Students Technology – 8 New Technologies Every Student Should Have

As a student, you will find your educational life very amazing if you integrate it with technology. I agree, sometimes school can be boring and those endless tests and course work can drive you crazy, but to cut down all that pressure, you might spice up your educational life with these new technologies for students. Some of these technologies can be used in the classroom while others will just help you during your daily life as a student.

  1. 1.    BRIGHT EYES:

If you’re a tech student, you will like this Bright Eyes kit, it will inspire you to learn programming and you will look cool when you wear it. Some people think that geek students are not cool, but these Bright Eyes glasses will make you look cool as you do your programming. The glasses have LEDs (light emitting diodes) on them, and these LEDs can play back graphics and videos off a micro SD card. You can use the tutorials which come with these glasses to program them to perform tasks as you desire, for example; (1) you can be in position to create standalone graphics, animations or generative visuals. (2) You can as well add sensors to these glasses so that they respond to music.

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  1. 2.    GeoGebra:

GeoGebra for tablets will improve the way you learn math. It is an application for iPad and Android. GeoGebra helps in making dynamic mathematics easy to learn using a touch screen of any tablet. As a math student, you will enjoy this application for free, it is a multi-platform dynamic mathematics software which works for any one, it joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in a very easy-to-use package. This tablet application comes in many languages so you don’t have to worry about its flexibility.  Learning mathematics has never been easier, so with such mathematics applications, students will find it easy to solve complicated mathematics equations.

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  1. 3.    MixAR ( Farrago AR ) 

MixaR is a 3D augmented reality editor for iPhone. Art and Design students will find this technology very interesting. This mobile application will allow art and design students to easily create and share 3D augmented reality models, movies and experiences in real time. As an art student, you can easily use MixAR to make and save your own 3D models and share them with your fellow students using your iPhone. This application comes with a user-friendly editor which you can use to create custom 2-D & 3-D objects from any photo and it is compatible with augmented reality markers. The application works on both iPhone and iPad and it costs only $1.99.

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  1. 4.     Finding Sacred Ground

Geography students you will find this technology very interesting. Finding Scared Ground is good for field work and ground research projects. This is a mobile application which will give you a tour of a natural landscape. It uses augmented reality to explore the indigenous history of the land. This technology ads entertainment to education and it can also be used to save indigenous scared sites  and also inspire reverence for natural world. Since this mobile app can reveal hidden history of any place including its past indigenous caretakers, also history students will find the application useful.

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  1. 5.    Lumi Process – Print on Fabric Using Sunlight:

Every Art students will fall in love with this Mobile Application, fabric printing has never been easy, but now this mobile app , just takes fabric printing t the next step. It is a wonderful application because it uses sunlight. Lumi Process is a photographic print process for textiles; it is based on Inkodye, mixable, dilutable water-based dyes which develop their color in sunlight.  So how can you use Lumi Process? You can use it to design photographically printed garments, use it to design colorful artwork on any natural material. So what is the use of the Mobile App?  Lumityper app will help you turn pictures on your smart phone into art prints; you can easily turn images on your smart phone into negatives then print them on any material.

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  1. 6.     Romo:

They say that work without play makes tom a dull boy. So as a student you will need to spice up your educational environment with this smart Robot. Romo is an affordable personal robot that uses your iphone as its brain to keep you entertained.

  1. 7.    SurfEasy:

Think of having some privacy while using internet at school, then this SurfEasy will be the best device for you. Many schools restrict students from accessing certain websites while at school, this device can jump all those firewall and blocked sites, it will keep every thing you surf private. All you have to do is to plug it in any computer. It comes with a custom web browser which is password protected to keep your search history and passwords safe. It is very light and it can fit in your wallet, so no one will recognize it. From today, you can carry your own Web Browser and internet encryption tool in your wallet.

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This is an optical drive in a USB stick. As a student, you can keep all your audio lessons, images, e-books on this isostick. It was basically designed to keep ”iso files” but you can as well store other files on this device, you can as well boot your computer from this optical drive. You don’t have to install any software to use this device, its a plug and play device which works on instant. As of now, isostick supports the FAT32 file-system, if your ISO files ar larger than 4GB , the device will automatically slice them for quick storage.

So how fast is this is isostick ? It is quite faster than most USB STICKS, it reads at 12.5MegaBytes/Second.

Learn more here:

Technologies listed here are all new, so you can test them and see if they can be of great benefit. Other technologies like mini iPad and smart phones will also play a big role in improving the way you learn and access academic information, but they are not that new, so I did not include them on this list. You can suggest more new student’s technologies using the commenting form below.

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