Use Technology In Schools – What Parents Need To Know

Technology is offering our children new styles of reading and it’s also making the learning process exciting. As a parent you will want to also get involved in the process of teaching your child some basics or some times help them do their home work. With technology all this is possible. Since children are used to most technological tools like computers, mobile phones, and internet, it becomes fan when schools integrate their educational curriculum with these technologies. If Children are given these educational technologies at home, they will reduce on their time of watching television, playing video games and they will concentrate on improving on their learning capabilities while at home.

Some parents have been reluctant at providing educational technologies like Tablets, computers, internet, to their children, this has resulted into less involvement of their children academically while at home, some schools are using computers in their classrooms and this motivates students while at school. However, learning should not be classified for school environment only, it has to be everywhere at any time, so parents have a big role to play, they have to provide their children with educational technologies and also get involved in the learning process with their childrenSo as a parent what do you need to know about the use of technology in schools?


  • Technology improves writing skills for children: Writing is a basic during the process of learning, it is very important for student to know which grammar to use and also know correct spellings while composing a sentence. Teachers can use computers to teach their students how to write a well composed story. Computers have word processing application which can be used to write notes, this application has a custom dictionary which can auto correct any spelling mistakes or poor grammar usage while composing a story or writing classroom notes. According to Washingtontimes, people who seem to know better grammar ”like journalists’’ also make grammar mistakes; they say that high school students aren’t taught English grammar anymore, so even when they qualify for editorial Jobs, they will still make grammar mistakes. This can be harmful to their careers, so to help your child learn better English, it is better you as a parent you also provide educational technology which can help your child learn how to write. You can find free English teaching games online and puzzles which can help your students learn how to spell and compose a story. Then for teachers, you need to guide your students on how to use technology to learn how to write well composed stories.


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  • Technology improves communication skills for children: Many times our children fail to learn because they fear to ask question while in the classroom or outside of the classroom. Shy students find it had to voice out their concerns and this affects their ability to learn and understand specific academic concepts. Using technology in schools can reduce on this because technological tools like computers, internet, mobile phones can help students ask their teachers any question at any time. Also these shy students will have a chance to engage in a peer to peer discussion with their classmates both as school and off the campus. Parents can also use technology to communicate effectively with their children, parents can engage in educational conversations with their children using technological tools like electronic mail or use academic discussion boards like forums. Easy communication will bring a shy student closer to their teachers and it will also improve their relationship with other students at school. Many schools are providing students with free internet, and students are using social networks to interact with other students at schools, educational social networks like, have a platform which brings teachers and students closer to discuss academic topics and exchange course units. This saves teachers time and it also helps students learn more and easily.

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  • Technology improves math skills for children: We all know that Math is a very important subject in our lives. Mathematical basics we get in school can be applied in every principal of life. Every day we need to ‘‘add, subtract, multiply or divide ” specific equations to achieve our goals.  From my experience, it is the math basics i got while in level one, that I’m still using on a daily basis. It is very important for our children to know these mathematical basics and also learn how to apply them in a daily life. Schools can use mathematical online games to train students solve mathematical equations. Parents can help their children learn simple math equations by using online websites like  On this website, Pre-kindergarten students can learn counting dots, Kindergarten students can learn identifying shapes, patterns, Second grade students can learn placing value models, reading clocks and fractions, Third grade students will learn multiplication facts and adding decimals and much more. The image below illustrates what children learn when they use

Use technology to learn math

Let your child and students learn more math skills on


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  • Technology improves problem solving skills for children: In our daily lives we shall encounter different challenges and we shall embark on our experience and technical know how to solve specific problems. Technology enables students and children learn how to solve problems. Since the process of learning these educational technologies is challenging, student’s brains become alert and get prepared to solve bigger challenges. The use of educational video games and puzzles helps students solve tasks presented by these Medias. A student can solve a math equation using a complicated puzzle or by playing a complicated mathematical video game. Parents can also engage this process to help their students solve specific academic challenges.

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