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Many small businesses use different types of software to accomplish specific tasks. We have two types of business software; (1) Web based software and (2) Desktop based software. Web based software is an online business technology which is very easy to use, because it requires no installation and a user can use this software on almost any device. Most business people prefer using web based software or online business technology because it is more efficient, affordable, it is more secure because data is saved on remote servers and so much more.

Business software is created to simplify and automate specific tasks in a business; you can use it in your accounting department, human resource department, customer service department, production management department and so much more. As a small business owner, you have to employ knowledge workers who know how to use different types of business software; this will save you both money and time.

However, before investing money in any business software, you need to know the functions of that software. Ask your self these questions;

  • Can that software improve the way you do business?,
  • Can it create a certain degree of efficiency in your business?,
  • Will your output increase when you start using that software?
  • How much will it cost you?
  • Do your employees know how to use that software? If all this is considered, i guarantee, you will make the best choice when choosing which software to use in your small business.

Today, i have compiled a list of Small Business Software you can use to improve on your business efficiency. The software listed below includes both ”Application Software” and ”Personal Productivity Software’

So, what is the difference between ”Application Software” and ”Personal Productivity Software”?

  • Application software is the software designed to help you solve problems or perform specific tasks, we have different types of business application software such as groupware , customer relationship management software and so much more.


  • Personal Productivity Software is the type of software which helps you do things that you could have done manually. Personal productivity software includes tools like word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, database management systems, web authoring and so much more..



Below is your list of the best small business software you should try out this year. Each of these Online Business Technologies can be used on any device.

  1. 1.     MINT

You can easily manage your budget with this easy to use personal finance software. Small business owners, you need to track your financial details and also track your spending, this will help you plan for your business appropriately. Many small businesses collapse because they don’t monitor their expenses, so, i advice you to try out Mint and see if it can be of a great benefit to your small business.  The other advantage about Mint is that it connects to all your bank accounts so you can track each and every transaction using one single platform. Mint is a web based software applications, so you don’t have to download or install any thing, in fact, you can use MINT mobile App and track all your financials and expenses using your smart phone. Try it out today for free ….here….

  1. 2.    Huddle

This is a cloud based collaboration software application, you can use Huddle to simplify on the way your employees share and work with documents, huddle will enable you and your employees to work from any where and with anyone, this type of working environment will increase collaboration at work and it will also increase on employee’s output because it makes their work flexible. Since documents can be accessed from anywhere and shared easily amongst employees and business managers, decision making processes will be easy. So it is time to Huddle up and get work done faster, from today, your documents should be out of the box. Try it out today from here…

  1. 3.     DigitalQuick

It is very important to secure your business data either on your computer or on cloud servers. DigitalQuick can help all business people secure their valuable data stored and shared on a local office computer or cloud based storage services like If your business data is not well secured, hackers and harmful competitors will get access to that data and use it to out compete you. Every business has its own secret towards its success, if your competitor gets access to this sensitive information, they can use it to scale out their business basing on your ideas and customer needs, and this will affect the growth of your small business. So, be very careful when saving data on computers or cloud based services, make sure you use services like DigitalQuick to encrypt that information and keep it secure. Try it out today from here…

  1. 4.     Pertino

Every small business needs to use information technology to accomplish specific business tasks. Pertino is a secure cloud based network which connects your employees or people with Information Technology resources from anywhere. It is more of a social cloud network for professional people, via its easy to use interface; you can invite and add people to your network. You can use Pertino to connect your workplace devices, access work devices and resources remotely. It is a great tool for your IT department.  Try it out for free and see if your IT department benefits from its features, go here…

  1. 5.     INSIGHTLY

Every small business can manage its customers and projects online using Insightly software. As your business grows, also your customer contact database will increase, but you will need a platform to manage all your customer contacts, with Insightly, you can easily import all your business contacts from Gmail, LinkedIn, CSV, and Outlook. If you want to import business contacts from LinkedIn, you will need to give Insightly access to your LinkedIn account, if permission is granted to Insightly to import all your LinkeIn accounts, the process will be quick and all your contacts will be imported with their profile pictures and bio information,… It is quite a cool tool for managing your business and customer contacts. Try it out today for free from here….. 

  1. 6.     LiquidPlanner

Small business owners can use LiquidPlanner to manage various projects online. LiquidPlanner provides you with better collaboration tools, easy time tracking tools and project scheduling tools. Increase on the performance of your team with this online project management software. Your employees can easily manage multiple projects and organize their tasks in a manner which helps them work efficiently. You can also use LiquidPlanner App to manage and schedule projects on the go. From today, increase your business efficiency with LiquidPlanner, try it for free today from here…..

  1. 7.     Kashoo

It is time you improve your accounting department with this software. Kashoo is a simple cloud accounting software for small businesses, both you and your account team can perform accounting tasks from anywhere via an iPad or web browser. You can as well connect your online bank accounts and credit cards which can help you track your income and expenses in real-time. You can also create professional invoices and send them to your clients on instant; Kashoo accounting software will change your accounts department and make it more efficient. Sign-up today and test Kashoo, visit them here….

