Latest Cool Gadgets for Home and Partying

Smart home technology is getting attention from all types of consumers and at large. Tech giants and startups are willing to take benefit by making cool gadgets for home. There are a lot of smart products and IoTs out there, but we thought we would choose something different. So today’s listing of the connected device is all about home partying! Yah!

You know what I love about smart connected devices… everything is just a button-press away! You will see. So okay you can turn on lights with a finger’s snap, get notifications from your refrigerator, and then there are security cameras… boring. There should be smart gadgets for home partying too. I mean where is smart home technology at when you can’t do cooking and stuff in a smarter, quicker way.

Heads up! The subtitles are linked to the stores where you can buy these items. So without any further delay, here is the list of latest cool gadgets for home.

Anova Precision Cooker 

Anova Precision Cooker

Warning: This cooking method is slow!

The name precisely indicates the function of Anova Precision cooker. How to get precision from a smart home technology? Well, when you use plastic bags to vacuum-seal a cooking item and give it hot water treatment instead of the typical cooking methods the results are… delicious! The problem is that doing it manually never gives the precise taste and it is hard to tell when your food is ready.

This is exactly what Anova Precision Cooker does for you. You just put in your meal as per the described method and the smart home gadget will tell you when it is ready (tasty + stomach-savvy). It comes with a smart app to give you food-is-ready alerts along with best recipes for this type cooking.

The simplicity of Usage: “Attach the cooker to any pot, add water, drop in your ingredients in a sealed bag or glass jar. Then your food is just one “Start” button press away.”

Varieties: Upgraded Anova varieties included a Bluetooth ($149) and a Wi-Fi ($199) model. The later also monitors the cooking even if you are outside your home.


[amazon box=”B00UKPBXM4″]

Anova Precision Cooker: Features

  • Sous Vide Cooking Automation without having to check progress, guaranteed results.
  • Protects the food from over or undercooking
  • Heated water circulation
  • Anova can cook meats, fish, and vegetables to soups, and desserts and almost everything you can cook in a microwave oven.
  • Simple interface, App alerts, manual temperature setting
  • Bluetooth model allows remote access (start, stop, monitoring) away from the kitchen

iDevices iGrill Mini 

iDevices iGrill Mini

This is your perfect remedy for Thanksgiving turkey disasters. Say hello to iGrill Mini, a smart home technology that tells you that your Thanksgiving turkey is really ready. This is one of those cool gadgets for home that come with an app so you don’t even have to put yourself on standby mode next to your oven. No more sticking thermometers in and out to see if the turkey has really been cooked to 165-degree Fahrenheit.

If you are still confused, iGrill Mini is a Bluetooth-connected probe that does the thermometer job automatically while the cooking is in progress inside the oven. And hey, it is not just for turkey (although it is a major item), it can alert you about all sorts of recommended temperatures for different types of meat. Don’t worry, the smart device won’t get burnt, it can withstand all that heat.

[amazon box=”B00NC4KU42″]

iDevices iGrill Mini: Features

  • Withstands temperatures between -22° F (-30°C) to 572° F (300°C)
  • Variable levels of doneness (rare, medium rare etc)
  • Temperature LED indicator with proximity wake-up shows the progression from start to done without lifting the lid on your grill or smoker
  • 150-ft range via BT, 150 hours of battery life
  • Magnetic Mounting



Do you love brewing? Then why stick to old manual methods when you can craft with PicoBrew’s smart home technology. The difference is visible in resulting beer. The manual method is never predictable and takes the toll on the aroma and taste of the beer, but with PicoBrew beer-maker, your fine glass of beer is just the press of a button away!

I know I repeated that line again, now you see? This has been one of the most demanded KickStarter projects and that’s because it’s very easy to use. Just insert packets of hops, yeast, and grain, and press the… oh. So yea, that’s it. Check out the features!

