Impact of Technology on Our Lives – 6 Technologies for Your Life

The impact of technology on our lives is unlimited, technology is designed to improve our lives and simplify the way we do things. As technology keeps on advancing, more entrepreneurs are investing large sums of money in tech startups; our demand for technology is increasing day by day. Silicon Valley and New York are now being populated by mushrooming tech startups, most of these tech companies are relevant, in that they solve our real-life problems, while others are just a waste of time. Many of these tech startups are designed to solve simple human problems like finding a date, finding an apartment to rent, discovering new deals and friends near you.  So below I have credited some of the best 7 technologies and tech startups which I think can change the way you do some things and they can as well improve your life to a certain extent.

  1. 1.    Lockitron

This Smartphone application will enable you lock or unlock your door from anywhere using your mobile phone. It is an amazing technology.


You know that moment when you have to rush to keep time with a business partner or friend, suddenly you reach in the middle of the journey and you remember that you left your door unlocked, the traffic is tight so you can’t make a u-turn that easily and the other person is waiting for you. That moment can be frustrating, so this is when this Lockitron technology comes in to make your life easier. You will technically be in position to check if your door is locked or not via your iPhone, if not, you can lock it remotely with your iPhone.

So from today, you can lock your door from anywhere in the world.

Learn more here:


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  1. 2.   Lyft

Have you ever imagined of sharing a ride with your friends or other people traveling to the same direction or place, then this mobile App will make that simple, the application works on both iPhone and Android supported phones. It is an inexpensive on-demand ride-sharing services.


Many times car owners spend less time using their cars, they park them and go to work, so this service helps the car owner to make some extra cash with their cars instead of parking them, then it also helps passengers because it is cheap than most Cabs.

When it comes to safety, all drivers and their cars are screened and evaluated. All cars will be covered under a $1m excess liability insurance policy, so as a car owner, your car will be safe.

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  1. 3.    Electric Imp

This is a home automation system. It will let you do things automatically using the power of the internet, their goal is to bring Wifi to everything in our lives. This technology will bring internet life to your devices, and this will empower all your connected devices with intelligence, customization and convenience.


Electric Imp will save you time and help you do more with less. It builds a bridge from your device to your services and apps, so instead of wasting time, you can easily control any device in your home using the internet.

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  1. 4.    Ridejoy

Just like its name ”Ridejoy” , it is a marketplace for long-distance ride sharing. You can easily share rides with friendly people using Ridejoy. Now they have introduced a new iPhone App which can enable you share rides on the go. Many people are using Ridejoy to find rides between 3,952 cities, just go to their website and find a ride match.


Have you ever planned a journey to either visit a long time friend or visit your dream place, but get stuck by transportation, many times the places you would like to go have no organized means of transport. So with this technology, you can easily find a person heading your way and share a ride with them, you can even share ride and trip expenses. Then for those who want to make some extra cash while traveling, you can use the same application to offer rides to people going your way.

Learn more here:

  1. 5.     MoviePass

If you like movies as i do, then you will fall in love with this mobile application. MoviePass is more of a Netflix of movies which are playing in theaters now. You don’t have to go through the trouble of lining up for tickets to watch new movies in theater, all you have to do is to pay a small monthly fee of $30 and get access to unlimited movies in theaters Nationwide. You will also get advanced screenings, special events and more exclusive offers.


Entertainment is part of life, but we have to get it at an affordable price. Moviepass will save you the $8 you would pay per new movie in theater. Imagine if you watch 20 movies in a month, that would be $160.

Try out MoviePass here:

  1. 6.    Amiigo

When it comes to tracking your fitness and health status, this Amiigo device will be of great use. If you exercise on a daily basis, it is better to know the impact of each exercise you do to your health. It does not matter if your running, swimming, weight lifting, boxing etc , this Amiigo device will help you see reps, heart-rate, intensity and so much more.


Many times people over exercise or under exercise their bodies which results into health problems. Amiigo is a wrist bracelet which you can wear on your hands or legs as you exercise. Monitor your performance and keep your body in shape and maintain a good health.  The device has a brilliant design , it is composed of thermoplastic elastomers and stainless steel, the wristband and shoe clip are comfortable, durable and 100% waterproof.


7. Space Monkey

Think of securing your files and store them in a place where no one will get access to them, then this Space Monkey technology will help you do that. Space Monkey is an affordable cloud storage device which brings cloud storage services in your home or office. So you can have all your content in one place without any restriction or server overloads.


Data is very important to every one, be it personal data or business data, it has to be secure, but you must also be in position to access it anytime. Space Monkey will change how you store data, its an affordable cloud storage device which will save and secure all your data , you can store, share and access all your digital content , photos, videos, documents and music online. Forget those remote cloud storage companies.

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