Use of Technology In Business – To Spend Less Time Working

Time is a very crucial factor in business, using technology in business can help you save time while at work, and this will allow you focus on more productive issues at work. In many cases, an average employee will be distrusted by many things at work which might affect their performance. In most cases, some employees perform more tusks compared to others, lets take a simple example of a front desk operator. This person will have to plan all activities in the company, they have to follow up on every activity in a day, they have to answer calls, they have to analyze and forward information to the manager, and much more. In a normal circumstance, this is too much work for one person, but with technology, this job can be made simple.  If employees and managers use technology in a business, they save time and deliver their services on time.

It is natural, that when humans are over pressured and over worked, they will develop stress which can affect their performance and productivity. Their many types of technologies which can be used to save time and increase production at work or in any organization. For example, employees can use e-technologies to simplify the way they communicate and transfer information across and organization. In this case, an employee will not have to go to each department in an organization to pass over a message or to get specific data. They can simply use electronic mail to communicate with other employees or customers. Below I have detailed points on how to use technology in a business to save time.

1. Use Video Conferencing Tools – For meetings: Communication is a very important subject in business development. So it is advisable for business owners and managers to hold business meetings with their employees or suppliers to project and outline specific business strategies. However as a business owner, you will need flexible means to communicate with your team or suppliers as you also do other monetary activities which might result into business growth and expansion. So in this case you can use technology to save time yet deliver more on time. Video Conferencing tools can allow you participate in a meeting in a virtual form, with this technology, you can also be in position to interact with every member in the meeting, so it will save you the time you would have wasted on traveling to the office, and it will as well give you the freedom on staying in control of your business activities even when your not at work.

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2. Use electronic mail to deliver information: The speed at which information flows in the workplace and organization is very important. Employees and business managers will always depend on facts to make decisions at work. So how can you use technology to save time and get or deliver information on time? You can use technological tools like electronic mail (e-mail) to deliver instant messages across the organization, or outside the organization. Lets take a simple example; a business manager who is in control of a company with over 100 employees, will always need to pass on information to all these employees, and he will also need to listen to each suggestion from these employees, so if they use electronic mail ”E-mail’’, they can deliver a message to all these employees at once without interrupting their work and schedule. With e-mail bluster software, you can compose one message and send it to a million email addresses at once. As a manager or employee, this will save you time and it will even allow you to concentrate and accomplish more tasks while at work.


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3. Use an internal network to transfer data and information: Many big organizations use internal networks to transfer information across the organization. Unlike electronic mail which can transfer specific data with in the organization and out side the organization, an internal network will transfer big data files and it can also accomplish more tasks by connecting various technological tools used at the workplace. For example, employees can use one shared printer at work or they can also use one shared data base with in the organization. This will save them time and it will also speed up the flow of information with in the organization. Internal networks are wired to transfer data with in the organization; also this data can be stored on a centralized system, making it easy for other employees with in that organization to access that data. Having an internal network, will save both time and money for the organization, and it will also help employees accomplish more.

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