15 Current Technologies You Might Be Missing

Since technology is advancing on a daily basis, there is a great chance that you will miss out on most of these new technological advancements. This year, we shall see various new technologies created to simplify our modern life. Most of these current technologies are advancements of old technologies, so you might not find them new, but you will experience a great difference between the old versions and these current advancements.

The main reason why technology keeps on changing, is because our demands and needs as consumers of technology keep on changing, a good example is the mobile technology, companies like Apple & Samsung keep on inventing new communication technologies, a new cell phone model can only be in the market for 3-6 months and a new version with more advanced features will be on the market, to some extent this is good for consumers because they get high end technologies, but it is also bad news to small technological companies which can’t produce new technologies in the shortest period of time. This explains why companies like NOKIA are less competitive in the mobile world; Apple and Samsung are dominating the industry because they have the funds to create new technologies in the shortest period of time, so they end up serving consumers of technology in real-time.

Today, on UseofTechnology, i want us to see some 15 current technologies you might be missing.

1.     C-Pump Single Hand Soap Dispenser:

If you’re bored of common soap dispensers, then this C-pump soap dispenser will be good for you. It is easy to use and easy to fill. It is very easy to use thie C- Pump soap dispenser, all you have to do is to place your hand into the C-Shapes opening and then press down firmly to dispense liquid soap onto your palm. It is portable, so you can move with it on a vacation. On its reverse, you will see a transparent window which will show you soap-level. You can easily fill it up with new liquid soap, all you have to do is to remove the top pressure pump, then pour liquid soap in the container. When it comes to cost, this Single handed soap dispenser will cost you only 18 pounds, it is quite affordable, you can  learn more about this C-Pump single dispenser from here….

2.     Cocoon Tree Hanging Tent:

When you go camping, you will need to stay in a safe tent, in most cases ground based tents are exposed to crawling wild animals which might be harmful during the night, also when it rains, a ground based tent will not be safe because mad and water will flow towards your tent. So the best option is this Cocoon Tree Hanging Tent, it keeps you out of reach from many wild animals and mad when it rains, it is comfortable and easy to hang, all you have to do is to spot strong tree branches which can handle the weight of the tent. Enjoy your vacation and stay safe with this new Cocoon Tree Hanging Tent. Learn more about this hanging tent for campers from here…..


3.     Amron Rinser Toothbrush:

In most cases when ever you brush your teeth, you will need use a cup of water to clean your mouth after brushing. This cool technological tooth brush stores water and it delivers that water to your mouth after brushing like a fountain. To some extent, some people might find this tooth brush Unnecessary, but imagine the time it saves you while brushing and cleaning up your mouth in the morning, you don’t have to use a cup of water or bend below the faucet. Some of the benefits of using this Amron Rinser Toothbrush include; saving time, no need to buy disposable cups, no need of changing hands to cup water, no more bending below the faucet for water……simply turn tap water into a fountain for rinsing after brushing your teeth. You can pre-order now and save 70% off, go here to make your order….

4.    Trongs – finger-food utensil:

That awkward moment when you have to hold a piece of meat or chicken and you feel like your hands are not that clean, or you just hate the all idea of touching what you eat with your bare hands. These Trongs Are Utensils for Finger Foods, so from today, you can grab those chicken wings and eat them like a pro without getting your fingers dirty. If you love traveling, i think this gadget should be in your backpack, because you will barely have no time to clean your hands. Some people might find them difficult to use especially if you’re not patient with food, because you need to clean them, wear them, take them off, clean them again and store them in a clean place. If you hate washing utensils, just ignore them and use your hands. I wish they make an edible version of these Trongs, so i don’t have to be bothered with washing them, after a eating my chicken wings, i eat them too….hehehe… Learn more about these Trongs – finger-food utensil from here…

5.     The Flying Hovercraft:

You dream of flying but you can’t buy your own private jet, then enjoy your leisure time and fulfill your flying fantasies with this new Flying Hovercraft. This Flying Hovercraft glides over land and water and it goes in the air up to 70 mph, it has a 130 -hp twin-cylinder and a turbocharged engine. For it to get off the ground, it uses a 1,100-rpm lift fan which blows up the nylon skirt above the ground. You can ride it over sand, mud, water, grass and most kind surfaces. When it comes to pricing, you will spend over $190,000, wow, it comes as a big price but it seems to be interesting.  I personally love flying over water, but i’m not yet in position to own this Hovercraft. For more details about this Flying Hovercraft, go here…

6.    Fader:

Websites like Chegg.com can enable students sell off used text books and make some great cash after completing a specific course, but it is very difficult to read a text book without underlining important sentences and paragraphs, though when it comes to selling that text book, it will have less value because of those annoying highlights in different colors. So this new Fader maker just makes the all process simple, it is a highlight marker which fades over time, so you will not worry about passing over that text book to a new users with crappy highlights, its ink fades completely after five months. I just love this idea, it is a cool technology for students and teachers. Learn more about this Fader Marker from here….


