How to Make DIY 3D Hologram Using Your Smartphone

3D Holograms are insanely cool and with technologies like Google HoloLens and Magic Leap, soon we will witness virtual objects peeking out of our imagination. However, there hasn’t been a truly marketable 3D hologram product till date and you know what… you don’t have to wait for it because I am going to teach you how to experience holograms firsthand using nothing but your smartphone.

DIY 3D Hologram Smartphone

This is really really simple than it seems. You are going to be bamboozled at its simplicity. So here’s what you need to make this do it yourself (DIY) 3D hologram smartphone.

  • Graphic Paper
  • CD Case
  • Tape or Super Glue
  • Pen
  • Pair of scissors
  • Smartphone
  • Knife or Glass cutter

Now follow these steps.

  1. Taking the Measurements

DIY Hologram smartphone

Draw the dimension (shown in the photo above) on the Graphic Paper with the pen and make sure you do it with great precision because it is going to affect the final shape your DIY hologram. You can increase the dimensions, but on the first try, it is better if you begin with these exact dimensions to increase your chances of success.

  1. Cut the CD Case

DIY Hologram cutting the glass

Take the CD case, clean its edges by breaking it off with your fingers because what you actually need is a flat glass to make the effect more realistic. After all the edges have been extracted, cut the shape out of the graph paper (using the pair of scissors) that you just draw and place it on the corner of the CD case.

Now using the pen, draw on the edges/sides of the paper in a way that the pen marks the boundary of the paper onto the CD case. Be careful while doing this so you can get an exact frame on the CD case. Using a knife or glass cutter, cut the frame out of the CD case without breaking it or making the edges rough. So the cutter you are using must be very sharp.

Also try not to scratch the case because clearer, the 3d hologram will appear better on your smartphone. Once you have cut the first shape out of the case, you can use it to cut three more using the first prototype. You would need a total four.

  1. Join the Pieces

3d hologram cd case pieces

The pieces cut out of the CD case are to be put together like shown in the above image. You can use glue, but it would stain the transparency of the material and ruin your 3D hologram. So use tape, and yes it would also block the view, but since it is your first try, you shouldn’t worry about it. Once the pieces fit together perfectly you can remove the tape and fix them together with a better adhesive.

  1. Play these 3D Hologram Videos

DIY hologram smartphone

Search keywords like “hologram specific video” on the YouTube and you will get several 3D hologram videos that you need for this project. Now place the box skewed transparent box on your phone screen and play any of those videos.

3D hologram smartphone

That’s it. You have got your own 3D hologram right on your smartphone. Keep in touch for more DIYs.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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