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Internet of Things Responsible for October 20 Internet Attack

On October 20th an attack on the entire internet caused a worldwide shutdown of a huge portion of the web, which is now said to have been aided by Internet of Things (IoTs). Major websites including Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify and the UK government website dropped offline during the cyber attack.

A cyber attack, not yet claimed by any hacker group, caused a global internet meltdown on October 20, 2016. Now researchers are saying that Internet of Things are serving as an effective tool for cyber attackers to breach into systems of high-level organizations and private companies.


Series of cleverly-crafted hacks on DNS systems were targeted at Dyn, a DNS-management service that hubs some of the largest and the most secure websites on the internet including Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify. This also affected web browsers in the US and in several European countries.

Dyn said that the cyber attack was a DDOS type (distributed denial of service), which is accomplished by sending a flood of requests by a large number external systems/devices. As a result, the system is overloaded and eventually goes offline. But how Internet of Things are involved here?

Attackers continue to remain unknown but several security companies believe that “Mirae botnet” is the main culprit, which rides on insecure Internet of Things. Previously, a website was taken offline in a similar cyber attack that sent 620GBs of traffic via IoTs, rendering the website incapable of functioning.

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