The Use of AI Technology And Its Future

Artificial Intelligence is appearing to be a focal point of technology companies and the use of AI technology is growing as well. It is true that machine intelligence is the edge and the future of technological advancements that would pave way for human advances we even can’t imagine right now.

Artificial Intelligence Definition

Artificial Intelligence is any digital machine with a predefined set of algorithms to do a certain job. My laptop understands what words to show on the screen when I type something on my keyboard and this is because it has been programmed that way. This is a very simple definition of machine intelligence but it is the foundation upon which advanced AI programs are built.

Applications of AI Technology Today

We are not impressed by the keyboard, nor the computer, nor the smartphones. Although Millennials are the witness how it happened and these simple techs were some amazing jumps in development; the post-millennials were literally born with phablets in their hands so applications of AI technology now bends around its modern definition.

AI technology is now something similar to Google’s TensorFlow and an intelligent machine is one which can beat human beings at games and other stuff. Google’s DeepMind is truly ahead of all the developments and digital assistants are another radical example that fits here.

How the Use of AI Technology is Helping Us in 2017

Use of AI Technology in 2017

While aspects of image processing and facial recognition we have already discussed at lengths as a part of the machine vision, today we focus on the intelligent part only.

Digital Assistants

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple Siri are some of the best known digital assistants. The use of digital assistant technology has not only found its way in every home whether it is in the form of a smart home device (Home, Echo); Computer assistance (MS Cortana) or Smartphone assistance (Siri, G-Assistant).

Learning Behavior

DeepMind brought something new table: letting the machine learn on their own through data and keep the programming guidelines as minimum as possible. Learning behavior is the essential component that had been missing from machine intelligence. How does it work? Watch the video above and find out how programmers and coders are using visual, auditory, and other forms of data to train their microprograms.

Self-driving Cars

Machine intelligence is a race and the use of AI technology has become a battle arena for tech giants. Google bought deep mind back in 2014 and ever since AI programmers, experts, and companies have been increased in demand excessively. One of the major wave-front of this technological revolution is self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles.

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This week Intel purchased Mobileye, a company that specializes and machine vision and road assistance. Intel has also partnered with BMW to put at least 40 self-driving cars on the road for experimental purposes. Tesla Model S so far is the only vehicle out there on the road whose Autopilot Mode has practically beaten the rest. Faraday Future arose as another contestant with its FF91 prototype.

Google’s self-driving car also made great leaps. Autonomous vehicles have also proven their driving abilities by driving at the high speeds of up to 160-mph on the tracks. Countries like Dubai which are very conscious of their traffic and road systems are approaching such automakers to take advice on how the future road networks should be built.

Video Games

Being an enthusiast Unity3D developer, I best understand the use of AI Technology in games as NPCs. The virtual opponents, enemies, or whatever you call them; they are pre-programmed and today their function, expression, and logical abilities extend well beyond ordinary. Google DeepMind-trained Alpha Go is also is an example of machine intelligence, so advance that it has already beaten world champions. It made headlines everywhere because Chinese Go is thought to be a game that is more driven by instincts than logic and if artificial intelligence can learn to perform tasks instinctively, the arrival of human-like or more advanced intelligence machines is closer than we think.

Suggestive AI Technology

Again to produce a small example, word predictions in smartphones is a predictive use of AI technology. Unlike humans, the mind of machines can process a great amount of data and detect possibilities and patterns. Smart digital assistants benefit for users’ activities and improve over time. Your Google Search results also depict this process.

Another use of suggestive AI technology is what Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, and other streaming services are already doing. They use users’ data (history) to learn about their preferences and show the most relative suggestions about the movies, music, and TV series. I get amazed (just to admit its progress) how YouTube is really showing me the documentaries and technological review I would really want to search for. It saves me the time and all I have to do is to click “Watch Later.”

Weather Predictions

However, the best use has to be in the weather predictions where large amounts of data is fed into intelligent machines to calculate the behavior of our environment. Sadly, the recent events in the US politics don’t seem to favor what weather predictions about the far future have to say but all the learned scientists that the predictions of the simulations couldn’t be much farther from the truth. Machine intelligence is more capable than just forecasting whether is it going to rain tomorrow.

Use of AI Technology in Fraud/Spam Detection

I receive more spam emails on my Yahoo ID than Gmail and that’s because Google is better at spam detection. Clever AI algorithms used by email services providers detect the keywords, hyperlink, or any pattern in the emails that could be deleterious to the email users. It is easy to declare maleficent files with antivirus but cleverly design and well-written emails can often be missed out even the most efficient spam filters. E-commerce companies (PayPal etc) employ the same machine intelligence to classify fraudulent transactions from the authentic ones.

Smart Home and Smart Security Systems

While smart home you already know. Blah, Blah, Amazon Echo, Blah, Blah Google Home, Da-Blah. And though smart security systems also aren’t new, we would like to take your attention to this smart bell articles we wrote and you can just watch the video above. It proves that surveillance and security systems are also well-versed applications of AI technology and they are more practical ones. As machine intelligence monitoring will become more and more fault-proof and fool-proof in the future, you really won’t worry about your home.

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Search Engines and SEO

Last but not the least, the search engines are the need that drives Google to keep walking towards machine intelligence and that’s how it is learned to be the best. Search Engine Optimization is a common term that even non-techy guys understand today. Carefully preprogrammed algorithms crawl the internet and detect the relative website pages according to the keywords. You must have noticed the how I have been using “use of AI technology” to get Google’s attention.

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Future of AI Technology

Future of AI Technology

There are no limitations, no exact predictions of what could and might happen once intelligent machines like Skynet (The Terminator) or Digital Assistants (like that girl in Resident Evil) would do to us. It is as difficult to tell as just any other highly intelligent person with a unique sense of understanding of the world.

Even if the machines turn hostile, it’s not going to happen out of the blue… hopefully. We are already witnessing the signs as things that only humans were thought to be capable of doing. Reportedly, tech giants have already been using AI technology to write simple news stories about finance, sports, and reporting summaries. Don’t mistake such AI software with likes of Wordsmith because reputable companies won’t put their reputation and authenticity on just any other artificial intelligence.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the future of artificial intelligence is going to be somewhat similar to sci-fi movies. In all their different depictions of how the future of machines might look like, they are pretty accurate in their various derivative meaning. Visionary director Stephen Spielberg previewed how 2015 might look like and many predictions of Back To The Future turned out to be true like the self-lacing shoes. You can Google it, I remember it was a trending story back then because I also wrote about it.

Use of AI Technology: Summary

Artificial Intelligence experts predict the market version of self-driving cars will arrive by 2020. The mystery of programs doing news reporting has partially been fulfilled and partially on the way. There are so many ways in which intelligent machines influence our life; from our smartphones to the vehicles we drive. The use of AI technology will continue to be pursued and it will continue to increase. It is a change that we cannot stop. There are countless questions about them and only the time will tell us the right answers.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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