What is New in Technology – 2013 Technology Concepts

Every year, new technologies are invented; technology is made to simplify the way we do things. We use technology in our daily lives to accomplish various tasks. There so many ways technology is being used today, for example, we use technology in education, use it in communication, use it in business , entertainment, data and home security , we use technology in human resource management, in transportation , and so much more. Technology is classified into different types, for example we have;

(1) Manufacturing technology which is used in producing goods and products, (2) Communication technology which is used in communication and information flow , (3) Transportation Technology which is used to move people and goods, (4) Business technology which is used to run businesses effectively , (5) Educational technology which is used in the learning process.(6) Medical Technology which is used in the health care industry, (7) Agricultural technology used by farmers and so much more.

This page is promoting new technology projects and hardware listed on Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo.com.  All these technologies are created by innovative people and my main goal is to select the best technology concepts of 2013.  For those who don’t know ‘’KICKSTARTER’’, it is a crowd funding platform which helps small businesses and innovators raise startup capital for their projects. Also ”INDIEGOGO” works the same like kickstater, so if you have a technology based idea , you can use both sites to get fundings.

So, today I want us to see WHAT IS NEW IN TECHNOLOGY? and also discuss in detail how this technology can be of great use to our lives. Some on this new technology for 2013 is an advancement of previous technologies from the previous years.


iPad – iPhone Flash Drive.

This is one the coolest technologies of 2013, you no-longer have to worry about reading or transferring your data from a computer to your iPad or iPhone, this iPad-iPhone flash drive will enable you transfer all types of files from your office computer to your mobile devices, it can hold up-to 16GB of documents, photos, videos, music and all types of files. After copying files to this drive, you can connect it to your iPad or iPhone and access or copy off these files. I recommend this iPad flash drive to people who always need to move with their files. Learn more about this iPad flash drive from here….


Do you operate a bar business or you just enjoy mixing your own drinks at home, this BARMAN technology will help you do that. The Barman is a drink mixing technology which uses Bluetooth 4.0 and your Smartphone to mix any type of drink. So now our smartphones are even getting better, we can use them to mix cocktails. All you have to do is to place your glass on the Barman, then pick the type of drink you want to make, that’s all, then the Barman will start mixing , it will tell you what to pour and when. It’s quite a cool technology for BARMEN. Learn more about this BARMAN technology from here….

Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger

You don’t have to worry about running out of cell battery, this Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger generates and stores power using kinetic energy technology, so you will move with enough backup power to charge your iPhone. It is the first kinetic iPhone charger which will ensure that your cell phone is fully charged 24/7.

So, how does this Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger work?

It generates energy from movement and this energy is transferred directly to your smart phone. Learn more about this infinity cell from here….

Wave: An LED wristband controlled by your phone

This is a fashionable silicone wristband which will ensure that you don’t miss important notifications and calls while in the bar. Night clubs are well known for hosting loud music, so there is a big chance that you will miss all those important notifications on your cell phone. So, for those who want to stay connected and informed 24/7, you will find this Wave silicone wristband very useful, you wear it just like a wrist watch and it will light-up when ever you have a new text message or call on your Smartphone. Some Initial notifications include: Calls, Messages, Tweets, Email, Timers, and Calendar alerts. You can as well assign colors and patterns to most important contacts. It is a cool technology for 2013 you should try. Learn more about this Wave LED wristband from here….

Leap Motion:

                                                                                     Image from: Leapmotion.com
Improve your workplace experience with this new Leap Motion device. For those who want to do more with less, this device will help you complete different computer related tasks without using too much energy. Leap motion can do more than what most motion sensors can do. You can easily control any thing on your computer without using a mouse, all you have to do is lift your your finger and point it to what you want to accomplish, then this Leap Motion Controller  will sense how your hands move and it will respond accordingly. So what ever you have been doing with your mouse, can be done with your hands without using a computer mouse. This advancement in technology will simplify the way we interact with computers in real-life. Since the all process of using a Leap Motion is fan and interesting, you will find your self working for longer hours. Then for those who enjoy playing computer games, this technology will make it easy to play games on your computer. Learn more about Leap Motion Technology from here…..



 You can use technology at your workplace and stay smart; this Snable technology will ensure that your office desk stays organized as you work. Snable will organize your cords and cables, so forget that mess caused by cables on your office desk. Improve your working environment with SNABLE cable organizer. You can learn more on how SNABLE works from here.



