UPDATE **There is a beta for Android Announced by Epic Games, Go Sign up!!**

It’s only going to be a scam and you’ll download nothing but a virus.

Fortnite is big, like, really big, so it should come as no surprise that millions of diehard fans are eager for the multiplayer game to appear on Android devices. Despite existing on Xbox One, PS4, PC and iOS devices, Android users are still waiting, which has inevitably left the door open for scammers. Many sites have been claiming that they alone have the power to give Android users a Fortnite beta app, yet once the users download the apps advertised, they soon discover that it’s not the popular shooter game, but malware instead.

When those hungry for the game have searched “How to install Fortnite on Android” or “Fortnite for Android” on Google, these malicious sites have drawn them in with false promises, but Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, has promised that the official app for Android is coming as early as this summer. With these sites looking so legit to users, it is understandable that these scammers are winning, but the word needs to be spread far and wide that some websites are delivering bogus apps.

Regardless of anti-virus apps like AVG and Avira being readily available, and even 1&1 teaming up with Norton in its Web Security section to deliver mobile security, malware on Androids is, unfortunately, quite common. The Hummingbad malware, for example, affected over 10 million people in 2016, and there are dozens more like this story. Stopping this trend should be as simple as not downloading any app that’s not hosted in the Google Play Store, but it also comes down to using common sense. Unless Epic Games says it’s released, there is no magic app or developer that can deliver you Fortnite for Android.

It’s said that Fortnite now has over 125 million players and that after the iOS release in March this year, sales topped $100 million in 90 days. Even though the game itself is free to play, extra content can be bought. Epic Games might want to hurry up with the release of Fortnite for Android devices, both to cash in on the game while it’s still hot and to make sure no more malware is being spread as a result of gamers being keen to play it.

How Did Fortnite Become So Popular?

Easily overtaking Minecraft and Pokémon Go as the new hottest video game, Fortnite seemed to come out of nowhere in July 2017 to take the throne as the title on everyone’s lips. Why exactly is this?

  • It’s free! Who doesn’t love free things?
  • Available on so many devices (except Android)
  • It’s a battle royale game, which is a relatively new genre. Along with games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, battle royale games are new and exciting format for massive, multiplayer PvP games.
  • It’s online, so you can fight against everyone across the world
  • It’s fun and a little goofy. This is not a serious game and features a lot of silly dance moves, crazy costumes, and a lot of humor
  • Celebrities play it. Drake, NBA star Ben Simmons, and musician DeadMau5 are just some of the celebs who regularly get online to play the game
  • It’s not too violent. Unlike popular shooter titles like Halo and Call of Duty, Fortnite has more of a cartoon violence feel to it. Teenagers are certainly all playing the game, but parents will be glad to know that there isn’t blood or swearing

Until the official release of Fortnite for Android, you can play the game on other devices and find it from the homepage of Epic Games.

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