7.    Pivot Power Junior:

I know you all have cable extension at home, but non of them is flexible and easy to use like this Pivot Power Junior, this extension will keep your workplace or home organized, it has four adjusting nodes and two feet of cable which makes it better for tight corners in your office or home. It has adjustable power outlets which can pivot to accommodate adapters of all sizes. I just like the design of this extension. When it comes to cost, you will spend only $19.99 for this cool cable extension. If your interested, get it from here….

8.     Props:

If you enjoy listening to music while jogging or walking, you will need your ear buds to fit well. You will agree with me that many times these buds fall off and they mess up the all entertainment mood, so now to get rid of that inconvenience, you can opt for these Props, they will hold your buds firmly. Props have a soft grip which will protect your earphone cables; they also have an adjustable length. When it comes to price, you will spend only $5.99. Learn more about these Props from here…..

9.     Pivot Power Mini:

You don’t have to fight for one socket in at your workplace, all you have to use is a Pivot Power Mini, it will transform a single socket into four fabulous sockets and two USB ports which you can use to charge your tablet or iPhone. It is a cool gadget for your workplace. Get it from here…

10.                      Stem – Tap the Flavor:

How to use a Stem?

Step 1:

Tap it into a citrus fruit

Step 2:

Press the top button to spray the flavor on your food & salads

If you have been squeezing oranges to add some flavor to your food or salads, then please, advance on your cooking techniques and use this Stem current technology. All you have to do is to attach it on your orange and start spraying the flavor on your food or salads. It will save you time and you will use less citrus fruits than before. it has serrated teeth which makes it easy to insert into a citrus fruit, it is small and easy to clean. You can get this Stem flavor spray for as low as $4.99. Learn more about this STEM from here….

11.                      ThumbSaver:

Many times we accidentally hit our fingers while fixing nails on walls or wood. It is very easy to get distracted and hit your thumb, so it is better to use this Thumbsaver and protect your hands and say bye-bye to banged thumbs. It can pick up nails and hold them securely. It is great at holding nails in those hard to get places, when it comes to small nails, please don’t put your thumbs at risk, use this Thumbsaver. You can only spend $12.99 for this thumbsaver. Learn more about this ThumbSaver TS001 Magnetic Nail Setter Bonus Pack from here…

12.                        BACKTRACK Mobile Breathalyzer:

This mobile breathalyzer keeps track of how much alcohol your drinking and it ensure that you always have a limit on alcohol intake. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is to blow into it and your BAC will be transmitted to your iPhone , the app on your iPhone or ipad will calculate and tell you if your safe or not. So, you want to stay away from trouble but enjoy your beer, you might need this gadget with you. It costs only $149.99, less than what you can pay if you’re caught driving while drunk. Get this BACKTRACK Mobile Breathalyzer from here…

13.                        Outdoor Wireless Speaker and Dock:

Smart phone technology has advanced, now, most of these smartphones come with over 30GB storage space which you can use to store your favorite hits, this Outdoor Wireless Speaker and Dock will enable you share your music with your friends, it streams music up to 150 feet from your iPhone or IPad tablet. It comes with three channels which will prevent interference from other wireless devices around; it can transmit music through walls, floors and ceilings to its speakers from up to 150 feet away from your iPhone / Ipad. When it comes to pricing, you will spend only $169.99. Get it from here…..

14.                        Pocket Projector for iPhone® 4 and 4S Devices:

This is a great technology for business people, teachers and students. You can now stream data live from your iPhone in a meeting or classroom using this Pocket Projector for iPhone. It comes with a super-bright 15-lumen projector lamp which will ensure clearer and sharp images, it also comes with built-in 0.5W speakers and a focus adjustment for a good viewing experience. So you no-longer have to worry about hiring or buying an expensive projector , simply use this affordable Pocket Projector for iPhone, it will cost you only $199.99. Get it from here…..

15.                        Boombox for iPad Tablet:

Tablets are one of the most popular entertainment gadgets used on a daily basis. Since they have big storage space, you can store your favorite hits on your iPad tablet. However, for you to enjoy the music very well you need to use this high-performance, full-range speakers, they will deliver party pumping sound. This Boombox for iPad Tablet is portable, so if you want to go on a vacation and play some cool music for your friends, this Boombx speaker will do the magic. It has a built-in FM radio; it can also charge your tablet or iPhone. When it comes to cost, you will spend only $69.99 on this Boombox. Get it from here…..

In conclusion:

This is just a brief list of current technologies you might need to know about, more new technologies are popping up on the market and I will always update this website with current technologies. But in general, you have seen that all technologies on this list aim at simplifying our daily lives.


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