Use of Technology in Business Communication

Communication is a very essential in business development. Communication involves the flow of information among business partners, consumers, distributors and employees. A business will use technology to speed up communication or information flow among these parties. Technology presents businesses with various communication tools which include email , visual communication ”share point” , mobile phones, internet , just to mention but a few. It is up to the business owners to know how to utilize these technologies and improve their performance.  Below I have listed some of the uses of technology in business communication.

  • Integration of Technological communication tools:  Technology creates an environment were data, internet protocol and voice networks can be combined to simplify business communication. With a well executed plan, a business can save money and increase on its rate of production. If a business plans and manages its communication technology well, it can gain competitive advantage in the market which will result into business growth. For example, a business owner can use video conferencing technology to hold a meeting with their employees. This will save them time as they do more other beneficial roles which can result into business growth. Also business managers can use technology to monitor and assign tasks to employees using electronic mails. This is good proof that technology in business communication can result into increased production.


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  • Strengthen of customer relationship: With the use of communication technology, your customers will have more than one channel to contact you and voice out their concerns as regards to your service of products.  For example. A business can set up a website for its services, through this website; customers can contact the business using the contact system on the website.  On most service based websites, they include ‘’Send us feedback’ option, which allows customers suggest areas of improvement in a service. This communication and exchange of ideas helps the business structure their service basing on customers needs.


  • Effective and reduces costs: A business does not need to spend too much money on communication. With in the business, they can create a centralized data center which helps employees query and get information on time, yet employees can also use email or instant massaging service to communicate, this makes the flow of information easier which helps in decision making.


  • Set-up a Network. Now days many businesses have cut costs by creating information sharing networks at the workplace. Creating an information sharing network saves time and money. In this case the business doesn’t have to buy individual communication equipments for each employee.  At work, employees can share some of these technological tools to accomplish certain tools. For example, when setting up a network in a workplace, employees can have one data center where they save and retrieve all data, the same network can allow them to print and fax documents using on shared fax or printing machine.


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