Infographic: How To Use Most Smartphones.

Through a study made by those from LG on the U.S. market, some interesting conclusions regarding the use of smartphones were drawn.

How Smartphones Are Used

In theory, some smartphones are becoming smarter, capable of a more interesting and useful mixture. In practice, actual scenarios that most smartphones are used are far less than it could be.

To understand a little better how people use their smartphones, people at LG have done a study. Following a questionnaire completed by 1,152 Americans aged from 18 years, the findings were integrated into an infographic with interesting results. Although all the numerical values above deserve to be seen, however I would like to draw attention to some who have scored 48% of those surveyed that used the phone while they were at church and 77% used it while they were in bed with someone else. Regarding functionality, 41% resorted searching for information on the phone not to embarrass themselves in a conversation and 36% have used the camera on their phone to make a self-picture. Funniest I found is that 35% have used their phone to avoid talking to someone, and 33% used the phone when they were alone in a bar or restaurant to pretend to have work.

Infographic Of Smartphone Use

“Smartphones have quickly become modern-specific tools which most of us can not live without. With significant advances in mobile technology in recent years, smartphones have exceeded its original purpose tool for communication, to become true partners in life in any scenario, from social situations to personal moments”. James Fishler – Marketing Vice President at LG U.S. tried to offer a personal interpretation of the values obtained in this study.

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