one. These help people from around the globe to come together, share their lives with each other and take a look at what their social circle is up to. However, a few apps exclusively designed for a selective audience (WOMEN) serve specific purposes. Find listed below 10 apps that every woman will want to have on her phone:


1. Pinterest

If you’re looking for a delicious yet quick tea time snack, the workout that gives Victoria’s Secret models their perfect body form or an elegant up do for the party next week, Pinterest has suggestions, solutions and ideas for all your girl problems and queries. Pinterest categorizes various aspects of life and provides ‘pins’ for each one of them. These categories include ‘food and drink’, ‘health and fitness’, ‘women’s fashion’, ‘photography’, ‘hair and beauty’, ‘DIY and crafts’,  ‘travelling’ and so much more. These innumerable pins will always have something or the other that interests you. You can also create your own profile, pin whatever you would like to look at later and create boards to organize these pins.


circle of 6

2. Circle of 6

In times like these, where security has become a major concern, it is best to have a safety app downloaded on your Smartphone and take safety precautions instead of regretting it later. With the Circle of 6 app, you will always have that peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are just a mere click away. In a dangerous situation, instead of calling/texting and then waiting for help to arrive, you will simply need to click a button. This will alert the six chosen people on your list and notify them immediately with an emergency message and your current location then.



3. Evernote

Evernote is the answer to an organized person’s prayers. With Evernote, you can take down notes related to every mundane detail of life in the form of text, photos and voice memos. It also allows you to make ‘notebooks’ to lead an organized, clutter free life. You can even sync the data on the mobile app to a desktop or laptop.



4. Yelp

Be it restaurants, pubs, petrol pumps or even businesses, this highly useful app helps locate places around you and provides details about these places, their exact location and a little about the prices and distances. It also gives the addresses and phone numbers for each. Thanks to Yelp, your husband can ‘t use excuses like, ‘I don’t feel like driving that far’ or ‘I don’t have that kind of money in my pocket today’. Sorry dude!!

Beautylish (1)

5. Beautylish

Beautylish is one of the best beauty apps available. It allows you to browse through photos and videos related to beauty topics of your interest and provide tutorials for everything as well. These tutorials include those for makeup, designing eyes, nail art, hairstyles and various other aspects of beautification. One of the best features of the app is that it allows you to ask questions and then get answers from members of the Beautylish circle within minutes.



6. Find my iPhone

Losing your phone; it can happen to anyone but does give a mini heart attack every time. With the Find my iPhone app, save your arteries from clogging with the stress of a lost phone. Just log on to an online account and let the GPS do the job. Your mom will definitely need this one, download it for her first thing in the morning!

Get more options @ Applications That Can Save Your Stolen Phone  



7. Period Diary

For the girls who aren’t good with keeping track of their cycles, this app can save you from a lot of embarrassment! Enter your menstrual cycle dates and it tells you how many days you have left till the next cycle starts, has an actual calendar to mark the dates, tells you when your fertile window is active and also lets you add any notes you may want to look at later (read: next month).


allrecipe dinner spinner

8. Allrecipes dinner spinner

Food apps are gaining immense popularity among the masses nowadays. These provide you with some incredible recipes, especially the allrecipes app. Using it, members can share their favorite recipes, search for specific recipes according to the ingredients available to them and cook up an amazing meal that is bound to wow the entire family. About 30 million users post here thousands of recipes that can be instantly downloaded or saved for later. This is the best app for creating mouthwatering food that you can later post and boast about on your Instagram!



9. Fitocracy

With all the food you will end up making because of the food apps, you are bound to look for a fitness app as well to balance it all out. The app Fitocracy is just what you need! It helps you track your exercise and awards points for it. It has a available a wide variety of workouts and exercises that you can choose from to complete and  gain points which add up and consequently help raise your level. It is also a social network that connects you to other users to boost motivational levels.



10. WebMD

Web MD is your quickest guide to what you should do in case of medical emergencies. It also provides tips for everyday problems like insomnia and stress, healthy living tips, drug information, first aid essentials and it even has its own symptom checker.

What apps do you enjoy? Share with your friends and see what apps they use

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