How To Set Up Apple TV To VPN

Apple  users got used to their gadgets being adjusted in a few taps. Things become different as soon as they get Apple TV receivers. These devices connect the Internet and transmit videos into our screens.

We all know the door should be closed after we enter our house. Very same algorithm works for internet. Smart users never go online without protection. Most of us use antivirus, firewall and VPN software.

First two are hardly helpful when it comes to TV. Although a good VPN app is a must-have. Looking for a good Apple TV VPN, mind that you need one with three basic functions:

Blocked content

Apple TV player gives us an opportunity to watch videos from many resources. Although some of them might be blocked in our country. VPN apps change our IPs unblocking all of it for us. Prevent everyone from seeing your history or logs. Let VPN cover you with virtual fake IP. The app deletes all data every chosen period of time.

Other countries

Watch whatever you want no matter where you are. Even if you cross the ocean –  favorite videos are there with you thank to the VPN services. 

Here we come to the most difficult part: how can we adjust a VPN and your digital media player. There are three main methods for setting these two up. Depending on your equipment it can be done via:

  • Wireless Router Running a virtual private network;
  • Laptop and Wi-Fi hotspot connection;
  • PC or Laptop connected to VPN as Ethernet

Apple TV

How do we do it right? Let us stop on each method.

There are four easy steps for making the first variant work in less than half an hour.

  1. Subscribe for a VPN if you have not done that yet.
  2. Buy a router, DDWRT suits the best.
  3. Set up connection on the router.
  4. Connect Apple receiver and your router. Profit.

The second method is even easier. Three steps and you are there:

  1. Get your subscription.
  2. Find a laptop connected to internet.
  3. Run software on the laptop and convert it into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

After you connect your media player with that hotspot – you are in. Here we come to the third option.

  1. Download chosen software into your computer.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. Connect your laptop and Apple TV with Ethernet/LAN cable.

Now your PC works as a VPN router. Now find Network and Sharing Center in the control panel. We are looking for Change Adapter Settings. Find  Connection properties. Choose: “Allow other Network users to connect through this computer connection”.

Now your media player connects Internet via your computer. Feel free to enjoy your favorite videos.         

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