The Six Most Popular FIFA World Cup 2014 apps for Android

Keeping track of all matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014 can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you have a job or family to take care of. However, in this era of technology, you can easily stay updated with the scores and all other details of the FIFA matches by simply installing a few apps on your android. To help you out, below is a comprehensive list of few of the most popular apps for World Cup 2014. These are free to install from Google Play Store and extremely simple to use.




The popularity of this app can be determined by the fact that it has been installed more than 5 million times by now. It provides you with audio coverage for free along with live updates about the matches. Even if you do not have time to listen to the live commentaries, you can read commentaries written by football experts and analysts. The best part about this app is that it gives you news about all football leagues, no matter how small.


SofaScore LiveScore

SofaScore LiveScore – Brazil 2014 World Cup App

SofaScore is a sport app using which you can follow scores in all major tournaments and sports events. You can also customize your homepage to receive notifications from your favorite teams. The special World Cup edition of this app works in a similar way. It also allows you to create a widget for your home screen so that you do not miss out on any update.



Onefootball Brazil

This app provides you with more than just live updates of the matches. Besides regular scores and stats, you can also view related videos. Furthermore, it offers pre and post-game news coverage allowing you to experience each and every minute of the match.


fifa footbal app

FIFA Official App

Of course the most authentic app for getting updates of the World Cup is the one straight from the source. You can find videos, pictures and commentaries live from the matches by installing this app on your phone.



Javalsco World Cup 2014

This app has become quite popular over the past few days. A great advantage of this app is that it allows you to customize your tabs. You can create tabs for your favorite teams which would show you schedules, scores and all other details relating to those teams.



Univision Deportes

Like all other sports apps, Univison Deportes also provides details regarding the FIFA World Cup matches. While most apps just provide highlights, this app provides you with live broadcasts. However, you would require a cable package for this app to work.


All of these apps can easily be installed from Google Play Store. You can check out the ratings and reviews of each app to make sure you are choosing the best one. Furthermore, you can also find the features of each app which will help you choose according to your needs and requirements.

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