New Academy by Vault Systems Offers Cloud Training to IT Staff

Australia is both broadening and strengthening its cloud-based technologies. Measures have been taken to keep identity data secure and to further train IT staff in cloud-specific skills.

The opening of a new cloud-based training program has been announced by Vault Systems. The program, named Vault Academy, will provide dedicated training for government IT personnel, in addition to aiming to remedy the shortages seen in cloud computing-specific skills. The Academy’s target audience are software developers, cloud architects, infrastructure engineers, IT project leaders, and sales engineers.

The training provided by the Academy will center around granting an understanding about cloud computing and will train attendees in the operation and maintenance of secure cloud-based platforms.

Furthermore, Vault Systems is joining the very short list of companies fulfill the requirements set by the ASD’s (Australian Signals Directorate) protected-level Certification. Further companies to meet the requirements are Sliced Tech (an Australian managed services provider), Dimension Data, Macquarie Government, and Microsoft as well.

Satisfying the conditions provided by the ASD means that the certificate-holders can store the government’s highly-classified information in their cloud databases.

In a recent interview, Vault Systems chairperson Jane Halten emphasizes the importance and advantages of the Academy’s opening. Halten argues that with the increasing development of the country’s cloud technology, it is imperative to have skilled staff working in that field of work.

The chairperson said that their Academy’s services, which are estimated to train around three thousand IT professionals yearly, will ensure just that. The training program spans two days and includes scenarios that promote problem-solving.

Vault Academy also aims to provide a platform where agencies can establish connections and professional partnerships with each other and work together on projects. In addition, the Academy also provides a forum that IT professionals can use to share and discuss ideas and strategies.

Jane Halton also expresses hope over the fact that the Academy will help in understanding the necessary migration, and in ensuring that the IT sector thrives.

The CEO of Vault Systems, Rupert Taylor-Price points out that cloud technology can help drive and speed up innovation. The CEO also emphasizes the necessity of security, especially as the government’s classified data is involved, and for this, he says, training is required. Taylor-Price states that a seamless digital transformation can only succeed if IT professionals possess the required skills.

The Australian Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) recently selected Vault Systems to be the host of Govpass, the government’s solution for digital identity. Gavin Slater, DTA’s CEO, stated that trust in the security of storing government data is of the utmost importance and will not be compromised. Slater went on to say that Vault Systems provides the best solution for keeping Govpass ‘secure, simple, and safe.’

Ali Raza
Ali Raza
Ali Raza is a freelance journalist with extensive experience in marketing and management. He holds a master degree and actively writes about crybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and technology in general. Raza is the co-founder of, too, a site dedicated to educating people on online privacy and spying.

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