Firefox User, How Safe is Your Software From Malicious attack?

Many of us use the Internet for considerable periods each day. But the longer you spend online, the greater your exposure to threats. One particular malware targets Firefox.

According to the manufacturers, Mozilla, upwards of half a billion users use their Firefox browser to access the Internet. But one issue with utilizing such a popular web portal is that malware has been designed particularly to attack it.

Effects of Firefox Redirect

 The malware in question’s chief act of mischief is to redirect your requests for web pages to locations you never intended to visit. The malware will seriously compromise your browser, fiddling with settings and producing unwanted search results.

An example of this would be if you were to use Google to look for information about Smartphone Apps. Instead of retrieving data on this subject you’ll land on a page cluttered with annoying pop-up adverts.

How does the malware work?

This type of virus will go for your computer’s Domain Name System (DNS) – the directory of domain names that are translated into IP addresses – reconfiguring the settings to skew search results and load them with malicious website. The virus will do so much more damage than this annoying feature as it attempts to infect your system with even more malware.

Because the virus is controlling the site that are sought when your legitimate searches are manipulated via the warped DNS settings, it will heighten the popularity of these websites. It will also force you to land on sites riddled with Trojan horses or logic bombs.

Sources of infection

It can never be overstressed, but one of the commonest ways to contract the Firefox Redirect Virus is by dodgy downloading. It may seem like a cool idea to surf into a site offering cheap or free versions of software, or borrowing DVDs currently doing the rounds that a friend picked up from a friend in the pub. But pirated software is illegal for a very good reason: a host of potentially nasty viruses latch onto these cheap programs.

Sometimes the motive for these attacks is simply malicious, as if this isn’t bad enough. But viruses are often used by cyber criminals, where something like Firefox Redirect will be bundled with other malware warning you that you have been using your computer illegally and must comply with instructions – usually to transfer money.


Malicious emails can also introduce Firefox Redirect into your computer. Within the message there may be links to infected sites. The end result is the same – your DNS becomes compromised, your home page unrecognizable and pop-ups will clog your browser.


 There are several golden rules when it comes to preventing infection from this virus. As pirated software is so often the point of contamination, don’t download any software that isn’t bona fide official and reliable. For example, for every serious dating site there are many others where danger awaits the unsuspecting visitor. The same can be said about free applications commonly distributed with computer games, or screensavers.

An excellent counter to Firefox Redirect is to install antispyware applications, ensuring that these security shields are updated with patches whenever you are prompted to do so. The majority of these apps will readily recognize common viruses such as Firefox Redirect – but it is important to make sure that you are using the most up-to-date version of whichever antispyware app, containing the latest signature files, as without these your system will still remain impotent to threats.

It pays to monitor websites that are using the Internet with integrity, drawing business clients together. Seek out the best affiliate network to avoid disappointment.


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