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Google Wallpaper app is becoming a Huge Hit

For a tech giant like Google, invested in Moonshot projects like driverless car, virtual reality and what not; creating a Wallpaper applications seems a really childish endeavor. But that’s exactly what everybody loves about it and that’s why Google Wallpaper app is becoming a huge hit on Google Play.

Google Wallpaper app currently has 1000-5000 installs on Google Play, but the number of positive reviews and ratings are proportionally very high. After all, it is what’s on the screen of your smartphone that makes its design and beauty complete.


If you want to give your android smartphone a facelift, Google Wallpaper app is the way to go. It includes beautiful landscape, architectural, and satellite photographs apart from a wide array of abstract textures. The Google Earth satellite images are the ones which were used for promotion of Pixel phones.

Some cool features include automatically changing wallpaper on the daily basis and separate wallpapers for lock screen and home screen, but the later feature requires the latest android 7.0 Nougat or above. Google Wallpaper app requires android 4.1 and up and just costs 2.3 megabytes on your smartphone. With the rating of 4.7 from nearly 4K reviewers in an app with less than 5k installs speak of awesomeness.


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