Top 3 Smart Doorbells for your Intelligent Home

Smart Doorbells can be easily monitored and controlled with help of smartphones. IoTs as emerging technology has revolutionized the concept of connected devices to make them more useful for your home environment. Internet of Things allows you to individually pick parts of technology to increase the safety of your Intelligent Home.

Intelligent Home systems offered as a package have limited customizability options and smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Hub. But let’s not get into details and focus on awesome benefits of WiFi Doorbells. Like every technology, you will find a great variety and features and it is really up to you and your taste, which option would you like on your plate?


Deploying Smart Doorbells

Over the year, smart doorbell makers have learned a lesson that customers don’t like putting much effort and deploying the WiFi doorbells should be easy as it gets. Nearly all the modern versions can easily replace your usual doorbells. Just unscrew the old doorbell and replace it use the same two wires to connect it to your smart doorbell.

Skybell 2.0 WiFi Doorbell: Review

Skybell WiFi Doorbell Bronze and Silver

Previously known as iDoorcam, this smart doorbell is actually a WiFi doorbell (some are based on Bluetooth) that offers live alerts and video feed over your smartphone. The connected device is fully communication savvy so you get to know your guest with voice chat and video surveillance before getting to the door.

The WiFi doorbell sends alert to multiple users so everyone at your home is simultaneously be notified about the incoming person and the concerned member can answer the call while rest also get to know who’s been visiting their home. The ability to see, hear, and speak to the person at your door is what makes Skybell WiFi doorbell very reliable.

Skybell is very secure as well. The Nightvision capability allows you to see in the dark and its motion sensor alerts you about any unwanted presence at the door even if they don’t ring the bell. You can systematically adjust the settings to turn on the lights in response to scare off possible burglary attempts.

The range is not a problem with Skybell. The WiFi doorbell can send you messages, videos, and other alerts over the internet so it doesn’t matter whether you are at the office or at a party, you will know who paid a visit to your home.

Skybell 2.0 WiFi Doorbell: Bold Features

  • Voice and video communication
  • WiFi enabled, also accessible via 3G/4G/LTE
  • Nightvision with Motion Sensor
  • On-Demand, Multiple User Access
  • Works with iPhone and Android phones
  • Easy outdoor Installment

Skybell Smart Doorbell: User Reviews

Here are some 5-star reviews from Amazon with verified purchases.

“We love our SkyBell!”

“Great update for anyone on the fence about the SkyBell”

“Still love it almost a year later!”

“Works as Advertised – Great Product”

“A complete game changer”

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Ring Smart Video Doorbell: Review

Ring WiFi Video Doorbell

Previously known as DoorBot and currently advertised as “world’s most advanced doorbell,” Ring is the only option out there that emphasizes on putting “Video Doorbell” onto its name in addition to smart. All smart doorbells have video options its kinda over-rated. Other than that, the doorbell maker isn’t just bragging when introducing its amazing features.

“Ring video doorbell brings convenience, monitoring, and security to your most valuable asset: your home.” Now here’s what really matters. The HD video streaming offers seamless video feed of your guests at the door over a WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE network. Like Skybell, the audio communication is 2-way and can be communicated with your smartphone or tablet.

Compared to Skybell, Ring Smart Video Doorbell seems to have a powerful motion detector that can alert you about the passersby on your home-front lawn or front-yard area. The app is pretty neat and sleek in that the videos are both sharable and you can rewind them to show it to others.

The promotional video (below) has quite catchy lines and my attention was definitely pulled when it said: “Traditional security systems let you know after someone has entered your home and most home burglaries start with a simple ring of the doorbell to see if anyone’s home.”

The size of the device, as its design too, resembles to that of an oversized smartphone. Ring is composed of two parts, the upper black casing is permanent while the lower “faceplate” is customizable with a variety of color options.

The 180˚ HD cam cover a wide view of your door-front. As previously said, the app is also versatile and adjustable. Using the ring app you can include and exclude areas of surveillance to be monitored by Ring Smart Doorbell’s motion sensor, now this is an additional option.

Bonus offers include free replacement of Ring Doorbell if stolen and Built-in rechargeable battery, year-long backup on a single charge. It also works with connected doorlocks like Lockitron.

Ring Smart Video Doorbell: Bold Features

  • Wide angle HD lens
  • Large 4 zone motion sensor
  • Cloud recording
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Comes in four finishes

Ring Smart Video Doorbell: User Reviews

Here are some 5-star reviews from Amazon with verified purchase

“This is a fantastic product produced by an awesome little company”

“Good looking, well made, Check out it is tough and performs as advertised, exceeded my expectation”

“Excellent low-cost video security solution”

“They have nailed the experience”

“Easy installation, great features, reasonable”

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Chui Smart Doorbell: Review

Chui Smart Doorbell

Chui is a Crowdfunded Smart Doorbell that had been in the concept since 2012 when Internet of Things as were still a nascent innovation in the emerging technologies sector. Chui Smart doorbell can truly be called intelligent because it has facial recognition.

Programming a facial recognition algorithm into a WiFi doorbell means automation of countless tasks related to attending who is ringing at the door. For instance, you can create a list of people whose facial recognition are allowed to get inside your home or not.

Facial recognition topped by versatile setting and configuration denotes you can play things out however you want. Consider these four configurations.

  • Let Chui decide to unlock door for the whitelist people once they ring the Wifi doorbell
  • Let Chui recognize the white list people once they ring the Wifi doorbell and prompt you whether to unlock connected door system.
  • Let Chui decide to keep the doors for the blacklist people doesn’t matter how many times they ring the Wifi doorbell and you won’t be even be notified about it.
  • Let Chui decide to keep the doors for the blacklist people doesn’t matter once they ring the Wifi doorbell, but you will be notified about it.

This intelligent technology gives Chui smart doorbell an edge over the other connected doorbells because the connected doorbells howsoever smart, do not provide facial recognition ability, at least most of them. The crowdfunded project even claims to have live recognition features, which means that even micro-movements of your face and its micro-details matter. In other words a more secure and foolproof system.

Sadly, Chui still seems to be under development and their official website only shows a contact us button. They are trying to perfect the algorithms and it may take a while before their product is finally ready to be shipped.

Yet Chui tops the Use of Technology’s recommended smart doorbell list because this is how the future of IoTs looks like, and hey it’s got TechCrunch coverage and that’s a big credit.

(Is it just me or did CHUI disappear??)

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Future of Smart Doorbells

Skybell WiFi Doorbell

We are looking at a network of smart locks, bells, and home appliances that will be operated by smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. The intelligent assistants are ruling the smartphone operating system; Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are fighting back to back to create a safe and secure home environment for the consumers.

Such security systems have been for long at work in the buildings of intelligence and secret security offices and as they technologies are being moderated according to the consumer level, they will inherit all the security measure. All security features except the weapon systems, which might take decades before they are approved for your and my home.


This decision arises not only due to security risks but gullible artificial intelligence software that could kick back and land the damage on the users’ end. Connected devices have long been a target of cybercrimes and the world is not ready to let them run openly at the hands of startups who cannot fully take responsibilities for their products.

Smart Doorbells for your Intelligent Home: Summary

Considering all the aspects, smart doorbells like the WiFi-enabled Ring will replace your intelligent bell if stolen. The question is how many times and who is responsible in the event of a burglary when it was stolen and your intelligent home lost its nightwatch? Skybell, Ring, or Chui; feel safe but never stop doubting machine error.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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