Image from: steelcase.co.uk PROTECT YOUR BACK

If your work requires sitting for longer hours, you will need to use this advanced office chair. Gesture is designed to support your body as you interact with today’s technologies at work. Since we use different types of technology at  work, you will find that also our sitting postures are changing . For example, if a person is using an iPad, their sitting posture will be different if compared to how they sit when using a laptop. When ever you change your sitting positions, your body will be affected, so to secure your back, you will need to use this advanced Gesture chair. Most office desks will not adjust to new sitting postures people have adapted to when using various technologies. If you’re interested in this chair, make your order from here 


‘’ADAVANCED SMARTPHONE FOR BUSINESS PEOPLE’’ – Spice up your business life and look smarter using this BELLPERRE cell phone

Image from: bellperre.com

Here comes a luxury phone which promises to change the way we use cell phones. It is a new ultra slim Smartphone with all features required to be on a cell phone and it also has an exceptional design. It is a combination of fashion and technology, so you will stand out from the crowd and do more business in a flexible manner. BELLPERRE is a timeless luxury phone which will be on style every year. Business people, who want tailor made cell phones, make your order from here

Modo – Modular Office Organizer


Image from: Kickstarter.com

Keep your workplace organized with this office organizer. Smart minds work from clean and organized environments. Modo can fit well on your office desk, it can keep your pens, cell phone, cables, business cards organized. Why work in a disorganized place, say goodbye to cluttered office desks. If your interested in Modo, learn more about it from here

NUIA eyeCharm


Image from: Kickstarter.com

Improve your workplace environment by using advanced technologies. This new NUIA eyeCharm will control your computer with your eyes, it will simplify the way you command various features on your computers, it is a very interesting workplace technology. All you have to do, is to look at a feature you want to use on your computer, and your computer will respond instantly. Technology is made to simplify the way we do things, so this NUIA eyeCharm will completely change the way we use our computers at work. You should try out this eyecharm gadget; it will make your computer experience more comfortable. Learn more about NUIA eyeCharm from here

Prizm – Home Hub


Image from: Kickstarter.com

Being forgetful is a human weakness which affects every busy person, you will forget locking your, or forget switching off lights in the morning. This Prizm – Home Hub will enable you control all of your lights, door locks, security sensors, thermostats and all electrical devices in your home remotely. Busy people you will agree with me, that managing home electronics and locks has never been easier, it looks like a very simple task, but it is very easy to forget locking your door or switch off lights in the morning while rushing to work. So today, meet the easiest way to manage your entire home using your cell phone or tablet. Prizm APP will connect directly with your cell phone, so you will be in position to control most electrical devices at your home remotely. Learn more about Prizm – Home Hub from here


The Nifty Mini Drive

Why get stack in the middle of some thing important because your MacBook memory is running low, this device will allow you to easily increase the available memory in your MacBook computer. This MiniDrive is slim in size so it will fit well with your mackbook and it will become semi permanent part of your computer. Create more space on your MackBook for your business documents or other files like music, photos and movies with this Nifty MiniDrive.


Stadium Headphones

Improve your lifestyle with these new Stadium Headphones. Music is food for the soul, but you need super efficient headphones to enjoy your favorite hits. These Stadium Headphones feature noise cancellation so you will clearly listen to all beats, you can easily control it using Bluetooth technology. For those who enjoy listening to music while on the go, these wireless stadium edition HD headphones will do the magic, learn more about these Stadium Headphones from here…..

MiiPC – Power to the Parents

Parents have always complained about the safety of their children online, internet is very open, and our kids use it on a daily basis for entertainment and educational purposes while at home, this MiiPC technology helps parents control the usage of internet at home, it comes with a parental control app which you can use to block harmful websites. It is time you control what your kids see online. MiiPC is a personal computing device which runs on an Android operating system, all you have to do, is to connect MiiPC to a computer and start controlling what your kids do online. Use its mobile app for real-time monitoring. Learn more about this Android Parental Control technology from here….

