A good backup system is extremely crucial but what if a free backup solution is even better? With EaseUS Todo Backup Free it makes for a very easy step-by-step guide and in just a few clicks, it will get the job done for you.

easeus todo

This free backup software is very popular with more than 6 million people currently using it. It provides for a very safe backup and recovery solution that can also be used for your disk clone and disaster recovery.

If you are not sure on how to clone a hard drive, then let this free backup software takes care for you. Like any good backup tool, it will back up your entire system’s current state, files, folders, settings and everything else you want it to do. It is in fact extremely easy as the wizard will ensure that you are able to fully capitalize on all of its features and functions.

It is extremely easy to get started with this free backup solution. All you need to do is to download, install and proceed with launching the software. Then on the main window, it will list out all of the features as below:

  • Disk/Partition Backup
  • File Backup
  • System Backup
  • Smart Backup
  • Clone
  • Browse to Recover
  • Logs
  • Tools

With the Disk/Partition Backup, it allows you to back up entire disks, partitions or GPT disks with full backup, incremental backup, differential backup and schedule backup.

As for File Backup, you can now back up only specific files, folders or file types. This includes all of your documents, pictures, music, emails, applications, videos and everything else. Again you can also proceed with going for either full backup, incremental backup, differential backup or schedule backup.

System Backup is pretty much straight forward as with just one click, it can back up your entire system without having to interrupt any of your current work.

And if you are not sure on how to clone a hard drive, the Disk Clone feature can migrate or copy all the data on your current hard disk drive to a much bigger hard disk drive or to the faster solid state drive. This will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to reinstall either your operating system or applications. Now you only have to spend minutes rather than hours or days like previously to get a new system up and running.

There’s no denying the fact that EaseUS Todo Backup Free is one of the best free backup solution that is out there in the market. If you are clueless as how to clone a hard drive, then let this wonderful software takes care of it for you.

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