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By now you must know the use of technology in education, so you want to find the best technology schools in America to peruse your technological course. Technology has changed the way we learn and it has also resulted into new technological courses which never existed before. To compete in today’s’ and tomorrows’ job market, students will need to have basics on how to use technology, so it is good to go to schools which provide these technological basics. Good news is that, many college students know how to use technological tools, 90% of college students have digital devices like ipads, laptops or smart phones.

Most of these students use these gadgets to access academic information or engage in educational peer to peer educational discussions. This has improved the way students learn and it has also made learning existing and mobile. Many colleges and universities have provided free wireless internet on their campus, so that students can access internet at anytime for educational purposes. Internet can be used for research purposes and it also helps in promoting individual learning. Free wireless internet also improves communication between teachers and students.

In this case teachers and students can contact each other via electronic mail, or they can use online school platforms to exchange course work. Teachers can also use (MIS) ”MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS’’, to track the performance and progress of their students. Below I have listed some of the best technology schools in America

(1)    Pomona College:

Pomona College is located in ”Claremont, CA. It is a private college with well planned classroom. Basing on students reviews, each classroom has 50 students which helps students learn in an organized environment and also teachers get the chance to know each student because the classroom is well planned. Professors get incentives to live close to the campus and this improves the relationship of students and their teachers, because they interact after school hours. Students at Pomona can have access to all technological school facilities, programs and resources. Get more details here….

(2)    Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is one of the best technology schools in America. It has a very unique and dynamic campus. As a new student, you will find that Georgia Tech has plenty of student organizations you can join and interact with other tech students, this will improve on your social life style and it will also help you learn more through peer – peer education. The school has a great reputation and a tech student with a degree from Georgia Tech will highly be respected. Georgia Tech is located in Georgia City , so it’s location is surrounded by many tech opportunities. It is a home for Advanced Technology Development; it has helped entrepreneurs in Georgia recruit the best tech students to launch big successful tech based ventures. Get more details here….


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(3)    Colgate University

Colgate University is a private owned University, which is located in Hamilton, New York. Tuition fees range from $42,920 + per year. The campus accommodates all types of students who interact inform of groups or clubs. Basing on students ratings, it is very easy to have access to professors; this will help you during your quest for knowledge. The university has become popular in the tech world ever since it hosted the Google Code Jam. Organizing of such tech events in the university exposes students to more tech opportunities outside the University. They have expanded the use of wireless internet on the university which helps in individual learning and research on the campus. Get more details here….


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(4)    Hamilton College:

Hamilton College is well known for having a highest rate of students using computers compared to other universities or colleges. The school’s department of Information Technology gives its first priority to providing first class computers and software to its technology students. To keep the standards of the college, they have set requirements to any personal computer brought onto the campus. The college provide free wi-fi network to all students and teachers on the campus. Many of Hamilton graduates have got jobs in big technological companies like IBM, GOOGLE and Apple. Get more details here….

(5)    Washington University St. Louis

Washington University has integrated technology in its educational curriculum. Technology helps in research, academics and administrative purposes. They have created an internal capus network which connects the all campus and information is shared via a centralized information based system. This helps both students and teachers to easily communicate and access academic information on time.

Then for those who want external networks, they can use the free Wi-Fi internet which is available to any one at the campus.  Students have a wide list of courses to choose from and these can include, finance, information technology, business ethics, and many more. Get more details here….

(6)    Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pittsburgh, PA. It is a private owned entity which was founded by a well known philanthropist of those times ”Andre Carnegie ” in 1900. On a later stage (1967) they emerged with Mellon Institute to become Carnegie Mellon University. The University is well known for its much emphasis put on technological research which includes robotics and software engineering. Putting effort on these two technological sections helped the university gain popularity in the tech world.

Students have access to technological research departments, and they can also get access to free wi-fi internet which can help them in individual studying and research.Get more details here….

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