Communication Technology – 8 Mobile Messaging Apps Competing Facebook Messenger

Communication technology is changing on a drastic speed, we all know that facebook has become a giant in the social networking world, many youths and middle aged people are using facebook to connect and communicate, also small businesses are using facebook to reach targeted consumers. Many geeks have been debating on which company will take down facebook’s popularity among the youth, and the answer is in mobile messaging applications.

Since any one can view your facebook posts via your wall, you might want to stay away from some people, so the best place to hide is ”MOBILE MESSAGING APPS” these apps can enable you communicate with friends via text messages on instant, you can also share photos, videos and links via these Apps, so you will do almost every thing you have been doing on Facebook.

Even though the developers of these mobile apps have failed to monetize these apps, they still stay important to the users.

So, today I have compiled some of the best mobile text messaging apps which are competing with facebook, and many youths are resorting to these Apps which might be a direct attack on facebook messenger.


  1. 1.    Kakao Talk

As of now, this mobile messaging app has got over 10 million downloads in Japan, remember, this is just a figure for Japan, which means the more popular the App gets, the more it will be downloaded. According to Thenextweb , Kakao Talk has 65 million users worldwide, i know facebook has over 900 million users, but most active facebook users who are the Youth are shifting to mobile messaging apps like Kakao Talk. Mobile Applications like Kakoa Talk are changing the way we communicate and share with close friends using our cell phones. I guess with time, desktop communication technologies will be out-aged because many communication companies are resorting to mobile technology. Learn more about Kakao Talk App from here….    

  1. 2.    WeChat

This is another great way to connect and communicate with your friends. Users of WeChat can easily text chat, share images or use voice messages to stay in touch with their friends. For those who want to create group chats, weChat will allow you to create group chats and communicate with several friends at once. WeChat has a new video call feature which will enable you make video calls directly from your cell phone. For those who need some privacy, all comments posted on your photos on WeChat can only be seen by your friends which gives you a certain degree of privacy. Join one of the most popular mobile chat application from here…

  1. 3.    Line:

Line is among the most downloaded app in the world, it has over 100 million users and this number is still growing. This mobile communication technology is powered by NAVER which is a Japanese company. With LINE, users can make free calls. You can also spice up your chats using fun stickers, some of these fun stickers are free and others are for sale on LINE store. For those who want to play games as you socialize with your friends, LINE has a wide range of games you can choose from. You can also perform group messaging with your friends. Stay connected all the time and communicate with people, who matter in your life with LINE, DOWNLOAD it from here….

  1. 4.    KiK

This mobile messenger application is being used by over 40 million people. It is simple and easy to use, you can be in position to share videos and funny pictures using Kik. This application is available on iOS, Android, Windows, OVi and Blackberry. Start communicating with your friends with this light mobile messenger. Download Kik mobile messenger for free from here…..

  1. 5.    WhatsApp

Facebook was shocked by the rapid growth of Instagram and they where forced to buy them out, now, another great threat is coming, WhatsApp has become so popular among youths all over the world, the brand name of the app associates very well with youths so they also find its easy to use its interesting communication technologies . WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app which allows its users to exchange messages for free; it is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. They use a simple and basic messaging technology which enables users to create group chats, share unlimited images, videos and audio messages. WhatsApp is Add free and users love platforms with no adds. Download WhatsApp from here…

  1. 6.    Viber

Make free calls to your friends with VIBER, it is a free text messaging application which will enable you to send free text messages , share pictures with your friends using your cell phone. Viber works on different mobile phone operating systems and these include iOS, Android, Windows, Blackbery, Nokia and Bada. For those who want to use VOIP on cell phones, Viber offers high quality VoIP calls using 3G technology. You can also be in position to create group messaging with up to 15 friends. Group messaging can help you when you need to make a decision as group. Viber is free, you can download it from here….

  1. 7.    GroupMe

Groupme is one of the best mobile messaging applications which can enable you chat with everyone around you and those far away. Just imagine having a small private chat room with your friends, you can create as many groups as you like and all this comes at no cost. Groupme can be used by students to contact an educational discussion, it can be used by employees to make group decisions, it can be used by families to stay in touch with each other in real-time. Groupme works on every device, so you can share photos, share locations, like messages, mute notifications, view galleries and so much more. Download GroupMe for free from here….

  1. 8.   RockeTalk

RockeTalk has become popular in the mobile messaging world, as of now, RockeTalk has got 84,495,660 new friendships made; members can share voice messages, pictures and video. You will also have a chance to make new friends, this makes rocketalk more than just a mobile messaging application, it creates a social environment for you. Users of rocketalk can invite new friends, create groups and join communities. For those who want to access their photos from anywhere using cell phones, you can use the free galleries section to store all your photos. Try out rocketalk for free from here…

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