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Google Tilt Brush Now Let’s You Paint with Friends

Your favorite virtual reality painting app by Google, Tilt Brush has just received the coolest update yet: being able to paint in the virtual room with your friends and other users of the VR simulator. The platform continues to enhance its creative appeal.

Google’s Tilt Brush is really magic in your hands. It is the best VR painting simulator and most creative application on the VR market. Now with the latest update, you can do even more with the help of your friends and creative people who wish to tag along with you.


Tilt Brush users can not only paint together in real time but also share their creative pieces with others who can walk through the 3D curves like it is in their personal space. Unfortunately, Tilt Brush is currently available only for HTC Vive, it will roll out for Oculus as soon as the VR headset maker brings its controllers into the stores, currently in the process of development.

What’s the best thing about VR painting? You don’t even have to be in the same room, same city, or even the same country. Yet the 3D canvas is there for you to sketch up anything you want with an additional hand. Google Tilt brush VR is so far the best virtual reality app we have ever seen.

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