Use Of Communication Technology For Organizational Communication

Emerging communication technologies are not only changing how small groups in an organization interact, but are also speeding up decision making amongst these small groups in an organization. Technologies like internet are easy to deploy and they cost less yet they speed up communication with in an organization.

Organizations rely on communication among employees at all levels to decide on and implement their goals. For example, Managers make decisions by collecting facts and analyzing them, often with help of other low level employees. That means implementing these decisions requires communication between the manager and other employees. With the help of communication technology, the exchange and flow of this information is made simple by use of (OLAP) Online Analytical Process [read more below on OLAP]

It is very important for an organization to foster effective communication and speed up the productivity of an organization. This does not matter if the organization is small or big. For an organization to succeed in this age of information technology, it must equip and train its employees on how to use various communication technology tools. These tools can include things like video conferencing; Bluetooth enabled printers, remote databases, computers, Apps, just to mention but a few.  Below I have listed uses of communication technology for organizational communication.

(1)  Online Transaction Processing (OLTP): – Quick information processes with in the organization. Organizations have a variety of formal and informal objectives to accomplish.  Using Online transaction processing (OLTP) involves gathering input information, processing that information, and updating existing information to reflect the gathered and processed information. In most organizations they use ‘’Database technology’’ to manage this process. Databases that support OLTP are most often referred to as operational databases.

(2) Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) : – Quick decision making.  In an effort to achieve organizational goals, decisions should be made faster. The process of making a decision involves collecting facts and evaluating alternatives. This involves reading, asking questions, talking things over with others in the organization. To speed up this process, communication technology has to be used. The use of online analytical processing (OLAP) will help in the manipulation of information to support decision making. OLAP is essentially an IT-based extension of creating information through analytical processing.  OLAP can range from performing simple queries on a database to determine which customers have overdue accounts to employing sophisticated artificial intelligence tools like neural networks and genetic algorithms to solve a complex problem or take advantage of an opportunity.

(3) Decentralized Computing:  This is an environment in which an organization splits computing power and locate it in functional business areas as well as on desktops of  knowledge workers. This means employees in an organization will access shared information through decentralized computing. This process of communication with in an organization is less expensive and more effective because all computers will be accessing a centralized database to get all the information. For some organizations they set up websites through which workers can login and access essential data and communicate with other employees with in the same online platform

(4) Instant Messaging:  Instant messaging services deliver messages faster than email. A manager can easily assign work to employees through text messaging. The same does for employees with in an organization, they can ask a question from their superiors via text messaging and they will get replies on the instant. Today this has been simplified, big services like ”Skype” and other text messaging Apps have played this role, all you have to do is to download and install the app on your mobile phone, then your other parties will have to do the same so that you text each other while  in the organization and off site. This text messaging communication technology simplifies exchange of ideas and helps in speeding up decision making.

5. Email: This is the most used means of communication across the globe by all organizations. Their so many communication technologies which have tried to replace electronic mail, but none of them have succeeded. It is very essential for both big and small business to have an email address. For some companies they use customized email address, these are company emails hosted under a companies domain, for example ‘’’’. Both managers and employees can use electronic mail to share files and messages with in the organization.

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