Educational Blogs – 10 Best Educational Blogs You Must Read

Many people are making a living publishing educational material online, these bloggers are inspired by various educational factors and they do extensive research on topics which might be helpful to both students and teachers. Blogging is more of a passion than a profession; you must have knowledge on what you’re writing about. Most of these educational blogs have basic educational knowledge and some go an extra mile and cover educational topics which can be used in the classroom for learning or reference purposes.

On this list i have compiled the best educational blogs you can follow; most of them are written by teachers, business people and students.

  1. 1.     Cathy Nelson’s Professional Thoughts:

Cathy’s blog is designed to offer creative tips on how to integrate technology in the classroom and libraries. Content published on her blog is driven by her own experience and interest in educational technology. Cathy’s blogs was voted as the best blog of 2012 by Educational Community and it has been nominated many times for the ”Edublog Awards. Visit this blog here

  1. 2.    Principals Page

This educational blog is centered on school administration which is a very rare topic to blog about, it is created by Michael Smiths. His work has been featured on many top blogs and the blog is listed on

Top Categories of this blog include; Administrators, Education Salaries, HomeSchooling, Presentations, Parents , Graduation, Coaches and so much more.  It is a cool blog for teachers, parents and school administrators, visit blog here ….

  1. 3.     Teaching Blog Addict

If you want to discover unique teaching ideas on instant, then follow this blog. This blog is basically dedicated to educators; it has a list of some top educational resources which every teacher might find useful. The blog also covers educational topics which cover topics like ”Technology, Science, Social Studies, Art, Assessment, Writing and so much more. Visit Teaching Blog Addict…Here…

  1. 4.     The Organized Classroom Blog

Just like its name, it is a teachers blog which centers on helping teachers make their classrooms efficient and functional. The Organized Classroom blog has content which covers teaching tips, tricks and methods of making a classroom a more enjoyable place. Teachers you can visit The Organized Classroom Blog here..

  1. 5.     Omniac Education

The Omniac Educational blog is for high school students who want to go to university. The blog covers topics which help students learn how to improve their grades and they also cover general educational content. Students can use the Academic Tutoring section to get educational content which can help them succeed. Omniac Education specializes in providing answers to student’s questions, they promote organized plans and critical thinking to enable students solve problems without a tutor.

Students, this is a great blog for you, try it today here 

  1. 6.     Study Hacks

This blog centers on teaching students and teachers on how to become successful in life. It is published by a senior computer scientist who is interested in why some people are successful while others are failures. Topics covered on this blog will help you expand your knowledge about career building and success. Top blog categories include; becoming a Superstar, The Advice in Action, Patterns of Success for Students, Fighting Procrastination, Life after College and so much more. You can visit Study Hacks and learn more …here

  1. 7.    Teen College Education

This blog centers on providing basic tips to students. Content is published by students and experinced educators. Top categories include College Experts, High School , College Secrets and Tips , College Matcher, Tests, After Graduation. Topics published will teach students learn how to survive while on a college budget. Visit Teen College Education blog here 

  1. 8.    University of Venus:


This blog is published by, it is written by experienced educators, topics cover almost anything in education, they cover hot topics on educational technology, education philosophy, social media, and career advice. Students can even use a Job Search toolbar to search for jobs related to their academic qualification. features more educational blogs which include, College Ready Writing , GradHacker, Mama Phd, University Diaries, Hack (Higher) Education and so much more. Visit University of Venus blog here ...



This is a general educational blog which covers topics on different educational subjects. The blog is published by Jeff Utecht who is an Educator, Consultant and Author. He covers topics on educational technology, social media in education, integration of technology in schools, and so much more. Learn more about THE THINKING STICK…here

  1. 10.                        THE RAPID LEARNING BLOG:


This blog is centered on e-learning, it teaches you how to become a rapid learner. The blog covers topics on Instructional Design , Managing E-learning projects , PowerPoint for E-learning, Visual and Graphic Design , Audio and Video tips , Building Scenarios for E-learning and so much more. Try out THE RAPID LEARNING BLOG here..

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