The Smart TV- What You Need To Know

The world is changing a little too rapidly for most of us to keep up with. Almost every other day we are being introduced to new improved cell phones with features never heard of or a music system that can almost read our thoughts. Similarly the phrase, ‘a man’s best friend’, is nowadays deemed more appropriate for that new laptop as opposed to your beloved dog. But let’s face it; the satisfaction and joy a newer more technological version of your gadget brings is unmatched.

Similar is the case with your tele sets. There are many couch potatoes out there who love lounging in front of their TVs for endless hours and would actually save up to buy the best in order to enhance their TV watching experience. However, on a serious note, smart TVs are an actual investment and if you’re going to empty that wallet of yours, it better be worth it. So for those of you who are willing to try out a new kind of technology, but would like to know all about it first, here are some FAQs answered.


What is a Smart TV and why you should invest in one?

A Smart TV is a television that can be connected to the Internet and to put it in simpler words, has a ‘built-in PC’ that can help gain access to web browsing, media streaming, entertainment apps and so much more. The Smart TV also offers services such as IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and DLNA. The IPTV works similar to a video recorder and thanks to it, you can now go to that dinner date with the hubby without missing out on your favorite show because it gets recorded and makes it available for you to be viewed later. The DLNA makes it possible to stream movies or videos directly from a PC or phone, without them actually being connected. It also allows downloaded videos and audio to be accessed without the use of a storage device. It comes in a number of different resolutions and sizes, 1080p, 4k (its the future of television), etc, able to satisfy even the most demanding sport fanatic.

wifi-built-smart tv

How is the Smart TV connected to the Internet?

Smart TVs are connected to the Internet by either wired connections or built in Wi-Fi systems that can easily be connected to the home network for the sake of Internet access. The TVs work exactly like the PCs and cell phones in that regard. The signal must be strong enough, the same as it has to be for other gadgets. For this reason, to gain access to any webpage or video fast and efficiently, the Wi-Fi router must be located closer to the TV.

Is the price difference worth it?

Let’s be honest, a regular TV is no longer a cheap item too. If you’re going to buy a regular TV with a reputable brand logo on it, for instance Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips or any of the other famous ones, it will still cost a lot anyway. Unlike popular belief, the price difference is not too massive. But Smart TVs come with better video processing, finer picture quality, innumerable features, numerous HDMI ports and access to apps. It’s worth the difference.

Which Smart TVs are considered the best of 2014?

The best Smart TVs of 2014, thus far, include:

Sony KDL-50W829

Samsung UN65H6400

Panasonic TX-L39E6

Samsung PS51F8500ST

LG Electronics 42LA6200

Panasonic TX-L65WT600 4K LCD TV

Sony XBR55X900B

How do the apps work?

Every Smart TV has a homepage from where all other apps can be accessed. These apps include Netflix, YouTube, games like the popular Angry Birds Smart TV game, other entertainment apps, weather related ones, and even those like Skype so you can talk to your loved ones on the big screen. Many smart TVs have built-in cameras or video cameras that can be attached to the television set and used for video calling. Smart TVs of today also come with voice recognition that makes giving commands much easier and flipping channels less of an effort. It can be really annoying if you have one of “those” family members, they never settle on one channel, always trying to look at 5 shows at once. Yes you know who I’m talking about!!


What screen size is best?

Between 37 inches and 50 inches is recommended but it really depends on the size of the room. Larger TV lounges allow for bigger TV screens but smaller rooms with big TVs only make the room look uncomfortably filled. The frame size is to be minimal and most of the TV should comprise of the screen which will give a much better effect.

What are some of those things that you might dislike?

Theoretically, your smart TV can be hacked. However, there has been no proof of any such activity, but there are ways to break into smart TVs and hack them just like any other device. It is best if activities such as online banking are avoided.

A smart TV can freeze or crash just like any other device and many apps have reported to create problems. These can usually be resolved by switching off the TV and then turning it on again.

Once you start using the Smart TV, you will come to realize that you will be unable to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites on the TV since personal sites are not to be viewed with family or friends, its not your personal computer.


How do I ‘touch’ the Smart TV?

Well you don’t really, usually you don’t sit 4 inches from your television set to use the touch screen, just like you do for your other gadgets. That much is obvious.

lg smart_tv_ remoteA variety of remote controls have been created to make the experience of “touch screen” better. Some of the best ones include the remotes that allow you to just point at the screen and ‘click’ or ‘tap’ like you would for any other handheld device. Other Tv’s and accessories allow you to control your TV by means of hand gestures, example, waving your hand in the air to select your desired show or app, etc.

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