The Latest Technology – 11 Mobile APPs for Business

The use of technology in business is unmeasurable, every day we find new ways of using technology to accomplish different business tasks.  Due the increased use of mobile devices and technology by consumers, many businesses are integrating mobile technology into their business activities, this latest technologyin the mobile industry can be used in so many ways, and these include; analyzing and organizing business data for quick decision making, provide mobile security to employees and business data, improve business efficiency and so much more.

Today, I want us to learn how this latest technology in the mobile industry is impacting our business environment. You will agree with me that mobile technology is one of the most essential technologies used by everyone. In 2013, we shall see new mobile technologies and enterprises popping up and promising how they can improve the mobile industry and business world, either you like it or not, almost everyone will have a mobile device by year 2040, these smart devices have become affordable and essential to our lives.

Mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets are being used to complete various tasks in our lives, for example, smartphones have simplified the way we communicate and interact at work, tablets have simplified the way we conduct various business activities, many business people prefer using a tablet to a laptop or desktop computer, simply because tablets are mobile and they can do almost anything a standard computer would do.

Due to this increased use of mobile devices, new mobile enterprises have come up to change the mobile industry.

Today on ”UseofTechnology” , I will feature the latest technology in our mobile industry and I will explain in detail how this latest technology  can be used in business. Give us your opinion using the commenting box below this article.

  1. 1.    Armor5:

When it comes to securing enterprise resources in the cloud, Armor5 is the best technology to opt for. Many business people store their business data in the cloud for easy access; however, there is no guarantee that your data is safe from online predators. Armor5 works as a cloud control for any mobile enterprise, you can securely access any cloud service on any mobile device using a virtual private network provided by Armor5, and this means, you and your employees will always have access to business data safely from any mobile device. You don’t have to worry about where your data is stored, Armor5 can help you access data safely on various cloud services like,, and so much more. So from today, you can improve the productivity of your team and employees by granting them access to sensitive business data through Armor5. Learn more about this latest technology from here…… 

  1. 2.    Domo:

Simplify the way to conduct certain business activities like sales and marketing. You will agree with me that having a great product or service will not guarantee your business’s success, you need to promote your services and products to the right market, but the biggest challenge in this is that you will have trouble monitoring the response of your promotions. As a sales or marketing executive, you need to see all numbers and metrics in real-time, this will help you make decisions on which advert works better than others and which market you should concentrate on. With Domo, you can access all AD performance metrics , track your successes and also see all your marketing data using a single dashboard. Domo can be used on all mobile devices which include; smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Get started with Domo mobile technology from here….. 

  1. 3.     Divide:

Some times it can be difficult to separate your personal lives from your work. Many employees spend useful business time engaging in personal activities like social sharing using mobile phones. This act tends to distract them from completing specific tasks at work, which can affect their career and business efficiency in general. Divide is mobile software which will help you divide your personal life from your work life on a single platform. It is a mobile enterprise workspace technology which secures corporate data and it ensures that employees have privacy while working. You don’t need to monitor each and every device at work; your IT administrator can use Divide to manage a standardized workspace across different devices. They also have a device cloud management system, which will help you manage a fleet of mobile devices across platforms. Learn more about Divide from here…

  1. 4.    MobileSpaces

As ”BYOD ”Bring Your Own Device culture is growing on so many business environments, employees need to have a secure system to provide them with privacy. Mobile Spaces comes with a new BYOD approach; they put emphasis on employee privacy. So as enterprises use MobileSpaces to mobilize their applications, control sensitive data, MobileSpaces will also make sure that employees in those enterprises have a certain degree of privacy while at work.  For Android users, you can be in position to map all applications you use for work and these will be the only apps granted access to business data and systems. So your private life will remain safe and secure. Learn more about MobileSpaces from here…

  1. 5.    Mocana

As mobile technology keeps on advancing, we need a solution to solve the biggest problem in mobile enterprise security. Mocana provides you with a smart device security platform which secures your mobile device information and applications which run on those mobile devices. Mocana solves various mobile security problems and these include; securing data, it enables BYOD in enterprises, remote access security using their virtual private network and so much more. Mocana can be use by IT professionals, employees and business managers. Learn more about MOCANA from here…..

  1. 6.    Roambi

This is another creative mobile business intelligence management application. Roambi Apps can be used on iPad and iPhone smartphones, Roambi will aggregate data from different sources and this data is organized and accessed via a single dashboard, this process will help you to analyze business data and information which accelerates the rate at which you make business decisions. You can as well try out their new product called ”FLOW”, it is an interactive e-book which you can use to share your business data, so you can easily create and publish information about your company using FLOW mobile app, this information can be shared with employees, business managers and partners or potential investors. Learn more about Roambi latest mobile technology from here….. 

  1. 7.     Moxtra

Moxtra is another new wave in mobile technology. Moxtra is a mobile content collaboration tool which will enable you collect and organize business content, you can share this data with employees or business partners in real-time. Just imagine a mobile application which works like Pinterest, Evernote and at the same time as Facebook. It is a nice mobile application for your employees; they can easily share content, communicate in real-time, share projects with voice and screen sharing. Improve your workplace experience with Moxtra mobile application; it is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Learn more about Moxtra latest mobile technology from here…..

  1. 8.    followapps

Due to the increased usage of mobile devices, many companies have resorted to mobile advertising so that they reach a wide audience. Followapps is a mobile application and service platform which will help your business measure returns on its mobile marketing campaigns. Your marketing expert will use Followapps to launch promotions, measure performance and optimize new promotions using a single mobile application. Followapps has some interesting features, for example you can use your followapps dashboard to organize and analyze data, this data can be used to make quick business decisions, and you will also have a clear eye on your competitors and also be in position to create conversations with your mobile audience which will help you know their needs and wants.

  1. 9.

If you want to gather information about your customers without them noticing, then SocailSign can be of great use to you. Just imagine going to a bar, and you start using Yelp App to write a review about that bar, the bar owner can use to tap into that information, this can help them tailor services basing on customer’s needs and wants. is a free service which provides free data access for all your mobile devices in free wifi zones. will gather business data about your visitors in a particular location using Wifi technology. It is very easy to use the App, simply join, enter your pin or sign up, then access free data. Learn more about from here…..

  1. 10.            

Apptus is a self-learning solution for small business owners. Apptus will enable you access information about new sales opportunities, so you will be in position to tailor services, products and promotion basing on what people want. Unlike most information systems wchich store information for later usage, APPTUS has developed automated solutions that aggregate content and keep that content up-to-date. As a business owner, you need to depend on this fresh content to make critical business decisions. You can also use gathered information to turn prospective buyers into real buyers, your team will get data feeds on their mobile devices with leads that are of most value. Learn more about Apptus from here…..

  1. 11.            

Sign on business documents using online digital signatures. DocuSign has changed the way we sign on business documents and agreements, it can be used on all mobile devices. You can easily sign on a business partnership document electronically using your iPad. All you have to do is type and select a signature, or you can write your own signature, this will create a certain degree of efficiency in your business. From today, you can do business from anywhere, sign or send business documents in minutes and close that business deal. Learn more about docusign from here……

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