New Technology at Workplace – Its Impact on Your Office Life

The use of technology at work simplifies the way employees accomplish specific tasks at work. Every year new technology is integrated in different workplaces with a great aim of improving working conditions of employees and business managers. The impact of this new technology at workplace is determined by how people in these workplaces use this technology. Many of us spend most of our time at work, so, to a certain extent we need to use technology at the workplace to boost our morale at work.

Just imagine an employee working for 12 hours without having any single fun at work, they will feel bored and their output will be low, or they can even lose interest in that job. So, i advice all business owners and managers to use technology to boost employee morale, let your employees feel at home while at work, let them enjoy what they do. Whenever your employees are happy, their output will increase, which in return results into business growth and expansion.

Let’s take a simple example from most successful companies like; Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple and Microsoft, all these companies use new technology to improve working conditions and experience for their staff. Employees at Facebook have a dedicated section for playing Video Games, this is a cool idea, because games make people relax and they get prepared for new tasks at work.

In this post, we shall discuss on the impact of new technology in the workplace and we shall also learn how to use some of these new 3 gadgets to improve your workplace lifestyle.



  • Simplifies Communication at the workplace:  The use of technology in a workplace simplifies the way workmates communicate. Today, employees and business managers use advanced communication tools and means to exchange information. The use of virtual communication tools like ”SKYPE ‘is on the raise amongst employees and business managers. Good communication at the workplace builds strong relationships among employees and it also facilitates the flow of information which might be needed in the decision making process. Some of this new communication technology used in most workplaces includes; mobile texting apps like ”whatsapp Messenger which is a cross-platform mobile messaging app for all smart phones, which allows users to send and receive fax by email.


  • Secures Data At The Workplace: Many businesses have resorted to cloud data hosting services like ”Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and” to secure their business data. The advantage with cloud storage service is that they are secure yet at the same time, employees with permission can access this data from anywhere using smartphones or tablets. This all process simplifies the way data is retrieved and secured in a workplace. Cloud hosting services ensure that all data saved on their servers is encrypted and all accounts are password protected, so employees can easily save work on these cloud services.

However, as an employee, what are some of the advantages of using cloud data hosting services?

– Easy access of all work-related reports prepared by you.

– Quickness the process of decision making because you can easily access business information from anywhere.

– It saves you time, because your work will be encrypted and it will be stored under a secure place. Cloud servers are safer than computer hard drives, so you will rest assured that you will not have to repeat that long-tail report.

  • It Creates Comfortable Working Conditions: To a large extent, new technology at the workplace has increased the morale of employees because of a comfortable environment it creates in a workplace. Most difficult tasks in positions like accounting have been simplified by use of new accounting software which can track inventory, manage sales, manage customer contacts, and calculate tax returns and so much more. Also new gaming technology has brought a new type of entertainment in many workplaces, employees take off a brake to play video games which boosts their moral to work for longer hours.


  • Boosts Workplace Relationships: Sharing is a human behavior  and it is part of our lives. New technology has also played a big part in helping shy employees collaborate with the rest of the team at work. I agree, face-face communication is very important and to some extent, I can blame advanced communication technology for killing face-face communication, but shy employees also need to interact and share with other people at work. So they have to resort to new technology for communication such as text messaging, video chatting, use of social networks and so much more.

Last time I was talking with a friend, discussing about the increasing number of employees who use social networks at work, we talked about positive and negative impacts of using social networks at work, but one of those positive impacts was building relationships among employees, they even stay in touch after work.

  • Improves Efficiency at Work: New workplace technology saves time because it automates most difficult tasks and this speeds the flow of work. Small business like bakeries use advanced temperature sensors to measure and control temperature in baking rooms, this saves a bakery operator time and it also reduces on the amount of work they have to do. Their so many ways new technology is used to save time, every job or workplace has its own need for technology. So you as an individual, you know much better how tech saves you time at work.


  • It Creates Mobility: Employees no longer have to be tied up in one workplace, new technology tools like tablets, smartphones and laptops enable employees to work from anywhere. Also video conferencing tools have simplified the way we hold meetings at work, some times you don’t have to travel and this saves you both time and money. Some well established companies have remote workers who simply work from the comfort of their homes; this practice is very common in teleconferencing companies and other related service providers.




Logitech UE Boombox

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This is a very essential new technology every business or organization should have at their workplace. Geckoboard is a real-time business board which you can use to monitor various services and business activities; it kind of puts all your important workplace and business data in one digitized place. You can use Geckoboard to improve on the way your team access crucial business information. Geckoboard will capture information from anywhere, be it social networks, weather reports, stock exchange reports, customer reports and so much more. This real-time board of data can be accessed from any browser or device. Geckoboard comes with some essential services which you might find important at your workplace and these include; Gmail. Salesforce, Zendesk,Shopify, Mailchimp, Satisfaction, ,Magento, Google Analytics and so much more…Try out Geckoboard today from here…

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Prepare your cup of coffee at work using this new Espro machine. This ESPRO Press is a precision coffee brewer which preserves freshly brewed flavors to make sure you enjoy that cup of coffee at work. It is not a new culture to see people taking caps of coffee at work, but this medium sized Espro press machine will make you a great cup of coffee. Since its medium in size, sharing coffee with workmates will be easy. Order for this MEDIUM Espro Press from here….

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