[amazon box=”B075CF1D72″]

PicoBrew Smart Beer-Maker: Features

  • IPAs from over 50 breweries, easy replication of the flavors
  • High-Quality beer with every brewing
  • 100+ PicoPaks for different beer crafting styles
  • Follow other brewers or make your own personalized IPA



Cooking, Check! Grill, Check! Beer, Check! See we have all the party items but I feel like I am missing someth… of course!

Counting the list of cool gadgets for home, how can we skip BBQ. People, the key here is consistency. All the BBQ items depend on it and that’s why you have to get the Char-Broil BBQ-maker. You can’t keep sharp eye on non-smart smokers for temperature and even if you use the thermometer, it will still be the same iGrill case.

Char-Broil rescues you via its smartphone app that takes the temperature of the meat and the smoker at the same time, telling you when your BBQ is ready. The information is updated on your phone in real time alongside estimated cook time and alerts when the meat is thoroughly cooked. This saves you both time and effort.]

[amazon box=”B00365FIAS”]

Char-Broil Smart BBQ-Maker: Features

  • Wi-Fi connected smart BBQ-maker
  • Monitors internal meat temperature, smoker temperature in real-time
  • Comes with a SmartChef app with many BBQ recipes
  • Smart notifications and alerts for preheating and cooking completion.
  • External smoker box for wood chips if you wish to give it smoked flavor




Next on the list of cool gadgets for home is a robotic bartender. Smart home technology allowed you to make beer, why not make cocktails too?

Somabar is a smart bartending device with over 300 preprogrammed cocktail recipes. The cocktail making process is concealed inside the box, it would have been way cooler if it was something close to the robotic bartender from The Passenger’s Movie. (##Get pick). The usage is really easy, you fill the washable pods with favorite liquors and mixers so the smart machine can make triple or nightcap cocktail at the touch of… a button! You can’t stop me [smirkface*].


Keep in mind this one is still hot on the list so if you really want it, preorder now before it is available on other online stores because the prices will also hike.

Somabar Cocktail Maker: Features

  • Over 300 cocktail recipes
  • Washable-pods, Bluetooth alerts via smart app
  • Customizable user-generated drinks
  • Fits in all standard kitchens
  • Can infuse bitter into every drink

Bonaverde Berlin Bonaverde Berlin

This all-in-one smart gadget roasts grinds, and brews a fresh pot of coffee, every time! It also comes with a smart app for general operating and the alerts when your coffee is ready. There isn’t really much to talk about it, it’s a smart coffee making machine (with one push button blah blah) all the coffee lover would want. Period.

[amazon box=”B07577P9P5″]

Bonaverde Berlin Coffee Maker: Features

  • Customizable: Roast and darken your coffee however you want
  • Save settings for different types of beans
  • Pre-measured packets of beans (orderable directly from the company)
  • Removable water tank, detachable roasting chamber
  • LED light indicators, Optimized heating
  • Smoke filter, Chaff section

Drop Kitchen App

Drop Kitchen

Yea, I know it not a smart home gadget so shut up dude and answer me this… Are you a home baker?

If yes, then include this bonus item on your list of cool gadgets for home partying. It has all sorts of recipes, guides, and how to dos. My point here is that when everything around your kitchen is smart, the fun can get lost with so much automation so it is better to have a backup. People also do cooking for fun you know and you should try it too. Drop Kitchen is mostly for moms, but everyone can have fun with it because the recipes are well-presented with interactive stepwise lessons. Hopefully, you got the point, check out the features.

[amazon box=”B00TTY34KG”]

Drop Kitchen Recipe App and Device Scale: Features

  • Scale for mounting touchscreen devices
  • Auto progress and wireless button mean no need to touch the iPad with dirty fingers
  • The App is available for both iOS and Android devices
  • Detailed, step-by-step recipe guide about the addition of ingredients
  • Ingredient Substitutions


With this wonder list of smart home technology items, all your party recipes are just at a button’s press away. Today’s chapter proved that cool gadgets for the home are more versatile and fun than just boring switches, security cameras, and things that only your parents would want.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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