How the Missed Call Service Could Help Connect to Customers

The missed call may not have started out as a service but many customers would have quickly realized the use of it to get in touch with somebody. When needed to alert someone, but don’t really need to say anything, a missed call can get the work done with no charge to the account.


 A missed call could mean many things from requesting the other party to call you back, to notifying your friend that you are waiting outside their home for them. After all the ingenuous uses that have been figured out by individuals, businesses have also realized how missed calls could be used to help connect in a better way with customers. It creates a mechanism for the customer to interact with the business, without needing to spend from their pocket for doing so. Here are some ways in which businesses are using missed calls:   Polling: The SMS has been a common way for viewers of reality shows to indicate their preferences, and most users do not mind spending on the one or two messages that they might send each week. The missed call polls go one step further by allowing the viewer to vote for their favorites at no charge to them, and with the convenience of just using a number rather than needing to write a sequence of letters. Other polls that help the business gather information from end users could also be conducted by this method.

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Complaint Handling: One of the biggest issues that customers have regarding customer service numbers is the long waiting time when calling a typical IVR handled complaint number. By using the missed call service for complaint handling, the customer can simply call a number and leave a missed call to enter their name in the queue. They would be called back in the same order, leading to no on-hold time and a lot of time saved for the customer.


 Feedback for new services: This service can also be used for getting feedback from customers of web businesses, by displaying the feedback options as numbers on their order completion pages. The customer has to simply give a missed call based on the relevant option, and the company may use the missed call feedback for further analysis.   Interactive services: Customers can now enjoy even interactive services by using a missed call, and one of the most popular examples in a country that loves the game is to receive cricket scores on their mobile. Some other services that could be implemented using a missed call include receiving daily astrological forecasts or getting your prepaid phone balances.   The missed call has become an inseparable part of lives, and it can be seen from the above options that not just individuals but also business can use them in many ways. It works to the benefit of both customers and businesses by lowering the cost for the customer and improved customer interactions yielding profitability to businesses. The article has been written by experts at Openhouse-Imimobile.

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