Why Tesla Motors Rocks When It Comes to Green Future

Tackling the problem of air pollution is one of the most challenging aspects that protagonist of green future face today. Apart from hundreds of thousands of factories breathing out pollutant-heavy smoke into our environment, there are many other sources of pollution poisoning our air. However, gasoline based road traffic is the biggest producer of CO2 and other metallic substances, a problem that seems uncontrollable because humans need to move. But thanks to Tesla Motors, and the Tesla Hepa Filters, we now might be able to change that. 

Before we get into the main discussion, here are some quick facts for your cup of consciousness.

  • Over 3 million people die due to health risks raised by air pollution.
  • Each year, air pollution generated health problems kill more people than traffic accidents combined.
  • Our current vehicular air filter systems are not nearly as sufficient to protect the driver and passengers against air pollution.
  • Only luxury cars have efficient have efficient filter systems that clean the air entering into the car.
  • No vehicle offers an air filter system that can clean external air as well.
  • Only all-electric vehicles offer zero-emission, all other drivetrains (based on Carnot engine) produce highly toxic emissions.

Looking at these facts, the dream of green future and the issue of air pollution seems incurable, but every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Tesla Motors brings you HEPA filtration system with Bioweapon Defense Mode with an incredible capacity to not only clean the air inside the car but outside as well. The powerful Tesla HEPA filters are very well capable of removing pollutants from the air, moreover, they can also screen biohazard factors like pollen and bacteria.

This means that once inside the HEPA-deployed Tesla car, the passengers are completely safe from any kind of health risk caused by the pollutions or disastrous bacteria. The powerful filters continuously move the air in the cabin space and pumps cleaner air back into the car cabin. The cyclic process repeats itself until the all the traces of dust particles are completely removed.


HEPA filters are actually inspired from air purifiers found in the modern hospitals. To make sure it would really serves the purpose, Tesla tested the new air filtration technology in live traffic on freeways, highways and near farm lands where the air is infested with bacteria and viruses. The results were astonishing! Bacteria, viruses, pollen, and mold spores are stripped clean out of the Tesla Model X cabin, in which the HEPA air filter was tested.

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Tesla’s Amazing Hepa Air Purifying Technology

Tesla didn’t stop with the road tests, they decided to push their luck further by testing the HEPA filters in a closed container. The purpose was to check the external air cleaning efficiency of this new air purifying technology in a carefully controlled atmosphere. Now keep in mind that standard of a good quality air is indexed by 12 µg/m3, which the lesser is the better. However, this measurement fluctuates greatly in different cities around the world. You can check real-time Air Quality Index visual map here.

Now back to the HEPA test, the automaker put experimental Tesla Model X inside a large bubble and pumped in highly contaminated air inside it until pollution level in the air space between the car and walls of the bubble reached 1,000 µg/m3. Now the Bioweapon Defense Mode was activated.


Unbelievably, within two minutes the Bioweapon Defense Mode decreased the readings from 1,000 µg/m3 down to nearly undetectable level, so much so that the crew inside the air bubble finally removed their gas masks. Tesla proved that it is not wrong when it says, “Bioweapon Defense Mode is not a marketing statement, it is real. You can literally survive a military grade bio attack by sitting in your car.”

Hepa Filters, The Ultimate Technology for a Green Future?

Based on the findings of the experiment and stretching Tesla’a HEPA filters in half the cars on the roads today, Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode is a reliable solution for the air pollution.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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