Find Your Lost Android or iOS Device Super Easily Using Google

Losing your smartphone can seem like a devastating thing. Unfortunately, it’s not very rare. Around 2.1 million phones are stolen every year in the US alone. It isn’t any wonder then that we feel such a close connection to our phones and dread to think it’s stolen or lost. However, you can locate your phone and often either get it back or at least ensure the thieves don’t get hold of your sensitive information by locking the phone remotely.

So, whether you have an Android or an iOS phone, here is a super simple and easy to way to locate it just by using Google.


What do you need to find your lost Android or iOS phone?

For the trick to work, you essentially only need four things. First, you need to have a Google Account and you should have Google app installed on your phone. The app should also have access to your location, preferably with the highest accuracy setting.

You then need to have access to the Internet, both on the phone and in the third thing you need: another computer or a phone. Without the Internet, the trick won’t actually work. Finally, you just need to be there to take care of the rest – or to delegate the task to your friends, if you are too devastated about losing the phone.


How to find lost phone using Google?

When you notice your phone missing, you need to quickly find a computer or another such device to use and head down to Google. In the search bar, type ‘I lost my phone’.

Yes, it’s that simple. You have to use the single sentence to start tracking your phone. No Google will then ask you to sign up to your Google account. Please remember that this has to be the same account you are using on the phone and with the app! So, if you have multiple Google accounts, the one that’ll work is the one you use on your phone.

When you sign in, Google will start to track your phone to find its current location. This can take a while so be patient. Once Google is able to locate the phone, it will show it as accurately as possible in Google Maps.


What should you do once you locate your phone?

You are now able to go hunting for the phone or let the authorities know in case it was stolen. Just remember you shouldn’t attempt to recover your phone without the police in case it was stolen. Safety above everything else!

But the technique actually allows you plenty of other options too. Before you do anything else you might want to do check out the option and pick the one most suitable for your specific situation.

The first thing you might want to do is to lock the phone. Stolen or not, it can be a good idea to ensure no one gets to use the phone without your permission and therefore, be able to find sensitive information. If you choose the lock option, you will be able to change the password and prevent anyone from accessing information.

You can also erase the phone’s memory. If you are certain the phone is stolen, then erasing is a great option. Just remember that erasing will destroy all the files on the phone. If you haven’t backed up your phone before, you definitely should start doing so regularly.

Finally, you are also able to ring the phone. Ringing can in some instances scare the thief and if you are lost, someone might pick up the phone and ensure it’s safely returned to you. If you’ve misplaced the phone near your location, the ring option can also help you locate it. The option will make the phone ring at full volume for five minutes but you can cancel it with the power button.


What other alternatives do you have?

Of course, using Google is not the only option you have for tracking a lost phone. The above method is simple but if you don’t have a Google account and you’re not interested in creating one, you can do other things. There are devices such as TrackR and Tile, which can help you locate your phone and even things like keys. You can find both of these handy gadgets on sale at, it has various leading technology retailers to explore from.

Then there are other alternative apps as well, which can remotely not just locate your Android or iOS device, but also erase and lock it. Some apps come with a feature that can take photos remotely as well, which can prove handy in case you need to go to court over who stole your phone. For Android, check out Android Device Manager and Cerberus. If you have an iOS device, you could check out apps like Find My iPhone and Prey.

However, if you do use Google and you’re looking for a super simple solution, take note of the above tips.

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