Smart Herb Garden:
                                                                                           Image from: Kickstarter.com

Creative idea developed by Click & Grow, technology is advancing every day, now this Smart Herb Garden high tech will help us create smart gardens in our homes and offices. I just love planting small gardens in my office, so this Smart Herb Garden just makes the all process very simple and fabulous. With this Smart Herb Garden, you can be in position to grow all types of herbs without worrying about things like water, nutrients or light. All you have to do is to plug it into the wall then add enough water, then the device will handle the rest. Some of the herbs you can plant in this Smart Herb Garden include, Mini Tomato, Chili Pepper, Garden Sage, Coriander, Basil and Lemon Balm. But you don’t have to be limited , you can try out other plants with this Smart Herb Garden. Back order now from here ….

Sensor mirror

Women spend more time in-front of mirrors more than men, because looks matter to them, so this Sensor Mirror is just a miracle, it lights up automatically as your face gets close, it uses full natural sunlight which will enable you see your face clearly. I know women are not tech friendly, but this mirror is cordless and it takes a small space in your bathroom or vanity. When it comes to price, you will spend as much as $200.00. You can buy this Sensor Mirror from here

OD-11 Speaker

Image from: www.od-11.com

If you always store your music on remote cloud devices, this OD-11 Cloud speaker will play your music from the cloud through the internet. These speakers will be available this summer so you can reserve your OD-11 Speaker from here www.0d-11.com .  This OD-11 Speaker comes with an integrated amplifier which will deliver 100W, it also has an integrated WiFi and a sound processor to ensure that you stream your music in real time and the sound effect will be good.

Patterned Paint Rollers

Home owners and decoraters, here comes a great alternative to wallpapers. For as low as £15.00, you can have a well decorated room using these new advanced Patterned Paint Rollers. Imagine how much money you would spend on putting wall paper in each and every room of your house. These Patterned Rollers come in different designs, so you can paint each room with a unique pattern. I just found these Patterned Paint Rollers on etsy. Make your order today from here…


Change your lighting system at your home with this new NanoLight. If you want to cut down costs on your home electricity, then opt for these cool NanoLight bulbs. When it comes to energy saving, this bulb uses  only 10Watts , meaning that this bulb uses 87% less energy compared to standard bulbs you’re using at home.

Buy this NanoLight Bulb here: www.thenanolight.com  and experience the power of the world’s most energy efficient light bulb.


It is time you advance the way you control your home, this iSmartAlarm is an intelligent home security system which uses motion sensors, infrared cameras, contact sensors to send security alerts to your iPhone. So you can easily monitor your home security using this simple device. Forget about those expensive home security plans, save money on home security and stay in control of your home with this iSmartAlarm.

Get iSmartAlarm here;

Olive ONE

Improve your home entertainment with this all in one home music player. This Olive ONE will allow you to access all your music through one single touch screen interface, you will be in position to play music on your television via Wi-Fi Muacast. I guess you have had experience with various music docking stations, but this wireless Olive ONE, is quite unique. It will allow you to connect all your portable gadgets like smartphone, ipad and music libraries, and then play all that music from one single docking station. Imagine you have a nice song on your smartphone, then the other song is on your iPad , then the other is on your Laptop, playing all these songs might be a challenge, but this Olive ONE music docking station, will cut all that crap out, you can connect all these gadgets and playlist to this device then play all your favorite songs with no worries of swapping gadgets.

Buy Olive ONE from here:


You can easily make your world smarter by using this SamrtThings technology. The Smartthings device will enable you monitor, control, and automate anything from anywhere.  So what you do with this SmartThings device?

  • You can be in position to control your home lights, fans, air conditioner and much more with your mobile phone. The device comes with a mobile phone application which you can use to access the Smartthings device and start controlling anything at home or office.
  • For security purposes, if you’re not at home, you can use this device and its mobile application to turn on your TV and lights so that people might think that you’re at home.

Buy this SmartThings device from here:

Plant Link

At last technology is coming to our plants, now you can easily listen to your plants.  This device will monitor water needs of your house plants, garden or lawn. It will send you alerts when your plants need water.

So, how does this plant link work?

  • Simply place a Plant Link device in the soil next to a plant or lawn.
  • Log in to the Plant Link website and specify which plants should be monitored.
  • Notifications will be sent to your email or smartphone on instant.

Actually, this is a very important device for plant & flower lovers. If you want to monitor more than one plant, then you will need to place one plant link on each plant.


