New Technology For Finding Lost Keys or Phone

I guess each of us has gone through this trouble of losing car keys, door keys or iphone. I tell you, their is nothing as difficult as tracing lost car keys or phone, you can not dial or beep them, so technically it is so difficult to trace lost keys. But with the help of technology, now you can easily locate a lost keys or iphone. Below i have compiled some best 5 technologies which will help you find your lost keys or iphone. This technology will technically save you time and money, so you better try it out.

  1. 1.     iMpulse

You can easily use the iMpulse technology to find lost keys. It is a small device which you can attach on your keychain. The device will connect with your Smartphone to find your keys. It is basically designed for your keychain, so it will always be with you. To save money, put all your keys on the same keychain then attach this iMpulse on the chain.

  1. 2.    Hone for iPhone 4s:

You don’t have to lose your keys again; this simple lost key finder technology was developed by Geoffrey Litwack from Los Angeles, CA.  The device is very easy to use, simply attach Hone on your keychain , then download and launch the Hone iPhone application. After downloading the application on your iPhone, the device will pair with your iPhone automatically. So when you lose your keys, simply tap the ”Find Button ” on the App on your iPhone, once a key is located, a noise will be made, simply walk around the room with this Hone app activated, then you will find your keys. Hone has a sensor which alerts you when you get closer to the key.

Learn more about HONE Here:

  1. 3.    LAST ALERT

You don’t have to be worried about losing your iPhone, you can easily find your iPhone / iPod even when it’s dead. LAST ALERT is an iOS app which will help you find your lost ipad or Iphone. So how does it work? Simply install LAST ALERT on a 2nd iOS device , then use the app’s built-in compass to locate your lost iPhone or iPod, it also has a sonar-style ”ping” which increases as you get closer to your lost iPhone or iPad. The device can only work when you have misplaced your iphone or ipad from home or office. If your iPhone has been stolen, you might not locate it with this device.

Learn more here:

  1. 4.   Bungee

Bungee technology will enable various people to anonymously  tag what they own, then link it to their cell phones. For example , when you lose your key, the keys will be found by a strager , the stranger will read Bungee Tag which is attached on your key and sends text message, you will recieve text or email and communicate with the finder to arrange a sale return. It does not matter what you tag, it can be a phone, laptop, keys, and so much more.

Learn more about bungeetags here:

  1. 5.    Wallet TrackR

Many times we lose our wallets and we tend to keep important documents like driver’s license, ID’s , business cards , Smart money Cards in wallets. So it is better to use this Wallet TrackR to locate your lost wallet. This is a mobile phone application which works on smart phones. It fits well in your wallet just like a business card, put the Wallet trackR card in your wallet, then connect it to your Smartphone. When you lose your wallet, the Wallet TrackR app will alert you and it will take a GPS snapshot of where your wallet is left. Since the device works with your wallet and phone, it will also beep when you forget your phone. So either way, both your phone and wallet will be safe. This wallet trackR can connect with your phone from as far as 100 feet.

Download Wallet TrackR here:

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