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Cool Scribble Clock

Always forgetting something after you wake up!?

Didn’t feed your dog?! Didn’t wet your plants?! Didn’t brush your Teeth??? Lol thats nasty! 

Whilst drifting off to lala land, you remember all the things you should have done earlier that day, you need the Scribble Alarm Clock. This clever little device will gorgeously illuminate your notes/scribbles/drawings with a simple touch.

Maybe you want to remind yourself to pick up your android smartphone or just leave a personal note for your partner, either way just use the scribble pen to create your work of art. Don’t worry if you get it wrong as it easily wipes clean with a dry cloth.

The clock will illuminate for 10 seconds after you’ve touched it so it won’t disturb your shut eye and because its wireless, powered by 3 x AAA batteries you can literally throw it anywhere you need.

 Never forget anything again with the Scribble clock!

This clock features:

Write down your memosBirthday reminder
Notes light up when alarm soundsYear and date
Backlit LCD pixel displayTemperature
3 alarm melodiesScribble pen included
Snooze functionRequires 3 x AAA batteries
Scrolling displayMeasures approx. 13cm x 15cm x 8cm
CalendarCountdown timer
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