 Oculus Rift
                                                                                                Image from: Kickstarter.com
Entertainment technology is advancing every day and this is improving on the way we spend our free time. Computer game players who enjoy living in the virtual world, this Oculus Rift will help you Step Into the Game, you will feel like your physically playing with your opponents, its is a cool technology, but virtual reality technology is fan and at the same time harmful. So you have to limit your self on the usage of virtual reality technology, many times i have seen Computer game players who use virtual reality technology leave in a state of deja vu. Improve your gaming experience with this Oculus Rift device. Learn more about this new 2013 technology from here…..


Technology is changing our daily lives, it simplifies our modern lives, this SmartWallit will connect your wallet to your iPhone or Android phone, so you will not worry about losing your wallet anymore. SmartWallit works as an anti-lost device which can be attached to your wallet. It will connect to your smartphone using blue-tooth technology, so if you happen to leave your wallet behind, the SmartWallit will remind you that you wallet is misplaced. You can as well install SmartWallit APP on your smartphone to take records about your wallet, so in case you lose it, this mobile App will trace the wallet for you. This is an amazing technology which will simplify our lives. Learn more about this SmarWallit from here…..


Image from: indiegogo.comDRINK SMART AND STAY ALIVE

You no-longer have to drive while drunk, many times people cause accidents because they drive while drunk. Breathometer is a device which comes with a mobile app which will transform your cell phone into a breathalyzer. You can simply attach this Breathometer on your smart-phone, so you can always measure your alcohol intake while in the bar. Breathometer is one of the best technologies invented in 2013. Breathometer is small in size, so it can fit in your pocket or key-chain, it is so handy , so you have no excuse of over-drinking. It is time to save your life and protect more lives while on the road. If your interested in this device, you can pre-order it from here…


Image from: indiegogo.com. MONITOR YOUR HEART RATE

The use of technology in sports is on the increase, now we have this new Smart cycling helmet which will improve your cycling experience. Cycling is fun, but you have to ware an helmet to protect your head just in-case you get an accident. This Smart Cycling Helmet is digitized, it has an integrated heart rate sensor which will enable you monitor your cardiorespiratory system. Cycling can improve your Cardiorespiratory system, so as you cycle, this Smart helmet will be showing you real time accurate heart rate figures. Knowing your heart rate will help you understand your level of fitness. So all cyclist will need this new technology. Learn more about this SMART CYCLING HELMET from here…

AfterShokz Bluez

Image from: Aftershokz.com STAY SAFE AS YOU WORK OUT

Listen to your favorite music but stay safe with these open ear sports headphones. Many times i see people jogging with closed earphones, so they can’t  hear what is surrounding them. These new AfterShokz Bluez  earphones will ensure that you listen to your favorite music as your ears stay open.

When it comes to pricing, these ear phones will cost you only $119.95, you can make a back order today from here


94Fifty – Smart Sensor Basketballs

SUPER SMART SENSOR BASKETBALLS – Sample of how technology is being used in sports

Image from: Kickstarter.com

The use of technology in sports is on the increase and sports players are enjoying the simplicity and advancement technology has brought in the sports world. Basketball players will love this new sports technology. The 94Fifty is an advanced ball which will give you advanced training whenever you play. It comes in a regular ball size, it is powered by a Bluetooth technology which will send information to 94Fifty App to help you measure things which can help you improve your basket ball sport. The ball will store workout and competition history for up to four players, its mobile App includes features like ” QuickTraining – which will help you focus on specific areas of skill.

Portable Scooter

Technology will always change the way we move, it has changed our transportation sector in so many creative ways. Business people and travellers, here comes a Portable Scooter, this scooter is foldable, it weighs only 25 Kilograms and its top speed is 45 Kilometters per hour. It is good for busy people who hate wasting time in traffic jam. You can simply fold it and put it in your car, then drive it while in the city. This is one of the best technologies of 2013, it will help us save time and also reduce on traffic jam in our over populated cities.

SOCCKET – (Energy enhancing soccer ball)

Image from: Kickstarter.com


Image from: Kickstarter.com

Sports lovers, here is a great tech soccer ball which can also be used to supply you with reading light after playing soccer. This is not a normal soccer ball, it generates power as you play. So how does SOCCKET soccer ball work? As you play your favorite sport ‘‘Football’’, SOCCKET will capture kinetic energy generated during motion and it will store that energy in the ball for later use. If you play this ball for only 30 minutes, the energy generated can power a LED lamp for 3 hours. OMG, I’m just in love with soccer ball. If you’re interested in this SOCCKET soccer ball, get more details here

Rhino Shield:


Image from: Kickstarter.com

Smart phones have become important business and educational tools. We use them to perform various tasks, and these include, communicating, organizing our tasks, accessing academic information, sharing and taking memorial pictures, storing important data, and so much more. So it is very important to keep your Smart phone safe. This Rhino Shield is an impact resistant screen protector for iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile and tablet screens against impact. It has been well tested to ensure that your cell phone or tablet is always safe from scratches. Learn more about Rhino Shield from here

iStroll Kid.

