What are the Disadvantages and Advantages of computers In a Business?

It does not matter how small a business might be, a computer will be essential in that business, computers are used to accomplish different tasks in a business. The use of computers in business has changed the way most businesses operate. Computers will continue to revolutionize the methods by which business operate and manage information.

Computers enhance speed and efficiency in a business, they make accurate and unbiased data available to business owners and related parties, and they also help in the flow of information by supporting group / team decision making with in a business or organization.

Every business uses computers in a different way, but each of these businesses has felt the impact of computers. However, just like any other business technology, computers have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to keep in mind that they do have their limitations and should be used to serve the mission of the business, for a business to take good advantage of computers; they have to maintain a human touch – or add it to the process, because computers can’t do anything without getting commands and instructions from humans. This means, that business owners have to hire computer literate employees or train them how to use computers to accomplish specific tasks at work.

Today on UseofTechnology, we shall learn about the advantages and disadvantages of computers in a business, feel free to contribute in this lesson by using the commenting box below this post.



1. Data Storage: Many small businesses keep and store important business documents on their computers. Since these computers have big storage hard-drives, they can be in position to store millions of files and the discovery or retrieval of these files is very easy. Data can be stored in specific folders to make it easy to access, and some data can be made private by use of password protected folders. For medium size growing companies, they invest in a centralized powerful computers which store all business data, this data can be accessed via an internal or external network with in the company. This all process creates efficiency within a business and it also helps in the transfer of data and information from one department to another.


2.  Education: Many companies use computers as a training tool at work. Due the increased advancement in technology and business trends, it is very important for a business to train their employees new skills. So for a business to save money in this process of training employees, computers can be used to educate and update their employees. However, to save time, business owners or human resource managers can use virtual technologies to communicate and train their staff; this means that employees will stay in their departments and on their desks as they attend a lesson. Virtual communication software like SKYPEcan be used to train employees virtually, all you have to do is to create a GROUP and add all your employees in that group, so you will talk to them at once and they can also ask you questions via their computers.


3. Research: It is very difficult for a business to survive in today’s competitive business world. For any business to succeed and gain a certain degree of competitive advantage in any market, they have to carry out extensive research about that target market and their competitors. It is very important to know what your competitors are doing, this information can help you strategize your business and look unique in the eyes of the consumer. A computer can be used to make business research on the internet, the power of the internet is unmeasurable, because search engines like GOOGLE will give you insights in each and every market and company. Online analytical companies like Compete.com will help you measure your competitors’ strength online and this will help you make wise business decision basing on facts and figures.


4. Accounting: Since accounts deals with facts and figures, it is very essential to use a computer during the accounting process, this reduces on human errors and it also helps business owners keep track of their businesses without any need of learning accounting basics. Computers make accounting look too simple, so any one can use programs like QuickBooks to balance and track inventory. Mobile computers like tablets and notebooks can be used to access accounting data remotely. Online QuickBooks software from companies like intuit.com can automate the invoicing process, billing and reporting which creates efficiency in a business.


5. Marketing: A business can use a computer to create a business website. Today, it is very easy to create a website, if your budget is limited and you can’t afford a website designer, all you have to do is to pay for cheap hosting of around $4 per month, register your companies domain name for only $10 per year, then install WordPress on your domain. To create a beautiful company website, go to Themeforest.com and buy a business WordPress theme for only $45 then install that theme on your default WordPress site, then start editing the theme to fit your company goals, the all process is simple and cheap. You can use your website to market your services and products, reach more customers by integrating your website content with social media sites like facebook and twitter.


6. Creating and Editing of Business documents: One of the most popular business applications you can use to create and edit documents is ”Microsoft Word” with this word processing application, you can create any type of business document, Microsoft Word can check spelling errors , correct grammar mistakes, include graphics in the document. You can also use Microsoft Excel spread sheet to organize data inform of figures. Spread sheets can help business owners manipulate decision variables and determine their impacts on outcomes like profits and sales. Using a spread sheet, a business owner can have an accurate answer to a given question in minutes and can often glance at the whole financial image of the company on a single page. You can also use spread sheets to set a price for a proposed product.


