Next-Gen Vehicles will be Directly Integrated with Google’s Assistant

So far, a lot of attention was going to Tesla cars, and this was mostly due to their futuristic designs and company’s energy initiatives. Their Models X and S, and even the upcoming Model 3 all have extremely high levels of driver-focused tech, that wasn’t seen anywhere before.

That all might change soon since the drivers have started asking why can’t they have the same tech in their car’s infotainment systems that they’re already getting from the smartphones and similar devices? Google and Apple have seen this coming, and have provided such users with Android Auto and CarPlay. They’ve released a new software update that’s going to make all of the 2016 Ford cars completely compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto. And then, Android has decided to go even further, so now they’re promising that they’ll deliver a complete Android integration with the cars, and also add Google Assistant on top of that.

The integration is expected to arrive very soon. Both Volvo and Audi have already agreed to release Android Auto in models that could come out during the next year. Massive changes to the cars’ interior design are also to be expected, and it’s said that they’ll be an excellent addition to the Android Auto’s functionality.

In fact, Google I/O has even released images that are showing how the entire Android-integrated interiors might look like for both, Volvo’s XC60 and Audi’s Q8 Sport. All you’ll need to do is say the phrase ‘OK Google’, and you’ll be able to insert any command you wish.

The Android Assistant that’s being shipped with the phones right now isn’t that ordinary, but instead, it has a special update. It’s specially designed its user during the rides, and it even has a 3D mapping, as well as satellite images. The old features will still be present, of course, especially since their hands-free nature makes them perfect for drivers. Those include sending texts, making calls, playing music, as well as getting directions to nearby businesses or even your own home. The idea is to include all of the features that you might want to use in a car into one system, which turned out to be a hard task that carmakers have tried to deal with for years.

Many of the other ‘tech powerhouses’ are following Google closely when it comes to tech development. Companies like Amazon and Apple, for example, are already trying to install their own versions of operating systems into cars. Even Samsung was revealed to be trying to push its own in-car entertainment system, while some carmakers have decided to try and make their own as well.

Even the fans of the old cars might soon be able to install some of these systems since there’s definitely a market interest for such projects.

However, tech like this is still in development, and there are many questions that still need answering. Adaptations are required, and things like the ability to summon YouTube while driving really shouldn’t be allowed, since the driver could take their eyes off the road, and even a second of that might be fatal. This is one of the reasons why this tech is still being tested because we need to have limits to what can be done while the vehicle is moving.

Despite such problems, automotive integrations have a bright future. It’s even possible that cars made in 2020 will already be able to have Google integration for both driver’s as well as back-seat interfaces, just like the ones in the modern SUVs.

We’re using digital assistance more and more every day, and it’s possible that some day these devices and the features that we enjoy will be built in our entire world. And they’ll most likely run on Android.

Ali Raza
Ali Raza
Ali Raza is a freelance journalist with extensive experience in marketing and management. He holds a master degree and actively writes about crybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and technology in general. Raza is the co-founder of, too, a site dedicated to educating people on online privacy and spying.

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