Mothers will love this technology; this is an iPad holder on a child’s stroller. It will keep your baby busy and interactive. According to reports from different parents, kids love using iPads because of their slick design and amazing touch screen, they enjoy flipping photos and playing games. This iStroll Kid will allow you to connect an iPad or any desired tablet on a stroller, so your child will be watching entertaining videos as you move. Mothers, you need to buy this iStroll for your kids. Learn more about this technology from here

Epiphany onE Puck

Modern technology will make sure that our lives are never stuck even on simple things like running out of cell phone battery. This Epiphany onE Puck is a compact heat engine which turns hot tea into power to charge your cell phone. I must have this gadget at work and home, so as you enjoy your cup of coffee, your cell phone will be getting power from that cup of coffee. What is even funny, this device can be powered by a cold beer, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery while in the night club. It is a very nice device.  Learn more on how Epiphany onE Puck works from here

Wallet TrackR

Never lose your wallet again, this Wallet TrackR, will make sure it reminds you whenever you misplace or forget your wallet. It is an interesting technology, because it connects with your iphone using Wallet TrackR mobile application to notify you whenever you forget or misplace your wallet. This Wallet TrackR is slim and light, so it can fit well in your wallet. What is interesting about this wallet trakR is that, its mobile APP uses GPS technology to locate your wallet, so it will take snapshots of where your wallet is left, and then you tap a button on your mobile App to make your wallet ”ring”.

Buy this Wallet TrackR from :


There is nothing as interesting as playing a guitar, but it is not easy to learn how to play a guitar. But all that frustration of learning how to play your own sound tunes with a guitar has been taken away by this gTar. It is a fully digital guitar which can be played by anyone with the help of LEDs and a docked iPhone.

So if it is your first time to play a guitar, then opt for this easy to play gTar. I know most of you have been disappointed before when you tried to play a guitar, yaaaaa, it is not easy, but try this cool gTar created and designed by Incident.

It comes with a mobile phone application which is stocked with a library of songs which you can start playing right away. You can also be in position to incorporate different sounds outside the guitar.

Get this gTar from here;


Spice up your physical training session with this GPS sports watch. It comes with colored maps which can clearly show you where to jog from and you will also be in position to download your workouts. Start improving your fitness level faster with the Leikr downloadable workouts; it is a very nice way of tracking your fitness level. You can as well go social by sharing your workout data with your friends on sports social sites like Endomondo.com

Buy this sports watch from;

The Viaje Bicycle:

If you love adventure an cycling, then this new engineered bicycle is the best for you.

So, what makes this Viaje Bicycle different?

Viaje is a steel bike , its Disc brakes will offer you the next level of stopping power and control and it is fully compatible with hydraulic systems.

Since the bike is made out of steel, it is far much durable than most bikes on the market. If you take good care of this steel bike, its steel frames will last for longer.

Buy this Viaje Bicycle from:

Mini Monkey Light:

Bike lovers, this amazing life style technology will make your bike look interesting while riding at night. It is so amazing and it keeps your bike visible while riding at night. This Mini Monkey will display 7-bit graphics on your spinning bike wheel and this will make riding at night more fun than riding during day time.

Buy this Mini Monkey Light from here: 


You know that moment when you want to listen to your favorite music, yet you also want to pay attention to what is going on around you. These AIRbudz are the best earphone attachments which you can wear and listen to your music yet you will also be in position to hear what goes on around you.

So, how do AIRbudz work?

Simply fit AIRbudz on your existing earphones, after fitting them tightly, they will replace the noise canceling ear bud and allow you to listen to what is surrounding you.

Buy AIRbudz from here:


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More new technologies will pop up this year. This List was last updated on 16th – March – 2013.  As time goes on, i will update you with new technologies. Keep waiting for Series Two of this article.  But you can also help us build on this list by using the commenting box below.

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