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Tech Giants Refuse to Build Muslim Registry

Tech Giants like Facebook and Twitter had already refused to participate in the president-elect Donald Trump’s (yet unannounced but probable) Muslim registry program. Now more tech companies including Apple, Google, and Uber have released a public statement with a negative response to the unconfirmed plan.

The upcoming Trump Administration doesn’t seem very friendly to Muslim communities growing right in the middle of American technology incubator that Silicon Valley is. So far, the responses from the prominent tech company executives have been encouraging to Muslim Americans.


According to BuzzFeed, Apple spokesman has cleared out that religion and appearances will not cause any change in the company policies and they will abide by their core values of indiscrimination. Google’s official statement reflected the same mindset, justifying their intent with simple sentences like “we wouldn’t do this and we are glad.”

The only exception to this tech company alliance for discrimination against Muslims is Oracle, which makes sense because government-run NSA is a major client to the tech company and Trump administration has already appointed Oracle CEO Safra Catz to the executive committee of his transition team. Oracle isn’t a very big player in the arena, but the goodwill from other tech giants shows open-minded on the part of Silicon Valley and they will continue to defend their ideologies.

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