Google Plans to Dominate!

Google Introduces New Range of Electronics to Dominate the Internet

Google has unveiled cool new electronic products including smartphones, Chromecast devices and a laptop-convertible tablet. The latest range of wider Google offers come out in a time when the search engine enterprise completed its reorganization into the new holding company, Alphabet Inc, shifting up Larry Page’s CEO-ship to parental company.

Touchscreen screen devices, movies, music you name it, Google wants to have it all. On Tuesday that passed, the 29th of September, the big ‘G’ rolled out exciting new electronics to expand its areas of influence in the global market, and this time it’s more physical. According to the new CEO, Sunda Pichai, the latest venture aims to expand the variety so more consumers can get closer to the loop.

The latest Google electronic gadgets include the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones made by LG and Huawei respectively. Moreover, two new Chromecast streaming devices are also on the loose while exclusive Pixel C tablet, which is somewhat a convertible laptop, was also a major attraction to the spectators. Although, these products have much more to offer to the buyers, the ultimate goal is clearly driving all the traffic towards Google’s core services.

Google’s core services like the search engine, YouTube and maps alone generate over $65 billion worth of annual revenue. Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Chromecast, and Pixel C along with already successful items like Chromebooks have been designed to facilitate and encourage the use of these top selling services, which will further boost the financial stature of the world’s most powerful internet company. Google’s transformation into Alphabet is really paying off.

It is not a big secret, but Android continues to be Google fiercest weapon which now powers more than 80% of the mobile phones around the globe. So much so that leading smartphones companies like Samsung, Sony, Motorola and many other use Android on as their wavefront interface. Other mobile platforms are nowhere near sufficient, as Apple’s iOS is getting cornered for its non-sharing policies. While Windows Mobiles might not make it to the final rounds, even though just like Google, Microsoft offers it for free to mobile phone and tablet developers.

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The reason behind Android’s success is its flexibility, which together with the fact that it is based on Linux, the touchscreen device developers can easily alter the software according to their needs. Nonetheless, their efforts indirectly promote Android and Google services as a consequence, but as the famous search engine takes things into its own hands, with products that specifically target Google’s interests, the future of internet could become one man show.

It is noteworthy, that the latest series of events taking place at Mountain View (Google’s headquarters) sparked up with the rise of Alphabet on October 2nd, which is the new face of Google and the search engine’s name will no longer carry the authority to plug into new ventures. The newly born Alphabet is headed by Larry Page as CEO, who handed over his former position in the subsidiary company to Sunda Pichai.

Google’s latest release of electronics range is a glimpse at how the internet company is going to expand and diversify under Alphabet’s flagship. Not far off in the future horizon, we are looking for Google to emerge from the matrix of the internet into the world of reality.


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