7. Transfer of information: Computers can be used to transfer information with in an organization / business. In this lesson we have already seen that a computer can be used to store data, so this data can be moved across the company using a computer. Information can easily move from one level to another using an internal network or external network. An internal network ensures that information is only shared within the company, so an infrastructure to move this data is created so that employees and business managers share data using their computers. Yet for an external network, users will be in position to access data stored on company database using the internet, in most cases, companies set up websites which require users to login to access this data.


8. Communication: One of the key factors which drive a business is communication. Computers can be used to accelerate the communication process within a business. It is very important to stay in touch with your customers and listen to their needs and demands, many small businesses are using electronic mail as a communication media to reach their customers and business partners. Also computers can be used in virtual communication, in this process both parties need to install a virtual communication software like SKYPE on their computers and start communication through VIDEO, small businesses can create group chat rooms on SKYPE for free, this will help them stay in touch with each other from anywhere.


9. Office and Supply Management: On a daily basis, businesses deal with buying and selling of goods and services, a computer can be used to manage supplies and inventory efficiently. Companies like Intacct.com will provide you with a cloud based inventory management software which will enable you gain control and visibility into inventory from anywhere using a computer. This all process will help you maximize cost savings and also improve on capital efficiencies. You can as well use a computer to manage and track basic supplies in a business, these supplies can include papers, printer-ink, and other small supplies used on a daily basis in a business.


10. Human Resources Management: Computers can be used to manage, hire and interview new employees, today, many small businesses and human resource managers use the internet to find talented individuals. Human resource managers can use a computer to train new employees on how a business operates and also allocate tasks to each new employee. Business managers can use computers to monitor the performance of each individual at work, this process ensures that no employee misuses company facilities and time. Business owners can use online employee scheduling software to dedicate work to each employee, you can get this software from here…..



1. Requires Training:  In most cases, small business owners don’t know how to use a computer for business purposes, so they have to hire experts to teach them and their employees on how to use computers to accomplish specific business tasks. To some extent, this process is costly and it takes time. For example, if a small business owner wants to use Quickbooks to manage their accounts , they have to take off time and learn how Quickbooks works, or they will have to pay an extra fee to hire a Quickbooks expert to teach them. Even though the end result is good, time and money will be spent during this process.


2. Computer Crime: Computers are used to provide efficient ways for employees to share information, but at the same time employees with malicious intentions can use this opportunity to hack into the system to access private business information for their personal gains. In most cases this information can be sold to business rivals, which is harmful to a business. Computer crime is on the rise and many small businesses have been victims of data loss. Some times employees or outsiders can modify computer programs to create false information or illegal transactions or install viruses to corrupt stored information.


3. Require Additional Infrastructure: Integrating computers in a business can be costly, you don’t stop at buying a computer, you need to invest money in different types of business software, this software is used to accomplish specific business tasks like accounting, tracking inventory, sales, data security and so much more. You also have to invest money in computer maintenance contracts with Geek experts who will service your computers every month to ensure that they operate efficiently. This all process can be costly and some small businesses can’t afford them.


4. Replaces Human Labor: If a business decides to use computers to complete most difficult tasks, humans will not be much needed and this will cause job loss and unemployment. Lets take a simple example in a Bakery business, electronic temperature sensors can be used to control and report room temperature in the baking room, in this case, the bakery will need only one person to monitor results on the computer from the baking room, if the temperature drops or rises, notifications will be sent to the computer and the controller will respond immediately. This is a good technology for a business, because it will guarantee efficiency and quality, but it will also cut off so many people.


‘’A computer not substitute for judgment any more than a pencil substitutes for literacy. But writing without a pencil is no particular advantage.’’ ROBER McNAMARA



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