Changing Web Technology: The Websites of the Future

The technology of the future is already here today… most of us just don’t see it! And for those who are still floored by the massive transition of traditional computing to mobile devices, guess what? Homes, cars, and websites are all still getting “smarter”. For example, some innovative individuals are making smart-tech films which can be placed on any flat glass surface to allow them to act as television or computer screens capable of touch screen interfacing.

Smartphone apps allow people to turn on their home’s air conditioning as soon as they begin leaving their work. Video games have already been experimenting with VR and other forms of engagement. And if you’re even remotely active on social media, you’ve probably noticed a growing number of 360 degree videos…

With the world around us changing so fast based on new technological advancements, how will the internet of the future look like? What could we begin to expect of the websites produced a decade from now?

How the Internet is Used

According to a Pew Research Center investigation which polled scientists, developers, and researchers on the cutting-edge of technology, the Internet of a decade from now will be less like a search engine and more like electricity: existing around us, used almost imperceptibly, for everything. Microchips small enough to be embedded into everyday objects will likely ceaselessly gather and share data. Imagine the FitBit, incorporated into all elements of your life.

Your refrigerator interface might suggest meals to you based on what it’s observed of your dietary habits. Your clothes might track incredibly detailed biodata to health apps which integrate with your physician’s records. Facial recognition software might help advertisers tailor their ads specifically to you.

And of course, while the internet will largely be used for the same things… the amount of information we gain and process will occur ever-more organically. Universities might slowly fade in lieu of intense online skill-based learning. The internet will increasingly allow us to be “social”, not just by text, but voice and video.

How Websites Are Built

Most websites require at least a little hand-coding before they can go live. Even the templates used by platforms like Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace were all originally coded by someone. But it’s increasingly looking as though A.I. might be the architects of tomorrow’s websites. Already there are some novel applications which use the user-data of existing websites to plan and organize the ‘optimal’ website for specific tasks. So, whether you’re building a website to share information, get social media shares, or to promote your resume… A.I. will determine the optimal arrangement of information, automatically crop and label photos, videos, and other content; even manage the website for you.

Web developers might not necessarily be obsolete; but they’ll need an entirely different skillset, and likely need to be familiar with significantly more advanced forms of coding. Gone will be the days of laborious hours on CSS, researching ecommerce platforms or Shopify reviews, and computer screen aspect ratios!

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What Websites Will Look Like

Imagine a website in virtual reality. Whatever your imagination concocts, it’s actually a plausible reality for the future. And plenty of internet giants not only agree, but are pushing for that ‘future’ to become the present. Before you know it, all videos will likely be interactive and shot in 360 degrees. Static images will be a thing of the past, and almost all elements of what was once a traditional ‘website’, from its layout and color scheme to its headlines, information display, and graphic content will all be moulded to the individual user.

After all, websites are already using geotargeting to show you different pages and information. And when they can gain the ability to show you unique things based on your gender, or your interests… they will!

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