Keylogger For Business Needs – A Good Idea?

Did you know that the lion’s share of employees apply to other jobs from the computer your business provided them with? Don’t get this wrong, a person has the right to switch gobs, yet the process has to flow in the atmosphere of respect. They are, after all, screaming the loudest about their rights, trust and loyalty while watching funny videos on YouTube at the same time during their working hours and then they decide to quit out of random and without notice.

How can a man manage a business in such an environment? With help from apps like refog keylogger, of coerce!

Keylogger Ethics

Is it OK to spy on your employees? Well, yeah, it is as long as you aren’t actually spying on them.  Keylogger apps should be installed after a warning and a notice to ensure everyone knows about changes in their working environment.

Keep in mind though that people can’t be 100% productive all the time. Recent research, by the way, is showing that our brains are only active for 4 to 5 hours a day.  This means that funny cat videos won’t go away as people still need a break. You will, however, be informed about the situation and true management will finally be in your grasp.

What about the trust issues? There shouldn’t be any as you have full right to monitor performance of your team the way you see fit. If people ar doing their job in a satisfying way – why should they even care about a keylogger?

Productivity vs Idleness

If you see the reports of productivity going down you have full right to be concerned as a business owner. The most obvious solution here would be to find all the bottlenecks. There are always several guys in every organization who are holding off the rest of their teams back because of constantly missed deadlines and long strolls for coffee. 

A key logger will help you get rid of this broken link in the chain of overall success through teamwork in a way that won’t harm an innocent worker and/or manager.

  Basic Features

Most keylogger apps out there, both free and premium usually support this basic set of features:

  • Keystroke recording – all data inputs are captured for further analysis.
  • Online history logs – visited websites and history is traceable.
  • Screenshot history – allows seeing what’s happening on a person’s work desk.
  • Password protection and recovery – this is simply a handy feature.
  • File and app tracking + monitoring – ensures only allowed elements are stored, uploaded or copied from a PC.
  • IM Monitoring – tracking and analysis of instant messages through, say, Facebook of Skype.

By Karehka Ramey

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