  1. 8.     Pitney Bowes pbSmartPostage

Small business owners, you can have an online postage and shipping system right on your desktop. Pitney Bowes pbSmartPostage is one of the simplest ways to buy and print postage stamps online. You can easily save time and money by printing your own shipping labels for your customers, why waste time going to the post office, use that time to do more productive things in your business. You can also use Pitney Bowes pbSmartPostage to increase your business efficiency and customer care; simply send your customers notification emails with shipping information, package recipients and so much more. You can easily track packages and letters right from your office desk. Learn more about Pitney Bowes pbSmartPostage from here….

  1. 9.     RebitPro

Now days we have so many cloud storage and backup services, but RebitPro is tailored for small business owners. If your small business needs high end security for its data and easy access to that data in real-time, then RebitPro has just solved that puzzle for you. The interface of RebitPro platform is simple and easy to use; you can use it for both offline and online data backup, which makes it the best data backup service for small businesses. If you also have clients who need backup services, RebitPro uses a CDP technology which will automatically back up all data changes that occur every 30 seconds and this will cut out back plans and schedules yet your business data will stay safe. Subscription starts from $79.99 per year, it is quite affordable, try it today from here….

  1. 10.

If you want to pass over your business message in real-time to targeted masses, try It is among the fastest real-time messaging platform online, they provide one to one, one to many, and many to many real-time messaging services. After tailoring your product basing on your customers needs, you need to get out and spread the word to the masses, will enable you push content to your targeted users from various sources, use and easy-to-use framework provided by to reach your users on the web, detect visitors on your website in real-time,get information about your website visitors and increase on your conversion rate.

You will agree with me, that no small business can gain competitive advantage without using web technologies. Learn more about from here…

  1. 11.                        FreshBooks

Invoicing your clients has been simplified by FreshBooks, this is a simple cloud accounting software which you can use to create invoices online. Who says that business accounting is too complicated, Freshbooks, just makes the all process of business accounting simple. As a small business owner, you will be in position to track time, log expenses and invoice your clients in real-time, this will guarantee efficiency and it will increase on your business returns. Even your well trained accountants will love FreshBooks, because it can be used on the Web, tablets or smart phones, so they don’t have to stay in office to complete their work. FreshBooks is designed for small business owners, and it is very easy to use, because they know you have very little experience when it comes to business accounts. Try FreshBooks today from here….

  1. 12.                      Evernote 5 for Mac

This is a new online technology for small business owners; it helps you to stay organized. However, not every business will need to use Evernote applications, but if your business requires gathering data and content for reference purposes, then Evernote 5 for Mac will be a great web technology for you. Simply store and browse notes and data in a new amazing way, the new Evernote 5 for Mac displays data as a list of informative, which makes it easy to organize and search for data, data is displayed in card format, you can use a custom note editor to change content, you can as well change note geographic location by simply typing an address in the location field. Download Evernote 5 for Mac today from here….( gone now sorry)


  1. 13.                        Polaris Office

Small business owners, you can get your document work done faster on your iPad using this Polaris Office App for iPad. iPad tablets have become essential business gadgets, creating and editing business documents on a tablet is very easy with this Polaris Office App, it even enables you to access any preferred storage system in real-time. Polaris Office App will change the way you interact with business documents on your iPad, your documents will load faster which will help you create fabulous presentation using your iPad in a business meeting. If you always save your business documents on remote cloud servers like & Google Drive, this App will enable you to access your documents and edit them then save them either locally or remotely. It creates convenience cloud linkage and file management environment for your small business. Download Polaris Office for iPad from here….

  1. 14.                         Pageonce

Small business owners, you can easily sync more than one financial account using your smart phone. This mobile App for iPhone will help you know your financial details from various bank accounts. Easily monitor your credit score, account balance, credit card debt, payments due and so much more using your Smartphone. You can also use Pageonce mobile App to pay for your bills, which means you no-longer have to worry about late fees. Pageonce is safe and secure; they guarantee high end security for your financial data. Learn more about Pageonce from here..

  1. 15.                        SurePayroll

Paying your employees on time is one of the best ways to motivate them. Let your employees get paid on time, use this SurePayroll online software to make easy and secure online payrolls, calculate wages, and also stay compliant with payroll taxes and regulations. For convenience, you can use Surepayroll on your mobile using Surepayroll mobile apps, this will help you make payrolls while on the go, and this will save you lots of time. Learn more about SurePayRoll from here….

  1. 16.                        SocialVolt

If you start using social networks to promote your small business, you will need a tool which can help you manage your entire social media buzz. Socialvold can help you manage social media across networks, accounts and brands. This platform supports multiple social networks and these include, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so much more. You can easily protect your brand reputation across top social networks, many small businesses have lost clients through wrong social media buzz, so it is better you monitor this buzz and get to know which information can harm your small brand. SocialVolt also offers other services which include business consulting, training, customer support and integration services. Learn more about SocialVolt from here… 

In conclusion;

What do you think about these online business technologies, have found any software on this list which can help you small business scale out and improve on its performance. If the the answer is yes, then tell us how that software is working for you using the commenting box below. And if you have any new suggestions, please post them here and help other small business owners to work efficiently.

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